Sadaa Aapke Liye

From the depths of my heart………,

here comes the message to you
from the depths of my heart
where the entry is to few
and the feelings are hard

many have passed by
and all that was past
sure now that feel i
where were you lost

the song then and the song now
both are the same
that you are my true love
from my heart that they came

think from your heart
and not from your brain
coz I have taken a great start
and don’t want it to drain

Sadaa aapke liye…….

7 thoughts on “Sadaa Aapke Liye”

  1. What widget u r talking about? You can check my sidebar -Credits in the name Annie. If u check her blog u can get the code and how to do it. She will help you if it can be used in WP.

  2. Hey Harsha,

    That color junction comes witin blogger widgets. Not sure if it can be used in WP.

    Sorry I thought u were asking about the teddy bear in my sidebar and gave annie’s link.

  3. @Pria : Ok. Thanks for the piece of info. I’ll see if i can include it in my page. however, the widget was really cool. 🙂

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