High Resolution World

We live in a high resolution world. Iā€™m not talking about the pixel resolutions of our displays, but about everyday objects, events or processes that can be broken down and each of the parts can trigger a recursion of inspection in a similar way. Take any object, event or a process and scratch their surface… Continue reading High Resolution World


It is not everyday that the dormant insides of an unwilling dim witted guy is filled with flutterbys. It required a night at a bar filled with gorgeous women, shouting conversations amidst a sea of noise, and some light alcohol to get things worked up and trigger the chemistry hormones. And need I say, the… Continue reading Flutterbys

Ghost Writer

Its been really long time since I was into blogging. It was a very energetic time when I was brimming with ideas to share with the world, to find people who would think on the same lines. I had a rosy time writing away article after article, and, I had an excellent motivation to write.… Continue reading Ghost Writer


If the title didn't intrigue you enough, it just means Starbucks. This post is to supposed to be a memoir of my first *$s experience. I'm taking the pain to write about it and so, it must be a memorable one. šŸ™‚ The scene: Sunday Evening. Term Paper presentation due the next day. Bored as… Continue reading *$s

Stuck between past and future

TL;DR: I'm headed to the US for higher education and this is a story/rant/khichdi of emotions and some light headedness of flight. I'm at the Bangalore airport waiting to board my flight to London, and then to Chicago, and then to my home for the next two years, Tucson, Arizona, US. Reminiscing the past sitting… Continue reading Stuck between past and future