Dosa Breakfast

I am a sucker for Dosas. Especially, Masala Dosa. My mouth yearns for the feel of the crispy chunks of it, smeared with some spicy red chutney. I prepare it well enough to satiate my cravings too. πŸ™‚

So, after a good session of self-made Dosas for breakfast yesterday, I found myself at a restaurant this morning. It is a restaurant that I’d rather go for dinner, than for breakfast. Nonetheless, I was there, and had to order something. The waiter approaches, and without a second thought I say “Ondu vada sambar, ondu masala dose, ondu tea.” Now, given the variety of foods that Indians consider for breakfast, I can never back out from a Dosa. Since I had not been to this place for breakfast before, it was a very good reason to try my beloved Dosa. Thats one of my ways of building a bond with a restaurant or an eatery.

Bangalore has lots of places which offer awesome to awesomest Dosas. Besides, there are huge varieties in Dosa. I’ve tried them at quite a few places and have appreciated them with much more yearning when the plate’s empty. That’s the kinda sucker I am. Among the hordes of places that I’ve tried it, I loved it the most in CTR, Malleswaram, “99 varieties of Dosas” in Koramangala, a couple of Adigas fast foods and ala Quick Gun Murugan, “Maa ka Dosa”, the bestest of’em all.

Lemme list my favorites before closing off.
Masala dosa, butter roast, paper roast, onion uthappam, cheese corn roll dosa, pesarattu, aDa dosa, rava dosa and lastly, a tailor made favorite, extra spicy roasted cheese masala dosa.

Oh man, the cravings. They’re here again. πŸ˜‰

A Fighting Thought

Pre Script : The poem is written by personifying a “Thought” (Just in case I make you lose your way in b/w πŸ™‚ )

Few thoughts remain unlucky in my mind
Among the millions fighting to own ‘her’ essence.
The ones who win are so happy that,
They are ready to defy my presence!

What is it that drives them so far,
I sometimes wonder…
They’re running through my mind day and night,
Subjecting my mind to plunder.

When I saw the essence that prevails in them
Through my mind’s eye
Silently, I backed off from the fanfare
With a contented sigh.

One thought-fellow comes to me and says
“I’m your’s to own, brother!
But what actually drives me
Is none, but your lover!”

That sums up the agony of the unlucky thought
To remain without ‘her’ in him, in spite of the battles he fought!

Post Script : Ultimately, I’m happy. A few among millions matter little, if not nothing at all! πŸ˜‰

Slicing My Heart

Like a knife dipped in honey and sugar, in its pristine glory,
And waiting to cut through an unsuspecting heart,
As stealthy, yet gracious, as the rain slicing the air,
Love came in an instant, as a strike of lightening.

Wounded i was by the coldness spewed by the hot strike,
As pain was all that i knew till unseen joy was waiting.
It carried the essence of my lover to my blood, and through me,
Announcing to every last part of my being that my heart was kissed.

The vigor in the cut would not let it heal for a century
And after that, does it matter!
But in the time between, would the sweet painΒ  let me survive
through a myriad emotions of a heart make…
Or worse, a heartbreak…?

Love is probably, the trading of hearts,
With life as its investment, and ethereal happiness, my profit.
But the fear of loss matters to a sliced heart like no other
‘Coz, when she says “Yes!” now, and “Bye…”(for good) later,
It feels like falling into a void or an abyss
And being born just to die like this!

Slicing My Heart

Slicing My Heart

Unspoken Words

You look straight into the eyes,
your stomach is churning,
and you’re wondering if your body is folding itself inside out.
Hair on your body stands stiff,
making you feel that it is the moment of warmth,
worth living a million times over.
With spinning head and butterflies in stomach,
the body appears dissolved in the surroundings.
Still staring at those eyes going through the same thing,
the feeling dawns again;
So near, yet so far…

Then it happens.
The child in you playing with gay abandon.
The grown-up in you wishing that time freezes.
The world having no importance for you to care about it.
The emotions locked inside the deepest of vaults flooding out.
The lips meet.
A kiss given, and a kiss taken.
No obscenity.

Just the expression of love within you in such magnitude causes a whirl of satisfaction to engulf you such that the moment is etched in your memory for the 10s of years to come, in your life.

Coming back to reality,
the eyes in front of you speak of infinite feelings and the gratitude for signing the bond of being together, in a way sweeter than no other;
of prohibiting inhibitions and promising that the warmth of cuddling up in a hug is going to be the moment signifying that we,
who are two, are to be one,
and so shall we remain till the last traces of air leave the lungs.

One kiss… No sound… yet so many words exchanged… unspoken!

I am… Here I am…

Waking up to the sunshine falling on my face
Feels like being washed off sleep, to the last trace.
How many busy days lay ahead, my heart doesn’t know
How tired I may ever be, my body does not show.
Life, as it is coming, is lighting up hope
Of finding my self worthy living on this globe.
Not money, not babes and not food now I care
But the attitude that challenges me to take up any dare!

After all, What’s your Life if you are not a big part of it?