The Entertainment Age

Entertainment is a valuable commodity. You invest your time into it, to make sure you get back to the routine and the mundane, with a renewal. It adds a spark to our lives and keeps us mentally fresh, despite the absorption of our usual bread-earning schedule. I believe that we all have a good idea about what we want from this investment of ours.

I can only wonder if we are getting the kind of entertainment we are after. More so, when I see means to entertainment cropping up/dying down over time. Even more so, if the frequency increases. By the way, who decides whether the time has come for something to be born or die? Who decides what kinda things people should be subject to?

There is so much crap over there, that we are subject to it even without our knowledge. Business and money play spoilsport too. Consider this : Earlier, film prints were a costly affair and the number of theatres were less. So, whatever a producer invests, he must be able to get back amidst these constraints. What then is the way out for a healthy business? Make good movies, so that people can watch them, feel good, and tell others about it, and make the movie run for a considerable time. By this, producers can get good business, and we can get good entertainment.

Consider present day. Theatres are in abundance and mass-production of prints is cheaper. So, a big number of prints in a big number of theatres means that, the time taken by the producer to get back the money is reduced. So, the probability of producing not-so-good, average, and bad movies goes up. What is the point of high budget movies, spending money to travel across the world for shoots, if what we get to see is our precious time going down the gutter. The implications of this might not be substantial for one time. But, over a period of time I’m afraid it creates a movie-viewer’s-lethargy.

Coming one level down, the television is also being infected little by little. Every other channel you can find a ‘super-duper’ dance shows, ‘bumper-hit’ song-a-thons, etc. One reason to have so many clones is, may be, to bring out and expose the vast talent pool. But, it can sustain only till it hits the saturation point. Who is thinking about all that?

If the rate of creativity involved in entertaining people becomes less than the rate of its saturation, we have to deal with a lot of “Boredom Under Lost Love for Special, Highly Interesting Talent” (BULLSHIT).

Ubuntu Moments

This may sound like a pro-Ubuntu campaign. But I have no intentions to lure people into the charm this world has to offer. Please do not take this as a disclaimer, but as a prelude to this post. 🙂

Ever since I was in love with my PC again, I thought Ubuntu was just about a virus free comp and ultra cool graphics. Being with it for nearly a month now, the eye-candy has become the usual thing, and there is no excitement of fighting against viruses! Ah! So much I miss you – Microsoft 😛 . No pen drive is offering me a challenge to inspect it. No disc comes with a risk of crashing your data. blah blah blah.. There are so many places you will read about all of them.

Right now, I’m feeling like a powerful military general with an army to command. But, there is no enemy in sight. And there wont probably be in the near future too. So, I’ve taken up the task of knowing my army better. Currently, it is just the humble beginnings stage. But these are proving to be satisfactory 🙂 .

I sat down to list what all I required to make my PC a darling to me at the most horrid streaks of boredom too. After a good deal of work, all I wanted was a good browser, music player, movie player, pdf reader, chat client, a powerful image editor, a torrent manager, A good substitute for MS Office, a disc burner, a few system tools (like system monitor,) games for entertainment, games for brain activity, few games that run on Windows, and something like communicating more closely with your system with not more than a handful (or two handfuls) of clicks.

Most of the things I wanted came packaged with the OS itself. All I had to do was look out for some means to play games that run in Windows, and a do few updates to satisfy my craze to keep up with the latest packages of the OS (Which i never did in XP 🙂 ). Updating was easy. Just a matter of waking up early one day to download updates when the broadband usage is free. 😀

Notice the new header and my Blavatar? I made it myself with GIMP – a free, very easy alternative to Photoshop, and it comes with the OS itself! So, no extra installation. 🙂
(By the way, are they good? 😉 )

Now, to use games or softwares that worked in Windows, I found a pretty good means too. WINE was the solution. For newbies (as if I’m not 😛 ) Wine is short for WINdows Emulator and what it does is there in its name itself. It simply creates a make-shift clone of Windows 😛 .

That said, I got a chance to play one of my all-time favorite games – Age of Mythology and The Titans Expansion pretty well in Ubuntu too. My joy knew no bounds and my spirits were high and flowing! Something to please me more was in store. There was a game called Worms Armageddon, which was a very good game to pass/kill/murder time. Moreover, it was unlimited fun. Thankfully, a (90%) similar game called Wormux was present for Ubuntu!

