The Entertainment Age

Entertainment is a valuable commodity. You invest your time into it, to make sure you get back to the routine and the mundane, with a renewal. It adds a spark to our lives and keeps us mentally fresh, despite the absorption of our usual bread-earning schedule. I believe that we all have a good idea about what we want from this investment of ours.

I can only wonder if we are getting the kind of entertainment we are after. More so, when I see means to entertainment cropping up/dying down over time. Even more so, if the frequency increases. By the way, who decides whether the time has come for something to be born or die? Who decides what kinda things people should be subject to?

There is so much crap over there, that we are subject to it even without our knowledge. Business and money play spoilsport too. Consider this : Earlier, film prints were a costly affair and the number of theatres were less. So, whatever a producer invests, he must be able to get back amidst these constraints. What then is the way out for a healthy business? Make good movies, so that people can watch them, feel good, and tell others about it, and make the movie run for a considerable time. By this, producers can get good business, and we can get good entertainment.

Consider present day. Theatres are in abundance and mass-production of prints is cheaper. So, a big number of prints in a big number of theatres means that, the time taken by the producer to get back the money is reduced. So, the probability of producing not-so-good, average, and bad movies goes up. What is the point of high budget movies, spending money to travel across the world for shoots, if what we get to see is our precious time going down the gutter. The implications of this might not be substantial for one time. But, over a period of time I’m afraid it creates a movie-viewer’s-lethargy.

Coming one level down, the television is also being infected little by little. Every other channel you can find a ‘super-duper’ dance shows, ‘bumper-hit’ song-a-thons, etc. One reason to have so many clones is, may be, to bring out and expose the vast talent pool. But, it can sustain only till it hits the saturation point. Who is thinking about all that?

If the rate of creativity involved in entertaining people becomes less than the rate of its saturation, we have to deal with a lot of “Boredom Under Lost Love for Special, Highly Interesting Talent” (BULLSHIT).

The Celebration Continues…

Well, I was extremely happy to celebrate my first birthday in WordPress last week, which marked completion of two decades of my ass moving onto Earth. After one week, the celebration continued, rather resumed 🙂 . Taking up coaching for GATE from past two days sickened me because of 10 hrs of classes in Linear Algebra. But, the silver lining was unexpected and wonderful.

Today, exactly one week later, its one of my closest friend Pavan‘s birthday. I was lazy yesternight and missed out on giving the first birthday wish. However, i wished him in the morning and resumed my daily chores. The class-time between morning 9 and evening 4 passed like a millennium, because, we planned to treat our friends together, and the treat was scheduled at 4:30 pm. The story common to all teachers continued today too. Their love for the subject is so immense that even after standing in the class for the whole day (barring a break of one hour,) and having to put up with the sleepy faces of students desperate to leave, the class was extended by 15 minutes 😦 . In spite of the loss in time, a break-neck-speed drive for around 10 kms, helped me reach promptly 🙂 .

The initial greetings between friends viz, “Yeno macha isht latoo, bereavru ella yelli?” was very refreshing to my geek-ified mind 😛 . Shortly later, the “gang” assembled. I almost forgot to mention about the venue! Its a good hangout for a couple or a gang. Its called Lumbini Gardens – a lakeside place with some cool eat outs and some fun-filled atmosphere. The cake was ordered – i don’t know what it’s called, but it was a full chocolate – iced base one having a load of cream and cherries 🙂 .

Me and Pavan cut it together amidst the ever famous song, but we sang it to each other like – “Happy Birthday to us” 🙂 . All the pomp that a celebration deserves was present and it ended with painting our faces with snow-white cream (hmmm…, my cheek still smells of the butter! 😛 ). Light was fading and the curtain-time approached because the girls were eager to sign off for obvious reasons. A part of the gang left and only two were remaining. Me and another close friend of mine – Anupam.

The two of us roamed about the place and came to the entertainment arena. We went for a bull ride which simulates riding an arrogant and powerful bull bent upon throwing you down. Later, we went into a Twister Vortex which, again is a simulator for a gyrator or a rotating chamber. We were about to leave the place when another friend who was supposed to be at the party, called up and said that he’d be joining us in 15 minutes. So, the party extended in low profile for some more time, after which i had a zooming drive back home on a superb road with music thumping from my W810i 🙂 .

Cast : Me (Su), Pavan, Sharan (Shar), Namitha (Nami), Apoorva (Appu), Anupam Biswas (Anupam ‘Boli’ Bakwas), Ramesh (Rummi, the last person).

Celebration extended

Celebration extended

The cards were from Pavan and Apoorva. Namitha did the sweetest thing possible, by adding cake to the party! (Pavan is the taller one)

All Happies! 🙂 🙂 🙂