The Eluding Kiss

I’ve already posted this piece of my thought flow as a main-stream post before.

You look straight into the eyes,
your stomach is churning,
and you’re wondering if your body is folding itself inside out.
Hair on your body stands stiff,
making you feel that it is the moment of warmth,
worth living a million times over.
With spinning head and butterflies in stomach,
the body appears dissolved in the surroundings.
Still staring at those eyes going through the same thing,
the feeling dawns again;
So near, yet so far…

Then it happens.
The child in you playing with gay abandon.
The grown-up in you wishing that time freezes.
The world having no importance for you to care about it.
The emotions locked inside the deepest of vaults flooding out.
The lips meet.
A kiss given, and a kiss taken.
No obscenity.

Just the expression of love within you in such magnitude causes a whirl of satisfaction to engulf you such that the moment is etched in your memory for the 10s of years to come, in your life.

Coming back to reality,
the eyes in front of you speak of infinite feelings and the gratitude for signing the bond of being together, in a way sweeter than no other;
of prohibiting inhibitions and promising that the warmth of cuddling up in a hug is going to be the moment signifying that we,
who are two, are to be one,
and so shall we remain till the last traces of air leave the lungs.

One kiss… No sound… yet so many words exchanged… unspoken!

2 thoughts on “The Eluding Kiss”

  1. ……its like wanting but not wanting….its like saying something but stopping in the mid way…its like drizzling and then sunshine…the name is apt….the eluding kiss… 🙂 and understood why for you its….so near but so far… 🙂

  2. hmm Nice one Freind…truely so many words exchanged unspoken(hey!let me clear..i have never had any such as a poor little poet myself i can tell you safely that this one qualifies to race with the good lot in the blogosphere..

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