The Social Network of Taste

Day in and day out, we are sharing what is happening in our lives with the outside world. Sharing personal stuff such as photos, videos and audio has become a strong and silent force in the world. Why isn’t this extended to smell and taste?
Being away from home and becoming the self-proclaimed chef that I am, I’d love to share these two traits of the food that I cook with my Mom and my friends back home. But my audience is restricted to my roomies only. The poor creatures consider themselves as guinea pigs in my lab 😉 But I think they are fine with those experiments as long as the taste buds come calling.
So, what I want is this: A Social Network of Taste. Somewhere I could share the joy of making delicious food and be able to share them with people, not just as pictures or recipes, but, as taste and smell. Unlike the abstract human senses audio and video, I understand that recreating taste and smell requires considerable hacking of nature to make it a reality. But before then, I am afraid my culinary passion will fade and I might not enjoy cooking/eating delicious food as much as I do now.

PS: Being an Indian, “delicious” for me includes variations and combinations in intensities of spicy, tangy, salty and a myriad other spices. I do enjoy the occasional sweet or a dessert, but they seldom incite the bit of the brain that is trapped in my taste buds.

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