Inner Peace

Rising breath, falling hope, palpitations are a broken rope.

Past memories naturally painful, urge me to be very very careful.
Blood is boiling with new-found energy, instinct senses something to be doubtful.

How much good makes it ‘Good’ or how much bad makes it ‘Bad,’
I cannot see.
But sure can I fathom how much damage caused by a heartbreak be.

No pain has ever been ‘Good,’ and no peace ‘Bad’
So, the peace I’m wishing for, I hope, will not make me sad.

Leave the pain behind, I say to myself.
Trying to go ahead with vagaries of life,
Gracefully as an elf.

My pain was not Love, and peace is cannot be hatred.
Its just that I cannot see what now really matters.

Ah! Return to me. Inner Peace!

Who is GOD?

God : Who am I?
Christian : Jesus!
Muslim : Allah.
Hindu : Oh wait! I’m confused. I cant tell exactly who you are.

What do you think the Taj Mahal will appear to look like to a Muslim? A Christian? A Hindu?

What do you think the Moon will appear to look like to a Hindu? A Muslim? A Christian?

Just because one person’s perspective of the Taj (say, a symbol of love) is different from some other person’s (say, an architectural wonder,) it doesn’t show up itself to the both, differently on its own accord. It is just their individual hallucination playing tricks and showing each of them, two different facets of a unique concrete thing.

Not just these, almost all things and entities in this Universe are unique.

So is GOD!

If I believe that GOD stands for Generator, Operator, Destroyer, I’m accepting His superiority over me, because I do not have that power. People who believe in GOD, may do so because

  • They were taught to believe in Him.
  • Are not as powerful as Him.
  • Cant stand being powerless, and hence assume that a greater soul is watching over / controlling / ruling us mortal beings all.
  • Or, want to be at peace for as long as they live and face the Judgment Day as it presents itself to be.

The diversity in humans brought about diversity in GOD. Many believe that God made us, but its also true that we’ve made so many GODs. This has brought about a lot of disturbance in the world, and the war of “which GOD being supreme” has affected many wars for other things. This makes me feel that probably, one of the biggest mistakes made by man was to diversify GOD.

To worship Different aspects of GOD through different means by assuming different GODs thereby, can be acceptable as long as the whole thing has a secular idea attached with it along with a cut down of arrogance, pride and intolerance in the minds of people. This setup, even if it is against my belief of “Single GOD”, will help reduce tension between different groups of people, and possibly, will show a path for peace to prevail.

If the disasters of Vaishnava-Shaiva rivalry in Hinduism, Catholic-Protestant intolerance in Christianity, Sunnis against Shias in Islam provide any lessons to people, and if they’re rational enough to accept that these issues are not good for world peace, I’m sure the same tolerant mindset would extend and control the devil of Religion, and save us from the perils we’ve been seeing from past few years.

Hope all this drives us towards a Greater Good, and doesn’t make GOD feel guilty for creating us, who wreck havoc in His name.

Added later : The discussion has taken a turn towards the World’s most famous discussion. Does GOD exist? I personally enjoyed the exchange of quality intellectual content. However, I’m happier even, that Pavan has come out with his views as well in a post. Care about an ATHEIST‘s view?

Condemning Terror

A tired day at work. An enjoyable time at school. A candle-light evening. Cozying in the arms of the loved one at bed-time. A busy schedule on field. A horrid workload to bear. Umpteen assignments. Competent deadlines. Family issues. Uncomfortable apprehensions. All these, or a few combos of these demand more than just rest. They demand sleep. A sound sleep. Sleep promises the bringing of a new day. A beautiful day which starts off with the smile of your little daughter, or by the sweet yell of your mother. With the dream of making it big in life or with a thirst of being the leader.

Life, work, fun, love, money, time are all with us. The one thing which brings eternal release from all these clutches, however, remains condemned. Death. The return ticket which follows us all along The Journey, faithfully. The demon which smiles wickedly at the people left behind. The custodian of a human, responsible to God. The trace of desertion, hidden in relationships.

Being such a valuable thing, it is treasured by a person, without his knowledge. It is ever so loyal it is to its master, that it follows him 24×7. Unfortunately, it is tempted by old-age, illness, poison, accident and off late, bombs. The first examples speak a good deal about themselves. But the last one; the god-damned last one, haunts. It is ‘Death’s wicked temptation and plays hide-n-seek. It may show itself on a street, in the gutter, under a bus, inside a train, below your chair, above your roof. Theoretically it can be anywhere and can strike you flat on your face, or on your butt.

What has a common man got to do with it? When death is certain, what is the use of craving for dear life? If its not a bomb, then it might be illness or anything else. What is the big difference? You’re gonna die anyway. But, one very important question is to be pondered over.

What about the survivors?

Can you imagine the face of a person who has witnessed the blast? In a mesh of feelings of gladness of survival, the shock of witnessing the incident, the grief of seeing Death, the anxiety about loved ones, the rage to condemn it, the inability to move, the longing to curb it and a host of unknown brainwaves, the common man is entangled and shattered.

The dead Rest In Peace. The living Roast In Pulverisation.

In this scenario, Death brings up its cousin ‘Fear’ into picture. A small survey on the aftermaths of bomb-blasts in history shows vast traces of this commodity. If its cousin was a sure-shot killer, Fear is more of a sadist. It loves to see people enjoying pain, anxiety, tension, and lastly, itself. As the whole World is contemplating measures to curb the widespread nuisance and havoc caused by Fear, the stupid common man is dreaming of seeing the same Fear dancing to his tunes on the faces of those lunatics, who’re responsible for brutal mass-murder.

Every damned person who calls himself a terror-striker must be hanged by his hair and rested on a bed of needles until every drop of blood drains out of his body, leaving him numb, yet alive. He must be denied the basic human rights.  It must showcased to the whole World, giving them a chance to witness the torture of the torturers. The trauma must be videotaped and a copy be sent to every potential terrorist. The blood boiling in their veins with rage must experience the Fear and calm down, lest, it may face the same fate.

Peace may be the safest weapon. The terrorists being trialled or court-marshaled doesn’t serve the purpose of punishment. When the person has the evil in him to think of killing people ruthlessly, he has lost his right to live. And by this, it is not the question of killing a terrorist, but the guarantee of life to a few vulnerable people. A chance for them to start off a beautiful day with the smile of their little daughters, or by the sweet yell of their mothers. With the dream of making it big in life or with a thirst of being the leader.

Post inspired by the grievances of a Stupid Common Man. Have a good day.

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