02. Tag – About me

RJ tagged this to me.

I am lazier than people think i am

I think i was very very good man in my last birth. so, i am making up for all i lost, now.

I know that best things to have in life are free and you are late to reach them within the offer time.

I want to live in a forest. serious. do i have any company?

I have my favorite bike to ride on.

I wish that life would be a long holiday!

I hate Bangalore traffic

I miss the one for whom i felt for, the most

I fear ending up in an unhappy marriage

I feel i wasted much time in my life

I hear nothing. i only listen.

I smell of food whenever i am hungry. (i will even cook for myself, if required)

I crave for love and a lover, but not always.

I search within myself for answers to my stupid questions

I wonder why man made money

I regret becoming fatter than my mom intended to make me

I love living life to the fullest

I ache at the thought of a painful death

I care for anyone who, i feel, will care for me

I always am in my own world

I am thinking about this tag in spite of a headache

I believe that i can be the best husband and father in the world

I dance to the tunes of my broken vocal chords

I sing using a hollow rusted pipe which is used to let in food, water and air too.

I cry whenever i am angry and can’t/don’t want to let it out

I don’t always eat people’s head

I fight only in my dreams

I write not just for the sake of writing

I win whenever i wanna win whole-heartedly.

I lose when losing can make me happier than winning

I never accept that i lied

I confuse people who try to convince me against my wish.

I listen to a lot of bullshit

I can usually be found at no particular place, yet. I am a rolling stone.

I am scared of Syringes

I need to try some new food once in a week

I am happy about my birthday presents


18 thoughts on “02. Tag – About me

  1. Ahahah I like knowing all these things… P.s. You have just found a company to live in a forest… πŸ˜€ πŸ˜› and, like you, I never accept that I lied, too!! *eheh*

  2. @Harsha – I think you will have company to the forest coz’ I would follow Smallstar to the forest πŸ˜€

    Fav bike? Which one is that?

    I never accept that i lied – Y? Its a nice feeling to accept. Try it sometime πŸ™‚

    All in all nice tag. You got to finish branded tag too πŸ˜€

  3. @RJ : i’ll finish that one too… My fav bike? check out a small story about it in Hello Tweens… my latest post! πŸ™‚
    Thnx for the company in a forest! i think we can re-live our life to the fullest and liveliest possible extent together πŸ™‚

  4. tis guy is crazy……… he can only think of all tis wierd things……. but i mst agree tat it comes wit al his experience n life goin around……

  5. @Harsha
    HEY!!! you letting ME behind??? i will most definitely accompany you(along with someone else too)!!!

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