There and Back Again

You never know when a man starts to realize that he IS stupid or WAS! Yeah. I was there somewhere in the blogosphere, gained some light, and before I could hog more of it, kaput! So I guess now my realization sets in. I got a job, all were happy. Started working, all were happy.… Continue reading There and Back Again

Interview, Awards and the ‘Su’ Secret!

Should I be stumped or be surprised at an offer stating that a Pakistani site wants my interview? Well, I got stumped at first. Unsure of what to do, I just kept it behind everything until I found that Nikhil had done this as well. So, relaxing my apprehensions, I jumped into the bandwagon too.… Continue reading Interview, Awards and the ‘Su’ Secret!

the GATEway to future….

i was wondering abt my ability to remember stuff...... especially when it comes to remembering things like lessons, concepts, formulae, etc.,  my memory  goes down furthur.... my mind and body just refuse to take anymore pains than the 'rest' state... i always feel this... 'being lazy is so very nice' 😉 ... but now it… Continue reading the GATEway to future….