Dosa Breakfast

I am a sucker for Dosas. Especially, Masala Dosa. My mouth yearns for the feel of the crispy chunks of it, smeared with some spicy red chutney. I prepare it well enough to satiate my cravings too. šŸ™‚

So, after a good session of self-made Dosas for breakfast yesterday, I found myself at a restaurant this morning. It is a restaurant that I’d rather go for dinner, than for breakfast. Nonetheless, I was there, and had to order something. The waiter approaches, and without a second thought I say “Ondu vada sambar, ondu masala dose, ondu tea.” Now, given the variety of foods that Indians consider for breakfast, I can never back out from a Dosa. Since I had not been to this place for breakfast before, it was a very good reason to try my beloved Dosa. Thats one of my ways of building a bond with a restaurant or an eatery.

Bangalore has lots of places which offer awesome to awesomest Dosas. Besides, there are huge varieties in Dosa. I’ve tried them at quite a few places and have appreciated them with much more yearning when the plate’s empty. That’s the kinda sucker I am. Among the hordes of places that I’ve tried it, I loved it the most in CTR, Malleswaram, “99 varieties of Dosas” in Koramangala, a couple of Adigas fast foods and ala Quick Gun Murugan, “Maa ka Dosa”, the bestest of’em all.

Lemme list my favorites before closing off.
Masala dosa, butter roast, paper roast, onion uthappam, cheese corn roll dosa, pesarattu, aDa dosa, rava dosa and lastly, a tailor made favorite, extra spicy roasted cheese masala dosa.

Oh man, the cravings. They’re here again. šŸ˜‰

The Bangalore Bloggers Meet!

A bright sunny day it was, with something stirring in my mind saying that its gonna be a helluva experience – The Bloggers Meet in Bangalore. šŸ™‚ The threat of traffic jam due to a HUGE ANTI TERRORISM RALLY notwithstanding, I set out on an early summer’s Saturday’s afternoon, towards a destination 20km away on my ‘Feel like GOD’ bike. šŸ˜‰

The Microsoft Signature Building, located on a fantastic campus appeared as if it was made for events such as these. The seating and setting was neat, as if a high level conference were to happen there! šŸ˜‰ Before long, pleasantries were exchanged and people got started.

Anwin Joselyn was the first person I greeted and immediately I lost the nauseating feeling which you get when you’re visiting a place for the first time! Thanks to him. šŸ™‚ Later he took me to Renie and as he has put it in IndiBlogger blog, it felt like de-ja-vu, as if we knew each other by minds before, and the faces got their chance now! Not to miss at all, the man whose face can show a million expressions – Anoop! He kept the event rolling with a lot of zeal and energy. Its hard to miss what he says, even if says one thing with his mouth and means something else too, by his expression! šŸ˜€ The man behind the scenes most of the time, Karthik a.k.a Zeon, did his best to avoid any glitches at all, in the running of the event! Well, thats about the team! šŸ™‚

The first event ‘1 Minute to Fame’ gave a chance to every blogger present, to express himself. The excitement of having such a good opportunity was evident in every speaker’s eyes. The amount of humor and quality-talk exchange is hard to be surpassed.

BizSpark – A software support for start-ups from Microsoft, was introduced in a short, yet informative manner by Girish, from Microsoft.

The major issue a blogger can face is fighting for his rights. This topic was well-handled and eloquently presented by Sandil from The discussion would have lasted longer if not for the Windows 7 beta demo and the hot-n-spicy Pizzas. šŸ˜›

The Windows 7 beta demo was the show stopper of the day. What with the V-squared duo – Vic and Vijay presenting the New OS in all its glitter and showing how it has over-shadowed the problems its predecessor, MS Vista had. They’re interrupted by the Pizza session (yum! yum!), but soon got back their audience for the live demos. (It is a different matter that I’ll continue to use Ubuntu šŸ˜› )

After the demo of out-of-the-box features embedded in Win7, we moved on to the Offline Forum – A non formal discussion by the bloggers present. Clearly, the star of the day was a self-proclaimed Money Maniac – Shirin! His tips on SEO and Monetization was indeed, enlightening! He makes a good tutor for making money from ur blog!

