Kmee Kmee

This sound is one of my favorite, even if the thing that makes it is not! Hail the honk of The Road Runner. For those of you who are/were not obsessed with Cartoons, The Road Runner,Ā  is a super fast running bird. I would not go into the details, lest, i would delve away from what i intend to say write here!

Of all the times i am irritated, the most of them from the past one year have been on roads. Being and riding in a dense city of Bangalore has only added to the frustration. I don’t intend to say that it is a bad city by any means (i’d rather kill myself than do such a blunder. I’m a huge fan of my city! šŸ˜€ ), but what bothers me is the slow change of driving attitude of the people while the city grew faster than any could imagine. Probably this is what is happening in other places too, where rapid development is taking place.

The attitude problems faced by me, or similar cool headed drivers tend to affect only us. And those responsible may be :

  • Slow moving traffic : These are descendants of Pluto! Literally! They are such cold drivers that they tend to make me imagine as if they are enjoying their way to oblivion. Oblivion because, I’ll be tempted to drill holes in their ears by making my bike sing šŸ˜€ . My sometimes-perverted-mind goes a bit further to imagine a peek into their personal lives and see what if one really was a slow rider šŸ˜› ! This category includes HTVs (who think they’re born to ride on the right side of the road inside the city limits too,) Cabs and mass transit buses (who stop and start abruptly, even if there is no pick-up/drop point and take an eternity to reach a speed of 40kmph!)
  • Autorikshaws : These are probably the only creatures after terrorists to carry home such a huge load of hatred! I don’t mind generalizing them because, good ones are in a range 1:1000(0) šŸ˜€ . I think they like to show off their very selves through their vehicles’ nosey front wheels poking out of a wide butt. The worst part is that we cannot judge which way these god-damned sons of snails will turn! And 90% of the times we are wrong šŸ˜¦ .
  • Pedestrians : Well, not all are sensless in this category, owing to the fact that i’m one among them at times šŸ˜› ! But, you can find specimens, as good as the previous two categories, and worse too! The way they walk swinging their arms in manner unique to themselves, makes me feel like parading them in the same fashion on a battlefield.
  • Venus-ians : It would a blasphemy on my part if i had a girl friend and had she read this particular option šŸ˜† . I cant stop pondering over the innovations that a few women come up with w.r.t driving! First i see someone hovering their foot above the road till they travel half a km from start. Or , the other kind who are on a constant vigilance for any obstacle in the next mile! And, as soon as they find any, the brakes screech and the vehicle is just short of crying. Thank God that i haven’t seen any Dio/Activa/Kinetic Honda/other gear-less vehicles sobbing because of their mistresses :mrgreen: .
  • The Show-Stoppers : Its a time of fashion and we cant really stop people from flaunting what they have. But, should it be done on the roads? Some crazy girls have their roles here too. At every signal, you can find them scrubbing their faces patiently within the 60 odd seconds they get. Reason – Pollution! Or, the new-to-college hunky-dory guys, who’d have performed a sathyagraha at home to get a two wheel drive. You can see them dressed in a fluorescent blue full hands tee, and (again) a fluorescent orange cargo, sporting a helmet wider than their chest and half as heavy as themselves, all for a Scooty Pep šŸ˜› .

There might be other categories which do not amuse me as much as the ones mentioned above. It is quite a possibility that i haven’t seen many other types. However, my reaction towards all of them is the same. I wish you were all teleported to a planet devoid of roads. That way, the pollution levels will go down and some population too šŸ˜› .

What has Road Runner got to do with this post? Well, i long for that ability to run over my irritators, turn behind, make a stupid face at them and say “Kmee Kmee” šŸ˜€ .

VDay Spl

love…. quite a small word which has as many explanations as there are people on this planet. any attribute of it comes w.r.t its form which we experience. a small child feels the strongest love – a mother’s love, because he is first invited into this world by her. she teaches about the basic subtle footsteps to be taken in life along with the father, who teaches to handle the rougher part of life by being harsh at times. but is life not one which teaches lessons after tests…?

as you grow up, the company you have around you, will develop a form of love which is a bit weak, and u face the realities of life. if they are harsh, you’d like to fall back upon the strong love, and if pleasant you’d want to share your heart out. but all love has saturation, and unfortunately that happens with parental love, as it takes the guise of responsibility. the friends share your experiences to some extent and react accordingly. and if the requirement of the individual is more, here comes the issue of a potential partner. this is such sort of a force which can rekindle the likes of the first stages of love and can sustain over a very long time. it may be instinctual, observational or calculative, all forms being morally strong, and sending out a strong message, that it did not happen by chance.

but the fashion statement people make by selecting partner on a testing basis is like selecting a dress from a pile. u can love the dress you select, but it thrives on comparison. if something more attractive/comfortable/trendy comes by, you switch to it. similar is the condition of a few couples (i wouldn’t dare to mention it as ‘all couples’ for obvious reasons). “i got a new bf/gf” has become like saying “i got a new pair of shoes!”

i won’t say love doesn’t exist in these cases. i would rather say it is a short lived version of love – lust. the sheen, color, looks, popularity, etc., are all short lived and result in temporary infatuation.

what true love is cannot be defined because it will confine us to the definition. whereas we are talking about something almost infinite. if u meet someone who makes you feel infinite, serene, relaxed, secure, confident and lovable, then be sure that you have a very good person made for you. Ek Dhuje Ke Liye!!!