Next up, I’m bent upon making another favorite game “Prince of Persia Warrior Within” work in Ubuntu. I found a means, but yet to try it out. I’m just waiting to know how exactly the whole thing works, and then continue with it. 🙂

Games, Songs, Movies, Browsing, Chatting, Learning… and much much more is on my platter. Its just a matter of time before I get down to explore them all. 🙂 But right now, Gaming in Ubuntu has become a very good option for me to ditch the remaining 2-5% of XP usage. Thats all for now, friends. Have a nice time 🙂

PS : This is the first time I’ve been posting with such a narrow gap. Just in case you haven’t read my previous post, here is the easy to reach there – Respect Martyrdom you Fools

I am in Love with my PC… Again!

I dont know how many times i was in love before. Being in and out of love has been a bumpy ride till now. Among the vast occurances of the love bug in my mind, I remember a few very distinctly. First, it was with a girl. Again, with another one. Then with my PC. Then with my Wrist Watch. Then with my Bike. Lately, with my mobile. Now, again with my PC! 😉 I have valid reasons to support my affair this time too. 😛

The first reason : There was a time when I was cursing my time working with a 256MB RAM and a pretty decent Processor-Motherboard Combo. All was well till the “New PC” proved itself to be not so good as new after all. As the Comp became older (of course as time passed), multiple apps didn’t like my 256MB RAM and I was involved in a heated argument with my PC over it. Very recently, the silver lining appeared in the form of a 1GB RAM, presented as a Dushera gift by my Dad! 🙂 My PC was very happy and was ready to serve me seamlessly again. You see, 4 times the power does have its advantages!

The second reason : My father arranged a business deal to purchase a second office PC to handle his extra load and work parallely. As a token of loyalty and appreciation, the computer vendor (from whom I’d purchased my PC and my father, his 1st Office PC), agreed for the exchange of my SAMSUNG 80 GB IDE HDD with a new SEAGATE 160 GB IDE HDD, without any extra charge! Another reason to happy for! ‘Coz, I can have double the number of movies, torrents, songs, games, apps, etc., from now on.

The Third And the most lovable reason : I just got the much needed freedom from viruses, spyware, malware, adware, keyloggers, and everything that a person can dread to have in his PC. Me installing Avast Home edition on my WinXP Pro may appear to be the reason. But it isn’t. I’ve switched over to Ubuntu, almost completely! The time required for the switching over was less than 48 hrs! Now, except for playing my most favorite game “Prince of Persia – Warrior Within”, I never bother to boot up XP.

The third reason holds much more ground for my love affair to be a successful one. That is because, Ubuntu works like a charm even on a 256MB RAM + 80 GB HDD environment. So, working with Ubuntu is what that  makes all the difference. I have solid base to support my claims Readers! First, it is an open secret that working with the most successful OS from the Microsoft stable, XP, can piss you off at more times than Jerry did to Tom, if you are not just an average Joe, as ‘Visio’ a.k.a ‘T’ a.k.a ‘Jit’ puts it. A funny, but an enlightening post in this regard should tell you why!

Switching over to Ubuntu, or Linux in broader terms, has its advantages which are never percived to exist in the computing(with MS-Windows) world. I can share atleast 10 dozen things with you from the experience gained in a meagre 48 hrs. But, I won’t bug you with that stuff. Read it at places where it has been discribed well. For instance, Visio has said it in an amazing way here. Needless to say, all those points go into making a strong ground for my love story!

Now, coming to the love story part again. I dreaded using graphic/theme editors like Style XP because of my RAM. I felt it to be something like earning 20k per month, but desiring to marry Mallika Sherawet. By the time i got a 1 GB RAM, i wasn’t very interested in graphics, just like a 60 yr old man with a 55 yr old wife 😛 . But Ubuntu turned the tables. Here is how!

Showing off! My PC, My Pride!

Showing off! My PC, My Pride!

That was my over expressive self showing up on my desktop! Now, its time to present the actual desktop.

The plain looking, all powerful desktop. That pic is mine and is used as an icon for one of my HDD partition.

The plain looking, all powerful desktop. That pic is mine and is used as an icon for one of my HDD partition.

