Ghost Writer

Its been really long time since I was into blogging. It was a very energetic time when I was brimming with ideas to share with the world, to find people who would think on the same lines. I had a rosy time writing away article after article, and, I had an excellent motivation to write. My best friend was writing, too. He saw my first blog post and started writing. Then, in a sequence of one-upmanships, we were in a positive feedback cycle and tried to outdo each other.
Both were writing about different topics mostly, and at times, we wrote about the same topic too. It was interesting to see the kind of readership that our blogs developed. There were marked differences in the backend though. My blog was getting a lot more discussion than his, and his was getting a lot more traffic than mine. Both of us cribbed about not having what the other had. And so, stats decided our behavior and we slowly stopped working on our blogs regulary.
Funny how things happen. As long there was no expected return/reward, there seemed to be a free flow of thoughts, materializing into works/words of art. The moment we started wondering about the stats, there seemed to be a greed for attention. It dictated our topics, keywords, commenting behavior, and eventually, writer’s block. It’s been more than 5yrs since I started that blog. I still do write very occasionally and keep it from dying. It continues to live today as a residue of my short-bursts of enthusiasm, as a plaque to the Ghost Writer in me.

5 thoughts on “Ghost Writer”

  1. I can relate. When you are writing for an audience, or with the expectation of attention of any kind, you tend to come up with material that just seems so contrived. On that token, I appreciate the difficulty authors face, when they are actually actively creating material to reach out to a reader. Keep writing though! 🙂 You never know how you’re helping an obscure reader with your stream of conscious words.

    1. I wonder about content writers too. To be in job that requires you to put ideas into people’s heads requires great skill and, I presume, a mind always busy interpreting the events happening. Thanks for the kind words. The new year for my blog couldn’t have started better. 🙂

  2. I can also relate to that .. Been a lot inconsistent with my blog as well ..

    Wish you a very happy new year … Keep Blogging Ghost Writer 😀

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