Slicing My Heart

Like a knife dipped in honey and sugar, in its pristine glory,
And waiting to cut through an unsuspecting heart,
As stealthy, yet gracious, as the rain slicing the air,
Love came in an instant, as a strike of lightening.

Wounded i was by the coldness spewed by the hot strike,
As pain was all that i knew till unseen joy was waiting.
It carried the essence of my lover to my blood, and through me,
Announcing to every last part of my being that my heart was kissed.

The vigor in the cut would not let it heal for a century
And after that, does it matter!
But in the time between, would the sweet pain  let me survive
through a myriad emotions of a heart make…
Or worse, a heartbreak…?

Love is probably, the trading of hearts,
With life as its investment, and ethereal happiness, my profit.
But the fear of loss matters to a sliced heart like no other
‘Coz, when she says “Yes!” now, and “Bye…”(for good) later,
It feels like falling into a void or an abyss
And being born just to die like this!

Slicing My Heart

Slicing My Heart


World celebrates the pearl, but who has seen the pains of an oyster?

Pain and irritation for months at a stretch

Countless Moments of anxiety and mood disturbances

Constant changes in the Physiology – difficult to cope with

Unusual cravings – often going unfulfilled

Who has really understood the pains of an oyster? Yet, all that it understands and endeavors is to bear the pearl in its belly, carefully nurture it, preserve it, allow it to take its own shape, and at full term, deliver it to the world with joy and pride!

Oh, human oyster – Mother, offering tribute to thy Motherhood.

Footnote : Blogging started off as a passion with my most favorite (serious) post in my blog, even if all posts, before and after it, are minions of my thoughts. The favorite being Responsibility, next in the order is Criticism and Artificial Life. Signing off for now and looking forward for your views about them, fellow bloggers.