Hello Good… Err, what time is it?

Everyday between 11am and 12 noon, and in a couple of other time periods, there is this dilemma about wishing people. You know, 11 am is neither so morning and 12 noon is nor afternoon yet. Similarly, the time between 3.30 pm and 4.30 pm is neither so afternoon, nor so evening. And, the time around 8pm and 9pm is neither so evening nor so night.

You get the drift right? 😉

So, in tune with an average Indian’s itch to keep things diverse, and considering the vast spectrum of time periods available in a day, I wish that The OUP considers introducing a few words to the English Diction.

I want words like Earlymorn, Morning and Aftermorn, to address different times before 11am.
Words like Earlynoon, Noon and Afternoon, for times between 11am and 4pm.
And, you guessed it right, Earlyeve, Evening and Aftereve for times between 4pm and 9pm.
After that, anyway, it could be called as Night, in general. But we could extend our fine(r)-grained time naming to Night time and coin terms like Earlynight, Midnight, and Afternight, for the times between 9pm and say, 4am.

The English might not have been very busy in days of the past, when greetings like “Good Morning” came into existence. However, times changed and the greetings remained as is. Because of this my generation finds it hard to feel right while greeting. Besides that, the greetings sound so cliched. What do you really mean by Good Morning? That my Morning alone be good and the rest of the day be bad? In contrast, we can remove these bunch and just have a parting phrase “Good Day” do the business. Short, and sweet.

In retrospect, Indians were very sensible. We can wish a humble “Namasthe” and it goes well with any time of the day. It really doesn’t belong to any time/day/month/whatever.

It is used to greet the person, and greet him well.

Plain and simple.


4 thoughts on “Hello Good… Err, what time is it?

    • That was a good one. I don’t watch the show. Wasn’t very motivated to watch the show after the 1st few episodes. Still, good to know that I’m not alone in this confusion. 😉

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