I just couldn’t resist keeping quite about the mind-blowing graphics possible. So, I set the screen on a Fire Pattern like this…

No! It was not done using some spell from Harry Potter. But, with the small dirty thing under your Palm - The Mouse!

No! It was not done using some spell from Harry Potter. But, with the small dirty thing under your Palm - The Mouse!

If you thought that switching between applications or windows was a boring thing to do, the WinKey+Tab Combo should cheer you up with this…

One possible Alt+Tab anime!

One possible WinKey+Tab anime!

Actually speaking, Multiple windows is a thing of past. How about having a peek into Multiple Workspaces?

Moving Applications from one work-place to another. A window appears to move as if you were tickling it, and it were drifting away!

Moving Applications from one work-place to another. A window appears to move as if you were tickling it, and it were drifting away!


The workspaces (4 in my case) are arranged in the form of a cube so that the whole cube rotates while switching workspaces. The images at bottom and top of the cube are the same. Isn't it matching-matching with the wallpaper! 😛

This was exhilerating! I couldn't imagine my comp was capable of all this! The active workspace having windows sandwiched with 3D effect!

This was exhilerating! I couldn't imagine my PC was capable of all this! The active workspace having 3D sandwiched windows.

I am sorry to have bugged those users who are already using all this, and possibly more. For those of you who are new to this, I’d like to say that, I was new to this 3 days ago, too. So, if you make some very important comparisons with OSes claiming to offer a good XPerience 😉 , I think you’re well equipped to take a good decision!

Very Important : Images are supposed to be Copyrighted to ME. But, in the spirit of FOSS (Free Open Source Software), I would be happy to see my screenshots somewhere else too. 🙂 However, My wallpaper is copyrighted to one Michael Bonnel and I would like to thank him for a great abstract piece!

This isn’t the end of it! It was just a humble beginning. Use an appropriate search phrase and you can see for yourself some amazing screenshots, before which mine may appear to be a dud!

PS : If mine was a love story, my closest pal, Anniyan’s was a battle well fought. Care to take a look?

Forbiddden Fruit

Whoever devised this phrase, deserves an applause for thinking high. It was a very good foresight on his/her part to have valuable insights into the future generation. I’m grateful to the serpent in the story to have played a very important role and for helping start off a race, which otherwise would have ended up with just two dumb humans. And in today’s world, i believe there are more serpents than one 😛 .

By the way, how many of you think that the the Forbidden fruit is actually being considered Forbidden nowadays? By the time a guy or a girl steps into adolescence (much earlier in a few miserable cases), there are close to infinite factors acting as baits for the fresh innocent preys. It is a noteworthy factor that people whom the young ones hold as idols, portray themselves as a bunch of perverts most of the times.

My experiments with myself have been enlightening not just to me, but a few of my close friends too 😉 . Seriously speaking, I felt a distinct change in the way I viewed the world, during my late (sweet)16s and early (sexy)17s. The excitement of people telling that I’ve grown up, was dying down and i longed going back to the days when I could play or be with anyone, anytime to my hearts content. (This is reflected in My Blogosphere). Digesting the fact that i can never, ever grow younger, there was no other choice but to have fun, however it may fit in.

It was an illusion of open secret in the society that “fun” in today’s world meant “girls”, if it was not alcohol, smoking and, indecent in common. What made it even more tempting to lay hands upon the forbidden fruit was that everybody were curious – Adam, Eve, Snake and the fruit also, wondering if the old story repeats. As for the answer to this curiosity, the current affairs, movies, media, Internet, email-forwards and sheer imagination should provide interesting answers.

Now, why am I beating up this topic when i too have experienced it? The answer is simple. I strongly feel that people are exposed to the concept of copulation in an unreasonable manner, which makes the very process appear sinful and forbidden to the immature mind. Where as, rationally speaking, it should have been every dutiful parent’s job to make the younger, ignorant generation think logically and understand that everything in life has a proper timing to occur. This probably was the part to be played by the much-disputed ‘Sex Education’. Unfortunately, due to illogical fears of perverting the young minds, the idea met its grave.

Nevertheless, in blogosphere, I suppose we are free to discuss this sensitive matter without bothering about any social hurdle. I wrote this post not to condemn the way this society is, but to look for remedies from my blog-companions, which could solve the problem efficiently and avoid sexual frustration (at least) early in Life. I believe that the remedies-to-be-stated will help anyone who wishes to be a worthy parent.