Who is GOD?

God : Who am I?
Christian : Jesus!
Muslim : Allah.
Hindu : Oh wait! I’m confused. I cant tell exactly who you are.

What do you think the Taj Mahal will appear to look like to a Muslim? A Christian? A Hindu?

What do you think the Moon will appear to look like to a Hindu? A Muslim? A Christian?

Just because one person’s perspective of the Taj (say, a symbol of love) is different from some other person’s (say, an architectural wonder,) it doesn’t show up itself to the both, differently on its own accord. It is just their individual hallucination playing tricks and showing each of them, two different facets of a unique concrete thing.

Not just these, almost all things and entities in this Universe are unique.

So is GOD!

If I believe that GOD stands for Generator, Operator, Destroyer, I’m accepting His superiority over me, because I do not have that power. People who believe in GOD, may do so because

  • They were taught to believe in Him.
  • Are not as powerful as Him.
  • Cant stand being powerless, and hence assume that a greater soul is watching over / controlling / ruling us mortal beings all.
  • Or, want to be at peace for as long as they live and face the Judgment Day as it presents itself to be.

The diversity in humans brought about diversity in GOD. Many believe that God made us, but its also true that we’ve made so many GODs. This has brought about a lot of disturbance in the world, and the war of “which GOD being supreme” has affected many wars for other things. This makes me feel that probably, one of the biggest mistakes made by man was to diversify GOD.

To worship Different aspects of GOD through different means by assuming different GODs thereby, can be acceptable as long as the whole thing has a secular idea attached with it along with a cut down of arrogance, pride and intolerance in the minds of people. This setup, even if it is against my belief of “Single GOD”, will help reduce tension between different groups of people, and possibly, will show a path for peace to prevail.

If the disasters of Vaishnava-Shaiva rivalry in Hinduism, Catholic-Protestant intolerance in Christianity, Sunnis against Shias in Islam provide any lessons to people, and if they’re rational enough to accept that these issues are not good for world peace, I’m sure the same tolerant mindset would extend and control the devil of Religion, and save us from the perils we’ve been seeing from past few years.

Hope all this drives us towards a Greater Good, and doesn’t make GOD feel guilty for creating us, who wreck havoc in His name.

Added later : The discussion has taken a turn towards the World’s most famous discussion. Does GOD exist? I personally enjoyed the exchange of quality intellectual content. However, I’m happier even, that Pavan has come out with his views as well in a post. Care about an ATHEIST‘s view?

7th Semester Nostalgia!

The 7th semester exams have started from today. What better way to pass time between the dozing study-schedules and flipping pages, than to recall and live in the moments enjoyed in college! Here I am, relaxed after giving my first paper for this sem, and tension-free because I’ve 4 more days between today and next paper πŸ˜› . To give a you a one line summary, I’d say that this sem has been the most exciting part of my Life.

To start with, I, along with a handful others, organised a Robotics Workshop in my college, where propaganda, fee collection, enlightening minds, speaking a lot, working a lot too, and conducting the workshop while actually participating in it, will pass down my memory with all glitter, and especially the night when we packed all gadgets and materials into individual packages without sleeping for a second, and working for the whole of next day at the college.

Just after this, it was Internal assessment time. I was summoned by the HOD for having shortage of attendance (49%). I signed some green paper stating I was aware of it and resumed my bunking spree πŸ˜€ .

So, wassup next? It was the trip to Chennai! 3 ppl including me, went to IIT, Chennai. Not just to take part in Shaastra ’08 – their tech fest, but to feel what it’d be like, to be an IITian. It was an exhilarating experience. 6 days passed out in a jiffy and Chennai was a fun place to be, except for the scorching heat. ‘Memorable’ would be too small to describe the times we spent roaming around the campus at midnight, dining at a restaurant inside the campus at 2am, and lying on the lawn till the dew on the grass tickled me and drove us away, at 3am.

Sunset at Mahabalipuram beach, midnight ice-cream party, night walk at the Marina beach, dining at ‘Velu Military Hotel’ and ‘Anjappar’ were a glossy set of add-ons to the blessed getaway! All thanks to Pavan’s bro, for accomodating us and more importantly, being there for us. πŸ™‚

Again, Internals time and again the same attendance procedure. But this time, the HOD had done some magic and provided me with a relief. The shortage margin was reduced even if my ass wasn’t there in the class! πŸ˜› .