The later part consisted of Anwin, Jerry, Nischal, and a couple of others speaking about self hosting and its cost, efficiency, reach-out, status and the like. I sure am tempted to buy a domain for myself, but lemme count my pocket money first! šŸ˜› Finally, Arif Ali Saiyed presented a tool which can be a breather for Windows users. Check out his own explanation first for better understanding. Guys, it rocks! Trust me! šŸ™‚

By the time I finished with Arif’s demo and playing with Win7 a li’l, the hall was pretty empty and i started back. The 20km drive back was tiresome to the body, but my mind was all fuelled up. Thanks to the Bangalore Bloggers Meet! šŸ™‚

Dont Miss : The Flickr Photo Gallery of the meet.

PS : I’ve tried the new theme from WP – Vigilance. Loved it very much! However, plz provide feedback. šŸ™‚

Added later.

My 1 min to fame :

Hello, My name is Sriharsha and I blog at harshasrisri@WP. I started blogging an year ago with a rant post about not having a girlfriend. šŸ˜› Its a different matter that I do not have one even now šŸ˜€ . Coming to my blog, the topic diversity is quite vast. I write about anything that catches my attention and triggers interest. So, u can say the topics are random. But, only the topics are random and not the content. You can see pretty good content in quite a few posts. Finally, about what I’m doing – I’m a final yr Engg Student in E&C branch. Thank you! šŸ™‚

7th Semester Nostalgia!

The 7th semester exams have started from today. What better way to pass time between the dozing study-schedules and flipping pages, than to recall and live in the moments enjoyed in college! Here I am, relaxed after giving my first paper for this sem, and tension-free because I’ve 4 more days between today and next paper šŸ˜› . To give a you a one line summary, I’d say that this sem has been the most exciting part of my Life.

To start with, I, along with a handful others, organised a Robotics Workshop in my college, where propaganda, fee collection, enlightening minds, speaking a lot, working a lot too, and conducting the workshop while actually participating in it, will pass down my memory with all glitter, and especially the night when we packed all gadgets and materials into individual packages without sleeping for a second, and working for the whole of next day at the college.

Just after this, it was Internal assessment time. I was summoned by the HOD for having shortage of attendance (49%). I signed some green paper stating I was aware of it and resumed my bunking spree šŸ˜€ .

So, wassup next? It was the trip to Chennai! 3 ppl including me, went to IIT, Chennai. Not just to take part in Shaastra ’08 – their tech fest, but to feel what it’d be like, to be an IITian. It was an exhilarating experience. 6 days passed out in a jiffy and Chennai was a fun place to be, except for the scorching heat. ‘Memorable’ would be too small to describe the times we spent roaming around the campus at midnight, dining at a restaurant inside the campus at 2am, and lying on the lawn till the dew on the grass tickled me and drove us away, at 3am.

Sunset at Mahabalipuram beach, midnight ice-cream party, night walk at the Marina beach, dining at ‘Velu Military Hotel’ and ‘Anjappar’ were a glossy set of add-ons to the blessed getaway! All thanks to Pavan’s bro, for accomodating us and more importantly, being there for us. šŸ™‚

Again, Internals time and again the same attendance procedure. But this time, the HOD had done some magic and provided me with a relief. The shortage margin was reduced even if my ass wasn’t there in the class! šŸ˜› .

