Inner Peace

Rising breath, falling hope, palpitations are a broken rope. Past memories naturally painful, urge me to be very very careful. Blood is boiling with new-found energy, instinct senses something to be doubtful. How much good makes it 'Good' or how much bad makes it 'Bad,' I cannot see. But sure can I fathom how much… Continue reading Inner Peace

I am in Love with my PC… Again!

I dont know how many times i was in love before. Being in and out of love has been a bumpy ride till now. Among the vast occurances of the love bug in my mind, I remember a few very distinctly. First, it was with a girl. Again, with another one. Then with my PC.… Continue reading I am in Love with my PC… Again!

Unspoken Words

You look straight into the eyes, your stomach is churning, and you're wondering if your body is folding itself inside out. Hair on your body stands stiff, making you feel that it is the moment of warmth, worth living a million times over. With spinning head and butterflies in stomach, the body appears dissolved in… Continue reading Unspoken Words

Condemning Terror

A tired day at work. An enjoyable time at school. A candle-light evening. Cozying in the arms of the loved one at bed-time. A busy schedule on field. A horrid workload to bear. Umpteen assignments. Competent deadlines. Family issues. Uncomfortable apprehensions. All these, or a few combos of these demand more than just rest. They… Continue reading Condemning Terror


World celebrates the pearl, but who has seen the pains of an oyster? Pain and irritation for months at a stretch Countless Moments of anxiety and mood disturbances Constant changes in the Physiology - difficult to cope with Unusual cravings - often going unfulfilled Who has really understood the pains of an oyster? Yet, all… Continue reading Tribute