If the title didn’t intrigue you enough, it just means Starbucks. This post is to supposed to be a memoir of my first *$s experience. I’m taking the pain to write about it and so, it must be a memorable one. πŸ™‚

The scene: Sunday Evening. Term Paper presentation due the next day. Bored as hell reading through IEEE papers in the library. Kinda irritated by two guys whispering to each other in (probably) Persian. I go out for a walk into the cold November evening in Tucson.
What happens in this setting? The micro shivers running through the body feel great, but I can’t enjoy them long enough. There is a *$s just outside the library.
I’d never been to a *$s before as I am not a guy for coffee. But the micro shivers demanded something hot and not-sweet. So, I decide to bless *$s with some good business.
I stand in line for ~5min, all the while going through the menu. I decide upon a latte, and then on Chai latte and finally on Gingerbread latte. It was my turn before I could let my mind drift again.
Everything goes well. Finding hot (undergrad) chicks is a welcome change to my saturated brain. I almost despised *$s for such a “fast” service when my name was called out. It had to end so fast. Anyway, I had to return to work on my presentation.
Couple of steps into the library, someone is calling out my name in a strange accent and I turn around to find the person who served me coffee. It seems that he accidentally made me the wrong coffee. Ignorant me would never have known, as you know, it was my first time at *$s.
So, he offers to re-make my coffee and takes my cup from me, ushers me into the barista again, treating me to a fresh dose of goodness of pretty (undergrad) chicks.
Couple minutes pass and he returns with the coffee that I actually ordered, apologizing again for the goof-up and gave me a card to enjoy a beverage next time, but on the house. Free Coffee. Yay! πŸ˜›

Cold November evening. Hot chicks and great coffee. Good enough first time experience.

Slicing My Heart

Like a knife dipped in honey and sugar, in its pristine glory,
And waiting to cut through an unsuspecting heart,
As stealthy, yet gracious, as the rain slicing the air,
Love came in an instant, as a strike of lightening.

Wounded i was by the coldness spewed by the hot strike,
As pain was all that i knew till unseen joy was waiting.
It carried the essence of my lover to my blood, and through me,
Announcing to every last part of my being that my heart was kissed.

The vigor in the cut would not let it heal for a century
And after that, does it matter!
But in the time between, would the sweet painΒ  let me survive
through a myriad emotions of a heart make…
Or worse, a heartbreak…?

Love is probably, the trading of hearts,
With life as its investment, and ethereal happiness, my profit.
But the fear of loss matters to a sliced heart like no other
‘Coz, when she says “Yes!” now, and “Bye…”(for good) later,
It feels like falling into a void or an abyss
And being born just to die like this!

Slicing My Heart

Slicing My Heart

Trip – Munnar, Nature Revisited!

Prequels to this post :

After the aching early-morning adventure at the train garage, we were happy to be in the bus, starting off towards Munnar. The sensation of traveling in the train was still fresh in my nerves and it sort of made me drowsy as soon as i got into the bus. I thought that the lack of sleep experienced can be covered up to some extent in the bus-ride. Its a pity that i was proved wrong and how! Due to a weak claustrophobic trait, I was feeling uncomfortable inside the apparently cramped bus. I was dying for fresh air to hit my face, but the cold ghat winds were playing spoilsport outside.

Ah! At last, there was a respite! On the way to Munnar, the healing effect of nature showed on all the faces, when everyone were admiring the beauty of the landscapes πŸ™‚ ! The photo session started again. let me provide you a few visual excerpts. πŸ™‚

Driving into what?

Driving into what?

That was taken from inside the bus and so appears a little bit hazy. But i don’t think it diminishes the purpose of signifying the weather.

First rays of the sun from atop the canopy!

First rays of the sun from atop the canopy!

I'm left speechless... Are you?

I was left speechless! Are you?

This is one pic which makes me regret living in a concrete jungle!

After being introduced to bliss, or heaven, or whatever!, there was a pit stop. All were wondering about the unexpected halt, and before long, we got the answer! There was a waterfall beside the road, and a wonderful one at that! Traveling without anyone to command us, the child out of every person came to the fore and the blank stares of appreciating God’s taste of sculpting landscapes was evident in everyone’s eyes!

This was my wallpaper for almost a fortnight! ;)

This was my wallpaper for almost a fortnight! πŸ˜‰

A worthy attempt to quench my thirst ;)

A worthy attempt to quench my thirst πŸ˜‰

The fatigue of the train journey and the sickness of traveling in a bus had their effects. We reached the hotel at Munnar by late morning and had less than 20 hrs to hop around the place. Everyone had forgotten that breakfast time had passed long before. Within an hour, we were ready to be going out for lunch and then for sight-seeing. A guide was arranged and we set off after havin lunch.

(Searching for food made with refined oil and NOT COCONUT OIL was the first job at hand. πŸ˜› This prolly is the only thing we have to be annoyed of while traveling through Kerala)

The places we visited were a Tea Estate view-point (my header image), Munnar Dam, Lake beside the dam and Echo Point. Not much to write about them because, its best seen than being explained about.

Tata Tea company owns almost all the hills of Munnar. Here is a part.

Tata Tea company owns almost all the hills of Munnar. Here is a part.

The tea estate Crusader! ;)

The tea estate Crusader! πŸ˜‰

Next up is the visit to the Dam and lake.

Dam Info

This lake is on one side of the dam.

This lake is on one side of the dam.

Shout from this side and u'll echo ringing through the hills

Shout from this side and u'll be able to hear voice ringing through the hills!

Like all good things, the wonderful day came to an end. On the way back, we shopped for spices, tea and home-made chocolates, the specialties of Munnar. All had dinner according to their need and taste. I settled with parottas at a roadside stall and some biryani. All were ready to call it a night.

If you’re thinking that not sleeping properly for the previous night had taken its toll, then think again! The spirits were high and a small group decided to go on a midnight walk. Leaving the room by 11 in the night, we braved through the cold and returned to bed by 1.30 am.

My close friend had a function at his place and couldn’t make it to Munnar on the first day. But he joined us by reaching the room early next morning, at around 3.30 am. So, my <i>Long</i> sleep was over. 3.30 in the morning is not a time for roaming. But, we were back to the roads. After a walk for half an hour and covering about 2kms, we found a tea stall. To our amazement, it was busy with packed crowd at such early hours!!


In the Early Morning, after tea πŸ™‚

This pic was taken when we were enacting a virtual camp-fire scenario πŸ˜›

We could have made a camp-fire, but it was late in the evening when the idea actually hit the brain. So, tht was missed, dearly! 😦

The time scheduled for the bus to leave to leave for Allepey was 6.30 am. The promptness of the group was such that, we left Munnar only at 8 am πŸ˜€ . So, See you people at Allepey πŸ™‚

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