The Entertainment Age

Entertainment is a valuable commodity. You invest your time into it, to make sure you get back to the routine and the mundane, with a renewal. It adds a spark to our lives and keeps us mentally fresh, despite the absorption of our usual bread-earning schedule. I believe that we all have a good idea about what we want from this investment of ours.

I can only wonder if we are getting the kind of entertainment we are after. More so, when I see means to entertainment cropping up/dying down over time. Even more so, if the frequency increases. By the way, who decides whether the time has come for something to be born or die? Who decides what kinda things people should be subject to?

There is so much crap over there, that we are subject to it even without our knowledge. Business and money play spoilsport too. Consider this : Earlier, film prints were a costly affair and the number of theatres were less. So, whatever a producer invests, he must be able to get back amidst these constraints. What then is the way out for a healthy business? Make good movies, so that people can watch them, feel good, and tell others about it, and make the movie run for a considerable time. By this, producers can get good business, and we can get good entertainment.

Consider present day. Theatres are in abundance and mass-production of prints is cheaper. So, a big number of prints in a big number of theatres means that, the time taken by the producer to get back the money is reduced. So, the probability of producing not-so-good, average, and bad movies goes up. What is the point of high budget movies, spending money to travel across the world for shoots, if what we get to see is our precious time going down the gutter. The implications of this might not be substantial for one time. But, over a period of time I’m afraid it creates a movie-viewer’s-lethargy.

Coming one level down, the television is also being infected little by little. Every other channel you can find a ‘super-duper’ dance shows, ‘bumper-hit’ song-a-thons, etc. One reason to have so many clones is, may be, to bring out and expose the vast talent pool. But, it can sustain only till it hits the saturation point. Who is thinking about all that?

If the rate of creativity involved in entertaining people becomes less than the rate of its saturation, we have to deal with a lot of “Boredom Under Lost Love for Special, Highly Interesting Talent” (BULLSHIT).

The Spooky Place

I started to walk away from a place where I thought I’d been before. But seeing it made me feel like it was the very place I felt like not coming back again and again. Yet, I’m not able to recollect what this place was, why I was here, who/what brought me here and when I’d come last. Seems like a half seen distant dream…

Then what happened? Did somebody wake me up with a bucket of water? No. I was talking serious. Btw, I was walking away and felt a strong urge to stay back and wait to see if I was here for a purpose. I was alone and so figured it won’t be a big issue whether I stayed or not. You see, some invisible metal was chaining me to the place, giving me no reason or hope to be there. Its just that gut feeling, that kept me in that place.

Then what happened? Did somebody wake me up wit a bucket of water? Again! No. I was really talking serious. The invisible chains sorta loosened a bit and I felt some uneasiness rising in my chest, urging me to run away from there. I was damn confused as to why I was feeling a mixture of opposites. However, I composed myself and started to run away from the place. Thankfully it wasn’t a maze or any such weird thing.

So, I ran fast, saw a local Volvo bus coming and hopped into it. The terrible feeling was receding and I hooked my earphones to listen to some music. A song later, I got a call from my TL.

TL : Hey… are you still in?
Me : (Thankfully) Nope… why do u ask?
TL : Thought I’d give you a few code bundles. Neva mind. Do it by this week anyway.
Me : Yes I will… (I know what “This week” means! I’ll add another week to it, don’t worry… )
TL : Well thats it. Bye.
Me : Yeah bye.

So, this spooky place I talked about was my cubicle, is it?

Ubuntu Moments

This may sound like a pro-Ubuntu campaign. But I have no intentions to lure people into the charm this world has to offer. Please do not take this as a disclaimer, but as a prelude to this post. 🙂

Ever since I was in love with my PC again, I thought Ubuntu was just about a virus free comp and ultra cool graphics. Being with it for nearly a month now, the eye-candy has become the usual thing, and there is no excitement of fighting against viruses! Ah! So much I miss you – Microsoft 😛 . No pen drive is offering me a challenge to inspect it. No disc comes with a risk of crashing your data. blah blah blah.. There are so many places you will read about all of them.

Right now, I’m feeling like a powerful military general with an army to command. But, there is no enemy in sight. And there wont probably be in the near future too. So, I’ve taken up the task of knowing my army better. Currently, it is just the humble beginnings stage. But these are proving to be satisfactory 🙂 .

I sat down to list what all I required to make my PC a darling to me at the most horrid streaks of boredom too. After a good deal of work, all I wanted was a good browser, music player, movie player, pdf reader, chat client, a powerful image editor, a torrent manager, A good substitute for MS Office, a disc burner, a few system tools (like system monitor,) games for entertainment, games for brain activity, few games that run on Windows, and something like communicating more closely with your system with not more than a handful (or two handfuls) of clicks.

Most of the things I wanted came packaged with the OS itself. All I had to do was look out for some means to play games that run in Windows, and a do few updates to satisfy my craze to keep up with the latest packages of the OS (Which i never did in XP 🙂 ). Updating was easy. Just a matter of waking up early one day to download updates when the broadband usage is free. 😀

Notice the new header and my Blavatar? I made it myself with GIMP – a free, very easy alternative to Photoshop, and it comes with the OS itself! So, no extra installation. 🙂
(By the way, are they good? 😉 )

Now, to use games or softwares that worked in Windows, I found a pretty good means too. WINE was the solution. For newbies (as if I’m not 😛 ) Wine is short for WINdows Emulator and what it does is there in its name itself. It simply creates a make-shift clone of Windows 😛 .

That said, I got a chance to play one of my all-time favorite games – Age of Mythology and The Titans Expansion pretty well in Ubuntu too. My joy knew no bounds and my spirits were high and flowing! Something to please me more was in store. There was a game called Worms Armageddon, which was a very good game to pass/kill/murder time. Moreover, it was unlimited fun. Thankfully, a (90%) similar game called Wormux was present for Ubuntu!

Next up, I’m bent upon making another favorite game “Prince of Persia Warrior Within” work in Ubuntu. I found a means, but yet to try it out. I’m just waiting to know how exactly the whole thing works, and then continue with it. 🙂

Games, Songs, Movies, Browsing, Chatting, Learning… and much much more is on my platter. Its just a matter of time before I get down to explore them all. 🙂 But right now, Gaming in Ubuntu has become a very good option for me to ditch the remaining 2-5% of XP usage. Thats all for now, friends. Have a nice time 🙂

PS : This is the first time I’ve been posting with such a narrow gap. Just in case you haven’t read my previous post, here is the easy to reach there – Respect Martyrdom you Fools