In Hunger, We Live…

You see me now as bare bones and skin

And shrug away my misery, as it ain’t yours

My zeal for survival beats that of all your kin

Because I stay hungry for days, not just hours

Bare Bones
Bare Bones

I look to the land searching for a hint of grain

Don’t you assume it is because I am a farmer

I look to the sky welcoming a sprinkle of rain

On a summer day, if it is too much warmer

Between sky and land
Between sky and land

How you wonder that I could survive

Despite the misdemeanors of Nature on me

With no food to eat and a ‘long‘ life to live

I cant to afford to call it anyone’s felony


I hate to hold out my hands, Oh giveable one

To ask for a morsel of food just to be existent

Of all the charitable deeds that could be done

Just give me some hope and make me jubiliant

Helping Hand
Helping Hand

There are channels to reach me in a way better

Than simply showing an ounce of compassion

For, in this material world, only materials matter

To support my being from eventual extinction

Support the Cause!
Click on the image to support the Cause.

Akshaya Patra is a foundation for midday meal program. It is a Non-Governmental Organization in India. It runs the world’s largest NGO midday meal program for underprivileged school children.

(Images courtesy : Please click on the respective thumbnails)

The cause is being projected elsewhere too. Kindly promote it there as well.

18 thoughts on “In Hunger, We Live…”

  1. each and every line went straight inside ..last 4 lines the BEST
    but there are many smaller organisations which need help.. bigger ones will anyways get funds.. what about the smaller ones??

  2. A good and needful initiative.. Hope atleast by seeing/reading this, people will think twice before wasting the food and try to help the poor with tht instead..

  3. The pictures and post moved me to tears. One needs to think twice before wasting food. Hope we come across more and more awareness programs and charitable events. Corporates can play a huge role in this.

  4. @Reema: its a bitter truth.. the pictures are just a window to it..

    @anbu: yes.. my point also..

    @Mahak: things are being done in corporates also.. but very few tk it on a big scale.. heard abt CSR? Corporate Social Responsibility.. it is coming outta d corporates..

  5. That child in the orange all the way at the top
    is he still alive and well? i saw that picture and he reminded me of my little cousin and made me feel
    just terrible about it
    i just wanted to know about the welfare of the child and if anything contact my email at

    1. I heartily appreciate your concern, but unfortunately, it is late now. I believe you followed the link in the image as I found your comment there.

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