Welcome Reader!

Hello reader. This part of my blog is to welcome you, new comer, to my blog, and walk you around my site, so that you feel at a greater ease. 🙂

So, what can you do? You could read more About Me, or just browse through the  posts which appear in the Main Page, Poems page and the Tags page. Feel free to read through any post that catches your attention. Let the titles interest you as an initiation.

Posts :

Poems :

Tags :

Let me know how you felt being here. 🙂 Have a nice time!

33 thoughts on “Welcome Reader!

  1. I have been reading your blog for quite sometime now but for the new readers this is really helpful (and ofcourse it increases one more post!! 😛 :P)

    I always like to visit your blog and i think you already know that!! 🙂

  2. Sakhi
    Thnx a lot! I know that you are one of my regular readers and am grateful to that.
    Newcomers, if any, will get a good idea about my blog in their first visit itself.

    Sorry ma’am! I’ve included that clause now as well! 🙂

    What is thr to understand dude! simply put, it is the ‘Contents’ page of my blog. 😛

  3. I really love this your blog, jaaneman (darling), and everytime I visit it, I feel a lot happy and well… 🙂 thanx to exist, buddy. Many kisses

  4. You have a certain technique of being strangely funny and at the same time thought provoking. I like ur style of writing authoritative articles and more importantly, giving such replies. Keep writing.

    Destination Infinity

  5. Smallstar
    Aawww!! thnx a lot dear! :)lotz of kisses to u too… 😀

    Destination Infinity
    If provoking good thoughts was actually fun, I’m glad that its my way of entertaining people 😉
    well, thnx a lot for your views. 🙂

  6. Amit
    Did I? I might have been to excited to include much about the oldies. Any suggestion to improve will be a welcome consideration! 🙂

    Err… Confused!?! y so? 🙄
    I’m glad u liked the header. I made it myself. thnx a lot. 😀
    PS : good that u took a break from books for a while 😉

  7. Arvind
    okay! i think u’ll get the whole idea of this post if u look at how it appears when u click this it is just a summary to the new comer… it’ll expand if he wishes to read further… prolly u felt tht coz, u might ‘ve come to the post directly thru feeds.

  8. You made the header? Awesome!

    I too feel this post should be on a separate page…
    Every time I visit your blog, I see this post and assume you haven’t updated your blog.
    (no, I don’t scroll down and all…)

  9. Websatan
    Thnx a lot 🙂

    Yes I did the header, thank you! 🙂 with GIMP.

    I’l tell you something!?! This was a separate page once. atleast, some part of it, was. But then none would care a damn abt it. Not tht i was pissed off, but if the contents come first, its easy to flip thru a book! 😉

    now, give some exercise to your finger to push the mouse wheel, so tht the page scrolls down 😉 :mrgreen: still better, use ur browser’s feeds or G-Reader 🙂

  10. Scorpria
    Madam! didn’t read this part eh?

    And the Oldie Gold readers, catch up with the lost times. Please provide your views about my older unread posts if you wish to do so. 🙂

    Your Highness, Come Back (Scorpion) Queen, Welcome to my blog archive 😛 plz share ur views about issues which interest you! 🙂

  11. hey u using the same layout as me.

    i came here from indiblogger. before i review it for u there, i wud like to pose u some questions. ready for the interrogation.

    1. how did u get this one static post at the top of ur page? Also following are ur recent posts. how was this done?

    I tried this once with my ‘About Me’ page. But all the current posts went into the inner pages. Changing the Reading setting on admin dashboard doesn’t helps. There is either/or situation. Either a static page Or the current posts.

  12. Hey man, thanks for the comment on the IndiBlogger meet review page.

    Yeah, the slowest this side of the century I think… hehehe but we still managed to have a lot of fun 🙂

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