10. The Songs Tag

Who : Destination Infinity tagged me with this wonderful tag.

What should I do : List a minimum of 10 memorable songs in languages you’re tagged with. I was tagged with Kannada and Hindi. I’d also like to add Telugu to the list.

Format : Song – Movie

Telugu :

  • Aamani Paadavae Haayiga   –   Gitanjali
  • Thakita Thadimi   –   Saagara Sangamam
  • Theli Manchu Karigindi   –   Swati Kiranam
  • Priyatama   –   Prema
  • Nuvvu Nuvvu   –   Khadgam
  • Thelusa Manasa   –   Criminal
  • Kita Kita Thalupulu   –   Manasanta Nuvve
  • Kannula Baasalu   –   7/G Brindavana Colony
  • Shankaraa   –   Shankarabharanam
  • Mellaga   –   Varsham
  • Naa Paata Panchaamrutham   –   Allari Mogudu
  • Om Namah Shivaayah   –   Saagara Sangamam
  • All the songs from the movie Annamayya
  • Ye Divilo Virisina Paarijaathamo   –   Kanne Vayassu
  • Oh Priya Priya   –   Gitanjali
  • Anjali Anjali   –   Duet

Hindi :

  • Kabhie Kabhie   –   Kabhie Kabhie
  • Saagar Jaisi Aankhon Vaali   –   Saagar
  • [ All Songs ]   –   DDLJ
  • Mere Haath Mein   –   Fanaa
  • Tum Ho Toh   –    Rock On
  • In Lamhon Ki Daaman   –   Jodha Akbar
  • Kaise Mujhe Tum Milgayi   –   Ghajini
  • Dil Chahta Hain   –   Dil Chahta Hain
  • Maula Mere   –   Anwar
  • Yeh Haseen Vaadiyan , Roja Jaanemann   –   Roja
  • Tere Mere Beech Mein   –   Ek Dhuje Ke Liye
  • Kehna Hi Kya , Tu Hi Re   –   Bombay
  • Kahin Toh   –   Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Naa

Kannada :

  • Nee Amruthadhaare   –   Amruthadhaare
  • Beduvenu Varavanu   –   Jogi
  • Preeti Yeke Bhoomi Melide   –   Excuse Me
  • Mungaru Maleye   –   Munaru Malhe
  • Anisuthide   –   Mungaru Malhe
  • Kavithe   –   Gaalipata
  • Minchaagi Neenu Baralu   –   Gaalipata
  • Mahadeswara   –   Psycho
  • Joke Naanu Balliya Minchu   –   Paropakaari
  • Thangaaliyalli   –   Janma Janumada Anubandha
  • Hoove Hoove   –   H2O

It is getting very difficult for me. I’m feeling guilty because I am not able to do justice to all those songs which I love very much and am not able to list out here!

I further Tag  Vimal , Pavan , Alice , Amit , Reema , Hope

Guys, Language is your choice 🙂 but minimum 2 languages! :mrgreen:

21 thoughts on “10. The Songs Tag”

  1. Hey, thanks Su. I know most of the hindi and some telugu songs (Need to listen to some new ones) but the kannada section is quite new to me (Anisuthide is my caller tune 🙂 ). I will listen to them and let you know what are my favorites among them. Thanks for doing this Tag. Thank you specially for doing it in Kannada, as it is a new treasure for me 🙂

    Destination Infinity

  2. don’t know about telugu and kannada 😦 …

    but the hindi songs you listed are surely one of the top hits ever !!! “Kaise mujhe tum mil gayi” is just amazing !!!

  3. I have heard the songs in Telugu. All songs from Geetanjali were, expectedly good. Yet to listen to the songs from Annamaiya. Other wise my favorite songs are : Telusa Manasa from Criminal and Naa Paata Panchamrudham from Allari Mogudu. (I did not listen to the songs dubbed from Tamil as I was already familiar with them). Thanks for the songs…. (You could also have added Laali Laali from Swathimuthyam – A gem.

    Destination Infinity

    1. oh yes! Its just that, many many songs didn’t cross my mind while i was doing this tag. I can go on and on if i cud continue 😛

      And many-a-times its the lyrics of the song or the magic of SPB wch keep me enchanted! 🙂

    1. 6 languages!!! OMG. U seem to be a versatile literate! 😀
      It is possible that the tune is taken from Italian song. The starting Saxo part isn’t all that Indian 🙂

  4. Hey actually der r few more songs in Kannada to make a note… geleyane song from kempegowda movie and doora swalpa doora from d movie devru…!:) dose 2 r my most fav…!:)

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