03. Brand Grandeur!

A famous song goes like this – “It’s raining men…” I have to modify it a little bit to make it suit this Tag. “its Raining Brands, in the cities here, its raining Brands…”

Anyway, this package gift of the “Tag Season” has been stolen from RJ‘s “Bag of Tag Treasures” πŸ˜› and modified accordingly (I am not a copy-cat u know!). Now coming to the cast and crew, it has been a commendable effort by all the stars to come under one umbrella, which is me. So, let the show begin…

Starring :

Early Morning to Mid Morning :

Oral-B : Not just most dentists’ choice. Its mine too!
Pepsodent : Fights 10 types of tooth damaging germs.
Parryware : Aaha! Very comfortable Position πŸ˜€ .
Gillette :
Three baldes to keep my face young for four days
Palmolive : Hair of angels woven into a Shaving brush
Mysore Sandal : Pure Sandal oil tries to lighten up my skin. Do i Care!
Parachute AfterShower : Whats a good face without obedient hair!

Mid morning to Early afternoon : (extends to whole day in parallel with others)

Bajaj Avenger : Makes me feel like God. Every single Day!
Sony Ericsson (W810i) : The gift of 20th birthday! (my first wireless electronic gadget)
Jansport : My constant trusted companion for the past 4 years.
Adidas : None can take better care of my feet.
Fastrack : Redefining the macho-ism!
Police : Not so frequently used eye-gear (courtesy of the helmet’s visor)
Viva : An ISI marked light-weight Helmet. Both, the police and the neck, won’t catch you!

Early afternoon to Mid Evening :

ITC Classmate : Creamy smooth paper for, ahem “Delicate palms” πŸ˜› .
Casio :
Amazing quality of becoming a student’s best friend and a mortal foe!
Tupperware : The best thing to carry food in.
Coke/Pepsi/Dew/Sprite/Maaza plastic Bottles : Water, anyone?
Appy/Frooti/Cadbury : Some small small Stomach worships!

Mid Evening to Zzz :

Intel : A very intelligent brain-less creation. πŸ˜€ .
Samsung : CRT Monitors for the previous generations.
LG : A brand new DVD Combo drive with an old but efficient IDE connectivity.
Creative : What more can a music lover ask for!
Microsoft : Please don’t sympathise for it, if it appears dumb. It really is.
Logitech : A dirty keyboard with not-so-dirty user πŸ˜› .
Thomson :
No.1 in the USA. But no number in India.

WordPress : 10 fingers make infinite wonders.
Gtalk : Talk without the mouth!
Mozilla : Uses 53 MB of RAM (out of 256MB). But does the job superbly.
Netone : Whats the use of “the three” above, without this!

Miscellaneous :

The Warehouse/Camel Shop : Apparel suited me best only here.
Best Eatery : The Kitchen at my home, with a chef who makes my day by adding “love” as an ingredient.
Myself : Laziness Personified. All others are not authentic. πŸ˜› .
( V Torture U) Vishweshwariah Technological University.

Favorite Brands which i do not use, but love dearly :

Woodland : A footwear which defines something more than just your foot.
Apple : = Simplicity + Elegance + Sophistication + Quality + …
Harley Davidson : Feel like God’s Dad!
Audi/Aston Martin/ Lamborgini : Mean Machines which madden men.

Disclaimer: Any brand which trespasses into other territory than mentioned should be considered as doing so, on orders dictated by ME.


15 thoughts on “03. Brand Grandeur!

  1. GREEEAAAAT!!! πŸ™‚

    p.s. Have you seen that you’ve got 3 TAGS?? πŸ˜€ *I am very happy for you*

  2. @Harsha
    How DO you come up with all this? Amazing dude. You are exceeding expectations! Keep it coming. I know even I can do better. But I seriously lack planning. So anything I take up turns into something very different than what I actually wanted.

  3. Phewinally you are done wit one more tag! VTU was funny! LOL!

    Apple : = Simplicity + Elegance + Sophistication + Quality + … (Steve Jobs – He’s the man!)

    //Parryware : Aaha! Very comfortable Position – I was thinking for a bit what position you are talking about πŸ˜€ :

    //Thomson : No.1 in the USA (who says that?) – I don’t know of any thimson here? Is it about a television set?

  4. @RJ: Thomson – No.1 in US is wht they put on the box. and yeah its a TV set… not a pathetic one… its simple in all respects πŸ™‚
    Parryware offers comfort in whatever position you can think of πŸ˜€

    Apple Rocks!!! And VTU sucks!!! πŸ˜€

  5. See you are also using so many brands!! Why only am I being targetted for using a too many brands!!

    BTW it took me a while to understand the POLICE brand!!Lolz silly me!

  6. hw on earth did u succeed in writin this??
    seriously, i don xactly remember the name of my toothbrush…
    n u!!!!
    all i can say is take a bow!!!
    nice job done mate πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚

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