Hotel Kaali, Four AM

On a dark deserted highway,
Driving up to the hills..
A bunch of pretty, pretty guys,
And two nice bikes full filled.. 

Zooming through the alleys,
Deserted, as they were..
Wind hitting me on my face,
And sneaking into my hair..

Riding in the night air,
Chilled me up my spine..
But the bike was goin, anyway,
Upto a breezy one naught nine..

Foggy foggy weather,
Curly twisted roads..
So much darkness out there,
That I just cantΒ  see the boards..

Switched off my headlights,
In a place spirits may dwell..
But later I thought to myself,
This cud be heaven or this cud be hell!

And then came voices shouting from very faaaaaar away..
My muted ears popped out, thot I heard them say..

Welcome to Namma mechhida Nandi betta..
What a nice sunrise, what a nice sunrise..
Nature’s lovely guise..

Scream it out big on the towering Nandi betta..
Anytime of the year, Anytime of the year..
To hang out, come here..

Fantastic experience.. πŸ™‚
(3am – 12pm, Sunday the 5th Dec)
The title refers to our plight, unable to find some good tea at that time.

6 thoughts on “Hotel Kaali, Four AM”

  1. Hey….Awesome experience…..I always wanted to go out on a long drive in the midnight πŸ˜›
    Your poem reminded me of the song “Hotel California” πŸ˜›

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