Inglorious Bastards!

It was a nice weekend. I was waking up to the slowly creeping cold and retreating into the warm comfort of my blanket. I could hear my dad discussing the morning news with my mom and brother. Something sensational seemed to have happened. I could grasp the patience in my dad’s explanation and the fiery excitement in my mom’s exclamation. This combination was intriguing enough to wake me up fully from my slumber and entice me to partake in this pep talk.

What was the news? Its the latest in the series of never ending money laundering scams that have been plaguing the Indians. Accompanied by my imagination of countless middle class households despising the scamsters and secretly hoping to make at least a fraction of the ‘mis’ fortune within their lifetime; also realizing that they’ve been lame ducks, hating the Reddy brothers for their audacity to pull off such a huge con. The epic bastards!

Scams apart, I feel we’ve become a playground full of ready targets for a bunch of sadists. Apparently, it is very easy for a lunatic asshole to plant a bomb and hold the country for a ransom. If we are not sure when calamity could strike, we really cannot do much but be at nature’s mercy. If we are not sure when an atrocity strikes, what can we do? We just see it with widened eyes, gasp in horror, partly relieved that we weren’t there. As an icing to this bloody cake, we decorate the post mortem of such attacks with phoney phrases like the spirit of Mumbai and the resilience of people. Bringing the bastards to the gallows is considered inhuman. Instead, we gift them a fair trial as a mark of hospitality and let them go scot free at the cost of lost lives and broken families.

I fail to gather words to express the calamuitous frustration that has built up in me. What should I bear? A few lakh crores of money going into the pockets of looters disguised as politicians and bureaucrats? Be a silent spectator to ruthless massacre thrown at our faces every now and then? Ever increasing prices of petrol cascading into an avalanche rise in the cost of all other commodities? Traveling through pathetic roads amid choking traffic on a rainy evening wondering if I’ll be sane enough by the time it is over? Being a middle class indian, most important matter to me is to be peaceful with what I’ve. Is it possible?

Figure this. An auto rickshaw driver had the nerve to look me in the eye and ask for 300 bucks for a ride that would normally cost me 100. So is he in line to compete with Mr. Burglar Reddy, albeit on a smaller and unnoticeable scale? I just couldn’t resist my anger this time and he got what he deserved. One insult per 100 bucks he demanded. The local bastard!

If all this is on a domestic level, its impossible NOT to wonder and doubt, what would be the maximum extent to which India can grow as a country in the international scale. One visit to any country with able people will undermine the confidence that we too can be a developed nation someday, despite possessing able minds comparable to those in any part of the world. We’re a population whose magnitude neither reflects the aptitude we need to achieve, nor the attitude we need to possess. The altitude we should scale is STILL a farcry to fathom!

How can we hope to achieve something that we want when it is not easy to just do what we should, with these hurdles hurled at us everyday?

5 thoughts on “Inglorious Bastards!”

  1. I read the post first and then decided to comment on it. Only to realize that Reema already voiced my views. The very first thing that popped into my head was the same – the theme of ‘A Wednesday’. and it is true!
    “Traveling through pathetic roads amid choking traffic on a rainy evening wondering if I’ll be sane enough by the time it is over?” … You just described the story of my life.

    A wonderfully written tribute to a much needed and awaited change.

    1. If not for venting out these things here, my head would have probably become a pressure cooker by now! We share same views, and the same position too.

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