Inner Peace

Rising breath, falling hope, palpitations are a broken rope. Past memories naturally painful, urge me to be very very careful. Blood is boiling with new-found energy, instinct senses something to be doubtful. How much good makes it 'Good' or how much bad makes it 'Bad,' I cannot see. But sure can I fathom how much… Continue reading Inner Peace

Who is GOD?

God : Who am I? Christian : Jesus! Muslim : Allah. Hindu : Oh wait! I'm confused. I cant tell exactly who you are. What do you think the Taj Mahal will appear to look like to a Muslim? A Christian? A Hindu? What do you think the Moon will appear to look like to… Continue reading Who is GOD?

Condemning Terror

A tired day at work. An enjoyable time at school. A candle-light evening. Cozying in the arms of the loved one at bed-time. A busy schedule on field. A horrid workload to bear. Umpteen assignments. Competent deadlines. Family issues. Uncomfortable apprehensions. All these, or a few combos of these demand more than just rest. They… Continue reading Condemning Terror