7th Semester Nostalgia!

The 7th semester exams have started from today. What better way to pass time between the dozing study-schedules and flipping pages, than to recall and live in the moments enjoyed in college! Here I am, relaxed after giving my first paper for this sem, and tension-free because I’ve 4 more days between today and next paper πŸ˜› . To give a you a one line summary, I’d say that this sem has been the most exciting part of my Life.

To start with, I, along with a handful others, organised a Robotics Workshop in my college, where propaganda, fee collection, enlightening minds, speaking a lot, working a lot too, and conducting the workshop while actually participating in it, will pass down my memory with all glitter, and especially the night when we packed all gadgets and materials into individual packages without sleeping for a second, and working for the whole of next day at the college.

Just after this, it was Internal assessment time. I was summoned by the HOD for having shortage of attendance (49%). I signed some green paper stating I was aware of it and resumed my bunking spree πŸ˜€ .

So, wassup next? It was the trip to Chennai! 3 ppl including me, went to IIT, Chennai. Not just to take part in Shaastra ’08 – their tech fest, but to feel what it’d be like, to be an IITian. It was an exhilarating experience. 6 days passed out in a jiffy and Chennai was a fun place to be, except for the scorching heat. ‘Memorable’ would be too small to describe the times we spent roaming around the campus at midnight, dining at a restaurant inside the campus at 2am, and lying on the lawn till the dew on the grass tickled me and drove us away, at 3am.

Sunset at Mahabalipuram beach, midnight ice-cream party, night walk at the Marina beach, dining at ‘Velu Military Hotel’ and ‘Anjappar’ were a glossy set of add-ons to the blessed getaway! All thanks to Pavan’s bro, for accomodating us and more importantly, being there for us. πŸ™‚

Again, Internals time and again the same attendance procedure. But this time, the HOD had done some magic and provided me with a relief. The shortage margin was reduced even if my ass wasn’t there in the class! πŸ˜› .

As if this wasn’t enough, our juniors went on a one day trip and triggerred a rage in me for not being able to do so. This sparked off the aggressive souls in my classmates as well, and what started as a mere jealousy culminated as the longest class trip in the 8yrs of our college history! πŸ˜€ . As many of you know already about the trip, I’ll refrain myself from talking further about this, even though I’d love to go through the memories again! (Those who haven’t seen the posts already, you can have a virtual trip yourself. Presenting to you : The Trip Series! πŸ™‚ )

After coming back from the trip, the class was never the same as before. Almost everyone greeted eachother with a lot more glee in their eyes, thereafter. Whatta way to end the semester. The attendance dwindled after that and the last days of partying in the semester continued (for me) till yesterday, before I sat with the books. Signing off for now, feeling sick about the next two weeks – Exam Time! 😦 πŸ˜‰


the GATEway to future….

i was wondering abt my ability to remember stuff…… especially when it comes to remembering things like lessons, concepts, formulae, etc.,Β  my memoryΒ  goes down furthur…. my mind and body just refuse to take anymore pains than the ‘rest’ state… i always feel this… ‘being lazy is so very nice’ πŸ˜‰ … but now it is taking a toll on me….. firstly i have gained weight and to top it ma mom started blasting me off….. 😦 and secondly when xams r ’round the corner, then life is hell to study the 6 months’ portion.

considering what i said above, i feel it a great achievement to have appeared for GATE (graduate aptitude test in engineering) and i must say that it was not so bitter experience….. one thing because i didnt have time to count the stars on the classroom ceiling…. other being that i attended with zero preparation to know my actual aptitude in engineering….! πŸ™‚

coming to the structure… first 20 qns r 1 mark each and the rest 65 qns are two marks each…. adding to this questions (71 72 73) and (74 75) had common data as reference andΒ  qns 76 to 85 were sets of 2 qns with first’s answer required to solve the second one… negative markin of 25% per wrong one…..

but the breather is that this is not my serious attempt… next year shud be the one.. and hopefully i’ll be doin ma M.Tech in some IIT…!