A Guy’s Story

Gal : Come and talk to my dad about us.

Guy : You know, if asking was the only thing to it, I’d have done it long back.

Gal : What do you mean? You cant ask my dad?

Guy : You think I wouldn’t ask if I was in a better position in my career?

Gal : I know you can earn good money. I have that confidence in you. But I am not in a position to postpone any plan that my father is making for me now.

Guy : I understand. But do you think I have any chance to convince your dad given my current position earning this paltry salary?

Gal : To hell with the salary. We both together can make enough money to pull us through till you gain good status.

Guy : It is easy to tell. But, it is impractical.

Gal : I thought you love me.

Guy : Yes I did. And I still do.

Gal : Then come and talk to my dad.

Guy : (Back to square one) We’ll see about that when the right time comes.

Gal : Hope it comes before it is too late.

As if sucked into the past, the guy jolts back into reality.

The gal’s birthday is a day ahead and the guy is all set to surprise her. He thinks of myriad plans to gift her and make it a day worth remembering. He browses the web, asks friends, window shops half a dozen malls and finally decides upon the gift. On the other hand, the gals mind ain’t so free to allot either time or space to the guy. She goes on with her routine on the eve of her birthday and is oblivious to the guy’s eagerness.

Things were not coarse between the two. In fact, there were times when people were envious of the pair. The only name on the gal’s lips was that of his, and on his, her’s. Except for the gap between the transmission of a text message between their mobiles, they were inseparable. Like all the fairy tale stories, love seemed to be blooming. Both were aware of the consequences of the make or break of this wonderful phase. When something did happen, all the wonderful times culminated in the dialogue above.

As luck would have it, the guy got a plush job. With the birthday gift in hand and reminiscences of the lovable days in mind, he is excited to celebrate her birthday and the possibility of them being together, now that he has got what he wanted.

He delivers the gift at her place and informs her parents about giving it to her when she wakes up. Dawn breaks, but the gal’s parents, who like the guy a lot, insisted that he break the surprise himself. When it happened, the gal jumped with joy and hugs the guy, who was ecstatic. Wondering if all the differences would come to an end, he told her about the new job and the salary that he was expecting. Seemingly relieved, the gal tells not to discuss anymore at that time, promising to catch up asap.

But there was neither an SMS, nor a call after that.

The reason? Apparently, the guy broke the gals heart when he told he wasn’t ready to ask her parents in the past. She said, “You are not there in my heart anymore. It might sound harsh to you. But that is the hard fact and you have to live with it.”

The End.

PS : This is my first attempt at narration.


11 thoughts on “A Guy’s Story

  1. Sound like a real one to me… (kinda similar to my own story, just the different reason(s). šŸ˜€
    Nice write up. But why on earth did you file it under Fun and Misc? Lol

    • fun, coz it was a narrative and this was my 1st venture at that.
      Misc coz it was unlike any other previous category.
      i’ll put it under another category so that it’ll be relevant.
      I guess if guys start wailing abt their lost loves, similar stories will start pouring. Gals are weird man. seriously!

  2. Good one!
    Women are such crazy creatures! I just can’t understand them! One day, she’s all, “Oooh, I like you!” and the next she goes, “Get lost, I hate you!” because apparently I was rude to her in her dream!

    Rude to her! IN HER DREAM!


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