Windows vs Mac vs Linux

Not to be taken too seriously/technically, this post tries to make a common man understand what the names resemble.

Mac is like a big aquarium. It is a kind of show-off and sure enuf, increases your charisma in computing circles. It is arguably tough for any outside fish to come to your vicinity, after all, aquariums are meant to be that way. The software at your disposal is like the water in it. To keep your swimming experience a pleasure always, there are a lot of fortification procedures done, even before you buy it. All the glitter is encapsulated and life becomes a bit of a bore as u age. Of course, new water at times, and a new tank every 2-3 years sounds great. New water needs to be certified as we all know that the health of the fish is at stake! But when it boils down to what fishes do, the bottom line : You are swimming in a glass box.

Windows is like a bucket half filled with water. The bucket is some micro-particles-containing soft material. Initially, you are sorta content with it coz u understand that you can add more water as you please. Lots of vendors are very eager to sell/give you some, and make you happier. All seems well. As you add more water, you start to notice something amiss. The bucket starts wobbling and shows signs of weariness and/or breakdown. Also, it is famed to contain some micro holes and your water is wasted little by little either by loss, or by contamination. Naturally, there are vendors eagerly awaiting to provide their hole-filling/fixing services. After that, neither the water, nor the bucket is the same as before. We forgot the fish here right? Fortunately, the holes that we just discussed, are not big enough for the fish. They’ll be pleased with colorful buckets once a while. If they keep jumping around uncontrolled, they might jump out of it and pray god that somebody put them back.

Linux is like an ocean. Water keeps coming from the rivers, and there are a lot of rivers around. There is much to see if you want to, while doing all your regular swimming activities. You can travel the ocean far and wide and be wiser, or you can stick to your school and enjoy your locale. You take the call. You can migrate to a different part of the ocean in search of peace/adventure. You take the call. Typical of an ocean, you find big fish, small fish, medium fish, etc. You can be lost and ask for directions or befriend them and swim more of the ocean. You take the call. This is freedom. With so much freedom, comes so much power. With that much power, comes that much responsibility. You can use it according to the book and be safe, or take a few wrong steps and learn lessons the harder way. Of course, nowadays there are nicely laid out paths in the ocean for new fish to start out, cutting the intimidation. So, you can learn a few things about the ocean and, if you want a little more, the adventure is limited only by your imagination.

13 thoughts on “Windows vs Mac vs Linux”

  1. Linux Mint is like an aquarium inside an ocean. Its the easiest version of Linux I have used till now, and everything comes pre-loaded without the micro-holes of course. I must thank Windows (Vista) which introduced me to the ocean first 😛

    Destination Infinity

    PS: Nice to see an update from you.

    1. neat desc abt Mint. neva tried it myself. was living wit its parent, Ubuntu, for the past 2 yrs. now in search of new adventures in the Arch Linux territory.
      glad tht Vista inspired you so much to make the switch. 😀 i am sure u’ll have a plesant life at the ocean. hope u enjoy it too.
      PS:nice to hear from u after a long time.. 🙂

  2. ubuntu is the best evry day is a learning experience .”Microsoft gives you Windows… Linux gives you the whole house :)”

    1. I accept ur stand about Ubuntu.. Still, it isnt the best way to learn Linux. When u are in a mood of distro hopping for a learning experience, try Arch. U will never go back.. 🙂

  3. Nice post especially the comparison among the 3… I presume that Linux walks the middle line between Mac and Windows in terms of bashing by enthusiast from either side…


  4. lol.. nicely done.. am also a proud ocean dweller 😀

    all this talk about fish has made me hungry.. where are my fish fingers…

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