As if this wasn’t enough, our juniors went on a one day trip and triggerred a rage in me for not being able to do so. This sparked off the aggressive souls in my classmates as well, and what started as a mere jealousy culminated as the longest class trip in the 8yrs of our college history! πŸ˜€ . As many of you know already about the trip, I’ll refrain myself from talking further about this, even though I’d love to go through the memories again! (Those who haven’t seen the posts already, you can have a virtual trip yourself. Presenting to you : The Trip Series! πŸ™‚ )

After coming back from the trip, the class was never the same as before. Almost everyone greeted eachother with a lot more glee in their eyes, thereafter. Whatta way to end the semester. The attendance dwindled after that and the last days of partying in the semester continued (for me) till yesterday, before I sat with the books. Signing off for now, feeling sick about the next two weeks – Exam Time! 😦 πŸ˜‰

Respect Martyrdom you Fools

In the wake of the government promising a huge sum of money to the slain martyr – NSG Major Sandeep Unnikrisnan, I’m proud(!) of the people who worked behind the scenes to make the donation a reality. The 5 lac rupees promised by the government is a huge relief to the family. The Major would do a billion dollar smile from the heaven above, upon the responsible kind hearted people!

What will a martyr’s family do with the money? Should it be considered a reimbursement worthy enough of a brave soldier’s life, or as a price of the lives saved by him in the gory battle? Should the family really care about the money?

I would like to bring here an interesting comparison, even as I try not condemn any action of the Govt. It is not very long ago since money and awards were showered upon another son of our motherland, for being a brave soldier in China and bringing back to the country, a Gold Medal from the Olympics. It is a laudable effort on the sportsman’s part and he deserves every paisa showered upon him, because he relied upon his father’s fortune for his practice and gaining the expertise.

What Mr. Abhinav Bhindra did, added a golden feather to the barren hat of Indian Sport. But what befell Major Sandeep, decreased a brave feather in the daring hat of Indian Defense.

Can the soldier endorse any brand, smile from the television or the posters and make the heart of his parents beam with joy? Show me a father who would be sending his son, without a second thought, to the defense of our Country, if his son becomes a butt of joke and ridicule for foul-mouthed politicos. I would dare to use unparliamentary language if not for the concern that my blog may become A-rated.

The point I wish to make is not about the money offered. If this is the respect and support offered by the Country’s rulers to one of its mighty warrior, to what extent will a person exercise his Will to join the armed forces? I feel that proper respect from all quarters was all that was required to pay a good homage to Major Sandeep. I brought up issues like money to illustrate the method which the politicians are using to cover up their nasty faces and stinking asses, when adverse times affect the nation at large! Those who went on firing at innocent people may be retards. But the people who are plundering the wealth, respect and integrity of the people from within are the ones we should be aware of.

I am sure every Indian will be proud to be the son/daughter of India. It won’t be a long time before which, the shame will overwhelm the pride because of being ruled over by a polity with such a mindset. (It is a different matter that many of us have experienced it already!)

I am anxious about the families of many such soldiers who have lost their lives in similar, or more dangerous battles. I hereby take the opportunity to offer my heart-felt condolences to the families of all the people who have laid down their lives for our country’s sake. I hope their souls will not be agitated because of the dirty, corrupt, and fit-for-almost-nothing people behind the scenes.


Lead kindly light - Oh great Warrior!

Lead kindly light - Oh great Warrior!

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Condemning Terror

A tired day at work. An enjoyable time at school. A candle-light evening. Cozying in the arms of the loved one at bed-time. A busy schedule on field. A horrid workload to bear. Umpteen assignments. Competent deadlines. Family issues. Uncomfortable apprehensions. All these, or a few combos of these demand more than just rest. They demand sleep. A sound sleep. Sleep promises the bringing of a new day. A beautiful day which starts off with the smile of your little daughter, or by the sweet yell of your mother. With the dream of making it big in life or with a thirst of being the leader.

Life, work, fun, love, money, time are all with us. The one thing which brings eternal release from all these clutches, however, remains condemned. Death. The return ticket which follows us all along The Journey, faithfully. The demon which smiles wickedly at the people left behind. The custodian of a human, responsible to God. The trace of desertion, hidden in relationships.

Being such a valuable thing, it is treasured by a person, without his knowledge. It is ever so loyal it is to its master, that it follows him 24×7. Unfortunately, it is tempted by old-age, illness, poison, accident and off late, bombs. The first examples speak a good deal about themselves. But the last one; the god-damned last one, haunts. It is ‘Death’s wicked temptation and plays hide-n-seek. It may show itself on a street, in the gutter, under a bus, inside a train, below your chair, above your roof. Theoretically it can be anywhere and can strike you flat on your face, or on your butt.

