To Ms. Arundhati Roy

(ref : I’d Rather not be Anna – by Arundhati Roy, 21’st August 2011, The Hindu)

Ms Arundhati Roy,

The Jan Lokpal Bill is intended to act as a medicine against the prevalent corruption in our country. As with medicines, the effect is sure to come, albeit slowly. Trillions of rupees lost through scams and misappropriation will be made accountable and could be used to tackle the “side effects” of corruption.

The bill is attacking the root of all other problems. The examples that you have stated, and those similar in nature and stature to it, are but minions of the greater problem of corruption. I am sure that their fate will be sealed appropriately with a credible rule book in place.

On another note, any action towards a solution is better than nation-wide apathy, which was used as a veil by the corrupt to wreck havoc thus far. If not the “strong bill” as is, atleast a bill that could clip the wings of the feeders of the corrupt will result in long run stabilization.

Quiscest Custodes Custodian?

The Jan Lokpal Bill will.

Kindly prove me wrong if it cannot.


4 thoughts on “To Ms. Arundhati Roy

  1. you are toattally stupid – like all Anna supporters are. Listen Arundhati is against Anna’s approach – and not the biil. Please don’t creat havoc.

    • thanks for the enlightenment. If the bill is right, then some start to the bill is required, even if it is a bit off-beat. if not anna, then what? we Indians, no matter how determined, need some fuel to start and constant publicity to keep the event alive in public memory. Anna Hazare is doing that well till now. If Ms Arundhati Roy cant give it, then let her wait till some noticeable action is taken on the issue and then air her concerns. If it is done before any result is got, we’ll remain in this state of apathy towards corruption!

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