As if this wasn’t enough, our juniors went on a one day trip and triggerred a rage in me for not being able to do so. This sparked off the aggressive souls in my classmates as well, and what started as a mere jealousy culminated as the longest class trip in the 8yrs of our college history! šŸ˜€ . As many of you know already about the trip, I’ll refrain myself from talking further about this, even though I’d love to go through the memories again! (Those who haven’t seen the posts already, you can have a virtual trip yourself. Presenting to you : The Trip Series! šŸ™‚ )

After coming back from the trip, the class was never the same as before. Almost everyone greeted eachother with a lot more glee in their eyes, thereafter. Whatta way to end the semester. The attendance dwindled after that and the last days of partying in the semester continued (for me) till yesterday, before I sat with the books. Signing off for now, feeling sick about the next two weeks – Exam Time! šŸ˜¦ šŸ˜‰

Kmee Kmee

This sound is one of my favorite, even if the thing that makes it is not! Hail the honk of The Road Runner. For those of you who are/were not obsessed with Cartoons, The Road Runner,Ā  is a super fast running bird. I would not go into the details, lest, i would delve away from what i intend to say write here!

Of all the times i am irritated, the most of them from the past one year have been on roads. Being and riding in a dense city of Bangalore has only added to the frustration. I don’t intend to say that it is a bad city by any means (i’d rather kill myself than do such a blunder. I’m a huge fan of my city! šŸ˜€ ), but what bothers me is the slow change of driving attitude of the people while the city grew faster than any could imagine. Probably this is what is happening in other places too, where rapid development is taking place.

The attitude problems faced by me, or similar cool headed drivers tend to affect only us. And those responsible may be :

  • Slow moving traffic : These are descendants of Pluto! Literally! They are such cold drivers that they tend to make me imagine as if they are enjoying their way to oblivion. Oblivion because, I’ll be tempted to drill holes in their ears by making my bike sing šŸ˜€ . My sometimes-perverted-mind goes a bit further to imagine a peek into their personal lives and see what if one really was a slow rider šŸ˜› ! This category includes HTVs (who think they’re born to ride on the right side of the road inside the city limits too,) Cabs and mass transit buses (who stop and start abruptly, even if there is no pick-up/drop point and take an eternity to reach a speed of 40kmph!)
  • Autorikshaws : These are probably the only creatures after terrorists to carry home such a huge load of hatred! I don’t mind generalizing them because, good ones are in a range 1:1000(0) šŸ˜€ . I think they like to show off their very selves through their vehicles’ nosey front wheels poking out of a wide butt. The worst part is that we cannot judge which way these god-damned sons of snails will turn! And 90% of the times we are wrong šŸ˜¦ .
  • Pedestrians : Well, not all are sensless in this category, owing to the fact that i’m one among them at times šŸ˜› ! But, you can find specimens, as good as the previous two categories, and worse too! The way they walk swinging their arms in manner unique to themselves, makes me feel like parading them in the same fashion on a battlefield.
  • Venus-ians : It would a blasphemy on my part if i had a girl friend and had she read this particular option šŸ˜† . I cant stop pondering over the innovations that a few women come up with w.r.t driving! First i see someone hovering their foot above the road till they travel half a km from start. Or , the other kind who are on a constant vigilance for any obstacle in the next mile! And, as soon as they find any, the brakes screech and the vehicle is just short of crying. Thank God that i haven’t seen any Dio/Activa/Kinetic Honda/other gear-less vehicles sobbing because of their mistresses :mrgreen: .
  • The Show-Stoppers : Its a time of fashion and we cant really stop people from flaunting what they have. But, should it be done on the roads? Some crazy girls have their roles here too. At every signal, you can find them scrubbing their faces patiently within the 60 odd seconds they get. Reason – Pollution! Or, the new-to-college hunky-dory guys, who’d have performed a sathyagraha at home to get a two wheel drive. You can see them dressed in a fluorescent blue full hands tee, and (again) a fluorescent orange cargo, sporting a helmet wider than their chest and half as heavy as themselves, all for a Scooty Pep šŸ˜› .

There might be other categories which do not amuse me as much as the ones mentioned above. It is quite a possibility that i haven’t seen many other types. However, my reaction towards all of them is the same. I wish you were all teleported to a planet devoid of roads. That way, the pollution levels will go down and some population too šŸ˜› .

What has Road Runner got to do with this post? Well, i long for that ability to run over my irritators, turn behind, make a stupid face at them and say “Kmee Kmee” šŸ˜€ .