Hello Phone!

I was wondering what would be so great about having a smartphone with a fantastic OS against my trusted old micromax mobile. Well, this is it. Seamless and hassle free to do things which otherwise force me to be bound to my PC.

Presenting my first post from my smartphone.

Hello again, World!

8 thoughts on “Hello Phone!”

  1. I’m not a smartphone or iPhone freak, but I find Android devices fascinating. Still wondering when I’ll be able to manage the price to get my hands down to one.

    By the way, what smartphone have you got?

  2. I worshipped the iPhone from afar until one day I found it in my hands and became hooked. My God, it was a treasure trove of apps! Anyway, my point is, once you go smartphone, you can never go unsmartphone.

    =) I’m new here, hi!

    1. Very truly said. I cant imagine un-smart-phone-ifying myself ever! my android phone is then next closest thing to me after my clothes. 😛

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