First Night…

All dirty minds are requested to shut down and reboot in safe mode. Because, the night that just passed was the first one of its kind in my life and misconceptions may be waiting to arise. This being an integral part of the lives of many students, i got the opportunity to enjoy a night out, a first one at that! The situation was perfect and so, was planned before hand. And for those of you who are wondering who that girl in a single guy’s life is, let me brief you; I am not yet fortunate to have it. The night out was with a childhood male friend of mine.

My parents left for a small pilgrimage on Saturday evening, which marked the beginning of a small but glorious time of being the acting king of my home. I was tired by helping my parents with the preparations for the journey and so called it a day pretty early. Sunday, which was my younger brother’s birthday, started off with me giving him the first birthday wish at midnight. All was fine and the rest of the day was uneventful.

My friend who was supposed to come by 9pm, was held back at his home because of the rains. He was unsure of making it to my place even if the distance was 1.5 km only. After half an hour of anxious wait, the rain subsided and he made it. Now, nothing was prepared for the night. No drinks (strictly non-alcoholic). No chips. No American Pie (uncensored movie šŸ˜› )(which is our common hot favorite) šŸ˜¦ .

Slight drizzle persisted and we decided to brave it to go and get something for the night. My brother was sleeping inside the locked house while we both were walking like zombies in near-freezing cold. The bakery nearby had a promising look, but it turned out to be an exhibition of empty shelves šŸ˜¦ . Moreover, the bakery-wala didn’t keep stock of Pepsi or any of its products (we are Pepsi Bhaktas šŸ˜€ ) Another store was left to try out and to our displeasure, he too didn’t stock Pepsi. We had to be contented with an absolutely warm 2ltr Sprite.

The rain started lashing out again and we were stuck. With no other choice, we started running back in the rain like Jerry and the canary being chased by Tom :D.Ā  Both of us had our own problems with running in rain. If i slow down, my slippers become slippery and if he speeds up he might tumble, again, for the same reason. I took the advantage and ran in the rain leaving him behind and was jubilant midway when he sped past me. That idiot had used his brain at last and ran bare footed, carrying the slippers by hand šŸ˜€ .

Reaching the door of my home felt like finishing a marathon šŸ˜€ . For the rest of the night, we had to adjust without the chips and had to wait till the warm-drink underwent a transformation into a cold-drink in the refrigerator. The movie upon which we consented after some argument was Tomb Raider 1 (which won over Jab We Met, Dhamaal, iRobot etc,.) After finishing it, our eyes begged for some solitude and urged us to sleep. It was just 1 am and not very late. But still, the show was closed and the bed was calling. Moreover, we were supposed to go for swimming early next morning (which we did, after all this!)

The night out.
The night out.

I don’t think i can come out further about this, but there are a second and a third night to come. šŸ˜€ And the stock of movies is good, too. Just hoping to make the most of it. Azeem-o-shan Shehen Shah… apun ka ghar ka!

PS : Pic taken while sitting in front of PC and watching the movie. Picture courtesy : Self timer in my mobile cam šŸ™‚

There is another importance to this day! It was this day last year that i took the delivery of my bike. I still remember finishing off the first 100 kms on day one. And now, one year later, the reading is 8004.6 km, after changing each of a clutch cable, a rear brake cable and the rear tube once. Hoping to ride more than 10k km in the next year šŸ˜€ .

Being single

after seeing myself with me always for the last 19 years…., I’ve started feeling awkward of being alone. every person who was single while we were friends in the beginning is now committed. it doesn’t matter as long as they r just acquaintances, but if the r really close, u cant stop havin feelings like envy, boredom, loneliness, frustration, and all these get magnified if they are on a roaming spree…..

i cant help but wonder whether all those who fancy love in their late teens or early twenties, will be able to sustain it when the time for real responsibilities crop up. will they be able to make the choices clear between home and potential partner… can they foresee at least the near future so that their foundations of married love can transform into a fruitful life of endless love…..?

all these sound philosophy to me, myself…. but r u not living the present in such a way that it is a gift of the past to be passed on to the future…. if everyone were living for just today, i could kill or steal or do anything today and say that I’ll start a new life tomorrow…. thats just impossible…. and immoral.

and when all these things come into my mind its the clash of thought titans…!! the rigid part of my character planning out a nice future…. and my volatile self craving for that oomph factor…! and if i tell this is what is going on in my head to my friends at home(my parents) they are either too concerned abt my stability…. or they blast me for my irresponsibility and remind me of my duties with a bang on my head….!!

after all… this is life… a set of dreams in ur heart, another set of realities in ur mind, and a fierce battle between them all along….!