The Bangalore Bloggers Meet!

A bright sunny day it was, with something stirring in my mind saying that its gonna be a helluva experience – The Bloggers Meet in Bangalore. 🙂 The threat of traffic jam due to a HUGE ANTI TERRORISM RALLY notwithstanding, I set out on an early summer’s Saturday’s afternoon, towards a destination 20km away on my ‘Feel like GOD’ bike. 😉

The Microsoft Signature Building, located on a fantastic campus appeared as if it was made for events such as these. The seating and setting was neat, as if a high level conference were to happen there! 😉 Before long, pleasantries were exchanged and people got started.

Anwin Joselyn was the first person I greeted and immediately I lost the nauseating feeling which you get when you’re visiting a place for the first time! Thanks to him. 🙂 Later he took me to Renie and as he has put it in IndiBlogger blog, it felt like de-ja-vu, as if we knew each other by minds before, and the faces got their chance now! Not to miss at all, the man whose face can show a million expressions – Anoop! He kept the event rolling with a lot of zeal and energy. Its hard to miss what he says, even if says one thing with his mouth and means something else too, by his expression! 😀 The man behind the scenes most of the time, Karthik a.k.a Zeon, did his best to avoid any glitches at all, in the running of the event! Well, thats about the team! 🙂

The first event ‘1 Minute to Fame’ gave a chance to every blogger present, to express himself. The excitement of having such a good opportunity was evident in every speaker’s eyes. The amount of humor and quality-talk exchange is hard to be surpassed.

BizSpark – A software support for start-ups from Microsoft, was introduced in a short, yet informative manner by Girish, from Microsoft.

The major issue a blogger can face is fighting for his rights. This topic was well-handled and eloquently presented by Sandil from The discussion would have lasted longer if not for the Windows 7 beta demo and the hot-n-spicy Pizzas. 😛

The Windows 7 beta demo was the show stopper of the day. What with the V-squared duo – Vic and Vijay presenting the New OS in all its glitter and showing how it has over-shadowed the problems its predecessor, MS Vista had. They’re interrupted by the Pizza session (yum! yum!), but soon got back their audience for the live demos. (It is a different matter that I’ll continue to use Ubuntu 😛 )

After the demo of out-of-the-box features embedded in Win7, we moved on to the Offline Forum – A non formal discussion by the bloggers present. Clearly, the star of the day was a self-proclaimed Money Maniac – Shirin! His tips on SEO and Monetization was indeed, enlightening! He makes a good tutor for making money from ur blog!

The later part consisted of Anwin, Jerry, Nischal, and a couple of others speaking about self hosting and its cost, efficiency, reach-out, status and the like. I sure am tempted to buy a domain for myself, but lemme count my pocket money first! 😛 Finally, Arif Ali Saiyed presented a tool which can be a breather for Windows users. Check out his own explanation first for better understanding. Guys, it rocks! Trust me! 🙂

By the time I finished with Arif’s demo and playing with Win7 a li’l, the hall was pretty empty and i started back. The 20km drive back was tiresome to the body, but my mind was all fuelled up. Thanks to the Bangalore Bloggers Meet! 🙂

Dont Miss : The Flickr Photo Gallery of the meet.

PS : I’ve tried the new theme from WP – Vigilance. Loved it very much! However, plz provide feedback. 🙂

Added later.

My 1 min to fame :

Hello, My name is Sriharsha and I blog at harshasrisri@WP. I started blogging an year ago with a rant post about not having a girlfriend. 😛 Its a different matter that I do not have one even now 😀 . Coming to my blog, the topic diversity is quite vast. I write about anything that catches my attention and triggers interest. So, u can say the topics are random. But, only the topics are random and not the content. You can see pretty good content in quite a few posts. Finally, about what I’m doing – I’m a final yr Engg Student in E&C branch. Thank you! 🙂

30 thoughts on “The Bangalore Bloggers Meet!”

    1. Yes! you can take the initiative. But the advantage you have is, Renie Ravin, web-architect and owner of is from Chennai. Being at the Forum can help you find out more about many more things. 🙂

    2. Sure you can host your own. In fact, we can have one without all the fanfare – just regular bloggers meeting up at a coffee shop, or even one at the beach. 🙂

  1. Oh man! That definitely sounded like fun. Too bad I could not make it. 😦

    What was your ‘1 min to fame’?? 🙂

    And yeah, I’m using the Vigilance theme too! Its pretty cool! And wait a minute! Our color combination is pretty similar too! I still need to make a header though. 😛

    Hope I can make it to the next meet at least, whenever that is!

    1. And u had to roast in the rally! btw, hw was it?
      I’ve added the 1 min to fame part. chk it out! 🙂
      Neat coincidence with Vigilance 🙂
      I’ll drag u next time. don worry! 😛

  2. nice .. i missed it coz i was supposed to meet an old friend the same time.. a friend who never turned up 😦

  3. I was glad to meet you there. You were the only blogger I knew beforehand! I was also fortunate to get introduced to some like minded bloggers. It was a great event and I came to know a lot of new things about blogging. Esp the Blogging rights session and the informal discussion session towards the end introduced me to a lot of new things. You were as confident offline, as you are online. Keep the attitude as such 🙂

    Destination Infinity

  4. hi Harsha,

    Thanks for your feedback. It was indeed a fantastic show. Lots of learning and loads of fun filled. Do lemme know, if you need more info on WIndows 7.. he heee..>!!!We wont bugging you again 😉 he hee….

    Jokes apart, it was an excellent show. Keep it going.


    1. Hi Vijay! I may be an electronics guy, but my first love was Comp Sci. So, U cannot bug me that easily! 😉 Yes, it was a very good show! 🙂

  5. Damn! Damn! Damn! You know what? I missed it. My wife had to go to school (no, not child marriage! She teaches in a school – was that an off-colour joke! Sorry!) and I had to stay back.
    And to add to that one more damn! (I am being civil!)

  6. Amitabh! We missed you man… the team discussed you at the blogger meet and someone said – isn’t he from Mumbai? And we let it go thinking we’ll see you at Mumbai. Damn! 😦

  7. i like your emotes placing, happy to know that you enjoyed banglore meet,
    just post what you learned about windows 7 i f possible i f you got you can put a you tube video on your blog about that meet.

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