7th Semester Nostalgia!

The 7th semester exams have started from today. What better way to pass time between the dozing study-schedules and flipping pages, than to recall and live in the moments enjoyed in college! Here I am, relaxed after giving my first paper for this sem, and tension-free because I've 4 more days between today and next… Continue reading 7th Semester Nostalgia!

Before you kick it.

The routine of life is sickening me. Its been the same thing everyday and I'm sure I'll have the 'oh not again!' feeling again when i wake up tomorrow! Everything I did on a daily basis, like brushing teeth and eating, for instance, is appearing just bio-mechanical. As if a PC is executing what it… Continue reading Before you kick it.

Unspoken Words

You look straight into the eyes, your stomach is churning, and you're wondering if your body is folding itself inside out. Hair on your body stands stiff, making you feel that it is the moment of warmth, worth living a million times over. With spinning head and butterflies in stomach, the body appears dissolved in… Continue reading Unspoken Words

Condemning Terror

A tired day at work. An enjoyable time at school. A candle-light evening. Cozying in the arms of the loved one at bed-time. A busy schedule on field. A horrid workload to bear. Umpteen assignments. Competent deadlines. Family issues. Uncomfortable apprehensions. All these, or a few combos of these demand more than just rest. They… Continue reading Condemning Terror

I am… Here I am…

Waking up to the sunshine falling on my face Feels like being washed off sleep, to the last trace. How many busy days lay ahead, my heart doesn't know How tired I may ever be, my body does not show. Life, as it is coming, is lighting up hope Of finding my self worthy living… Continue reading I am… Here I am…