What has a common man got to do with it? When death is certain, what is the use of craving for dear life? If its not a bomb, then it might be illness or anything else. What is the big difference? You’re gonna die anyway. But, one very important question is to be pondered over.

What about the survivors?

Can you imagine the face of a person who has witnessed the blast? In a mesh of feelings of gladness of survival, the shock of witnessing the incident, the grief of seeing Death, the anxiety about loved ones, the rage to condemn it, the inability to move, the longing to curb it and a host of unknown brainwaves, the common man is entangled and shattered.

The dead Rest In Peace. The living Roast In Pulverisation.

In this scenario, Death brings up its cousin ‘Fear’ into picture. A small survey on the aftermaths of bomb-blasts in history shows vast traces of this commodity. If its cousin was a sure-shot killer, Fear is more of a sadist. It loves to see people enjoying pain, anxiety, tension, and lastly, itself. As the whole World is contemplating measures to curb the widespread nuisance and havoc caused by Fear, the stupid common man is dreaming of seeing the same Fear dancing to his tunes on the faces of those lunatics, who’re responsible for brutal mass-murder.

Every damned person who calls himself a terror-striker must be hanged by his hair and rested on a bed of needles until every drop of blood drains out of his body, leaving him numb, yet alive. He must be denied the basic human rights.Β  It must showcased to the whole World, giving them a chance to witness the torture of the torturers. The trauma must be videotaped and a copy be sent to every potential terrorist. The blood boiling in their veins with rage must experience the Fear and calm down, lest, it may face the same fate.

Peace may be the safest weapon. The terrorists being trialled or court-marshaled doesn’t serve the purpose of punishment. When the person has the evil in him to think of killing people ruthlessly, he has lost his right to live. And by this, it is not the question of killing a terrorist, but the guarantee of life to a few vulnerable people. A chance for them to start off a beautiful day with the smile of their little daughters, or by the sweet yell of their mothers. With the dream of making it big in life or with a thirst of being the leader.

Post inspired by the grievances of a Stupid Common Man. Have a good day.

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Forbiddden Fruit

Whoever devised this phrase, deserves an applause for thinking high. It was a very good foresight on his/her part to have valuable insights into the future generation. I’m grateful to the serpent in the story to have played a very important role and for helping start off a race, which otherwise would have ended up with just two dumb humans. And in today’s world, i believe there are more serpents than one πŸ˜› .

By the way, how many of you think that the the Forbidden fruit is actually being considered Forbidden nowadays? By the time a guy or a girl steps into adolescence (much earlier in a few miserable cases), there are close to infinite factors acting as baits for the fresh innocent preys. It is a noteworthy factor that people whom the young ones hold as idols, portray themselves as a bunch of perverts most of the times.

My experiments with myself have been enlightening not just to me, but a few of my close friends too πŸ˜‰ . Seriously speaking, I felt a distinct change in the way I viewed the world, during my late (sweet)16s and early (sexy)17s. The excitement of people telling that I’ve grown up, was dying down and i longed going back to the days when I could play or be with anyone, anytime to my hearts content. (This is reflected in My Blogosphere). Digesting the fact that i can never, ever grow younger, there was no other choice but to have fun, however it may fit in.

It was an illusion of open secret in the society that “fun” in today’s world meant “girls”, if it was not alcohol, smoking and, indecent in common. What made it even more tempting to lay hands upon the forbidden fruit was that everybody were curious – Adam, Eve, Snake and the fruit also, wondering if the old story repeats. As for the answer to this curiosity, the current affairs, movies, media, Internet, email-forwards and sheer imagination should provide interesting answers.

Now, why am I beating up this topic when i too have experienced it? The answer is simple. I strongly feel that people are exposed to the concept of copulation in an unreasonable manner, which makes the very process appear sinful and forbidden to the immature mind. Where as, rationally speaking, it should have been every dutiful parent’s job to make the younger, ignorant generation think logically and understand that everything in life has a proper timing to occur. This probably was the part to be played by the much-disputed ‘Sex Education’. Unfortunately, due to illogical fears of perverting the young minds, the idea met its grave.

Nevertheless, in blogosphere, I suppose we are free to discuss this sensitive matter without bothering about any social hurdle. I wrote this post not to condemn the way this society is, but to look for remedies from my blog-companions, which could solve the problem efficiently and avoid sexual frustration (at least) early in Life. I believe that the remedies-to-be-stated will help anyone who wishes to be a worthy parent.