Selling it with Sex

A woman is depressed because her body fairness is not matching the color of her face. A few moments later, she appears to have won a tennis match and guess what is focused? Her body is as fair as her face. So, when did fairer arms and shoulders start winning matches!

A bunch of women, and female counterparts of some alien race descend on the Earth and break into a skinny guy’s room just because he used an extra-strong variant of a popular deodorant. If the deodorant plays a great pimp to supply women to its users, I think it should come with a string attached that the supply of jaw-droopingly-smoking-hot women is limited. How otherwise is it possible that not even a female mosquito came buzzing into my room when I used it?

A South Indian actor is making a fool of himself when he keeps falling for women who always have two things in common : they have a girl child and they use the same brand of soap. Oh yes, the girl child stood first in her class again.

A house maid is on fire as soon as she smells a man. Err, it’s not the odor of the man really. It’s just another deodorant brand which just happens to be modest with the quantity “supplied”.

There is this brand of mango-pulp that has sold since a long time. In comes an actress to be the selling face of this drink. She simply savors the taste of the drink, but she makes it look so sensuous that I thought that she was going through phenomenal hormonal trickery which is known to happen only during intense love-making sessions. Bah! so much ado over mango pulp.

Now, the icing on the cake. No Bollywood movie seems to be complete without an “item” number. So, who are being projected as “items”?

These are subtle, micro doses of delusions that are sprinkled generously across popular media. Each of it isn’t a serious threat to bar it as obscene, yet collectively, they deeply embed a dormant stimulus into a person’s psyche.

And that is a bad thing.

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