Who is GOD?

God : Who am I?
Christian : Jesus!
Muslim : Allah.
Hindu : Oh wait! I’m confused. I cant tell exactly who you are.

What do you think the Taj Mahal will appear to look like to a Muslim? A Christian? A Hindu?

What do you think the Moon will appear to look like to a Hindu? A Muslim? A Christian?

Just because one person’s perspective of the Taj (say, a symbol of love) is different from some other person’s (say, an architectural wonder,) it doesn’t show up itself to the both, differently on its own accord. It is just their individual hallucination playing tricks and showing each of them, two different facets of a unique concrete thing.

Not just these, almost all things and entities in this Universe are unique.

So is GOD!

If I believe that GOD stands for Generator, Operator, Destroyer, I’m accepting His superiority over me, because I do not have that power. People who believe in GOD, may do so because

  • They were taught to believe in Him.
  • Are not as powerful as Him.
  • Cant stand being powerless, and hence assume that a greater soul is watching over / controlling / ruling us mortal beings all.
  • Or, want to be at peace for as long as they live and face the Judgment Day as it presents itself to be.

The diversity in humans brought about diversity in GOD. Many believe that God made us, but its also true that we’ve made so many GODs. This has brought about a lot of disturbance in the world, and the war of “which GOD being supreme” has affected many wars for other things. This makes me feel that probably, one of the biggest mistakes made by man was to diversify GOD.

To worship Different aspects of GOD through different means by assuming different GODs thereby, can be acceptable as long as the whole thing has a secular idea attached with it along with a cut down of arrogance, pride and intolerance in the minds of people. This setup, even if it is against my belief of “Single GOD”, will help reduce tension between different groups of people, and possibly, will show a path for peace to prevail.

If the disasters of Vaishnava-Shaiva rivalry in Hinduism, Catholic-Protestant intolerance in Christianity, Sunnis against Shias in Islam provide any lessons to people, and if they’re rational enough to accept that these issues are not good for world peace, I’m sure the same tolerant mindset would extend and control the devil of Religion, and save us from the perils we’ve been seeing from past few years.

Hope all this drives us towards a Greater Good, and doesn’t make GOD feel guilty for creating us, who wreck havoc in His name.

Added later : The discussion has taken a turn towards the World’s most famous discussion. Does GOD exist? I personally enjoyed the exchange of quality intellectual content. However, I’m happier even, that Pavan has come out with his views as well in a post. Care about an ATHEIST‘s view?

M v F

The world is calm and peaceful apparently, but how many can actually feel the tension building up in everyone’s lives? Very few, because, each one is engrossed in their own problems, solutions, happiness, comfort etc. The wars that are waged and those worth waging are not just on the borders of the country or in the skies and waters, but within the boundaries of our own homes. It shouldn’t be shocking to come across this revelation to most people, and i am quite sure of it. Didn’t get me yet huh? Then, read on…

Few of my (she)friends at WP are a rage at writing topics that concern women and their respect, modesty, dignity and other aspects which basically have the message that women are not treated properly. It appears true from a bird’s eye point of view, but can we blame only the men for this? Another friend RJ wanted to be born as a girl if he had the chance to choose his birth again. I whole-heartedly appreciate such an idea because it appears naive and stupid to most of us. This is just an example to show that men-in-general are not responsible for what women are facing now.

The rift between boys and girls was common in childhood and i had this arguement, rather a debate, in the high school. I was waiting for my turn stupidly and when i realised that i wont be given one, i barged into the argument. If men and women were supposed to be equal, why were they not made equal? Don’t you think the creation of men and women the way they are, was a secret of nature? Secondly, both were given the same brains with some mild differences. So, if they really craved for status quo all the time, why didn’t they retort in the beginning of the civilization? Did they subdue themselves just before the muscular power of men and chose to play political and love games with them? I know that i am not talking about women in general, but about those who had led to a change in the course of history and hence, resulting in the current scenario.

I strongly attribute the inequality observed to the history, because, that is where everything comes from. And for the mistakes committed by men and women in the past, the current day “empowered women” are fighting for their rights. It is bad to note that those who fight for the rights of women living in slums etc., come from an acre wide bungalow or in a car fit for a goddess. Ask them to stay in the hut for an hour and they’ll know why women still choose to be there. It is not just equality that they crave for, but a morsel of food a day, and sometimes, for a couple of days.

And lastly, coming to the most popular type of people – students, teens, tweens (or whatever!) The inequality is present here too. But in the opposite fashion. I am amazed at the stock of weapons they carry to subdue men. A smile can speak a thousand words and a tear can possibly, never stop speaking šŸ˜€ . Its available against all kinds of men and all age groups. But, they are not carried by all. If at all the technical know-how spreads among all women, we men will have to run to Mars and keep gaping at our once beautiful home – the Earth!

PS : I sincerely feel that men will have to start fighting for their rights someday. Oh God! Please let me hide beneath your cushion if it happens! šŸ˜¦