There and Back Again

You never know when a man starts to realize that he IS stupid or WAS! Yeah. I was there somewhere in the blogosphere, gained some light, and before I could hog more of it, kaput! So I guess now my realization sets in.

I got a job, all were happy. Started working, all were happy. Stayed away from home for a while, etc. You know, all the “becoming a big-man” part. Growing up was supposed to be exciting. But the welcome into the corporate world was not so “welcoming” after all. I saw a lot of smiling faces but I thought I heard them say “Ah! A new scapegoat! You are finished my boy!” I believe many of you guys know that (or done that) already. I’m not dogging about it. Having a self-employed family history, it sure was a huge hindrance to doing things the way I’d like to.

That apart, I fell in love (I never really believed i would!), cherished the feeling (as my poems would have suggested),  phone calls and long chatting at ghostly-hours (hope my parents were really sleeping all the time), and other related stuff (both boring and interesting). It was a beautiful phase and as all good things come to an end, this one did too, abrupt and much earlier than I imagined.

Lots of texting and “communicator”-ing has left my English pathetic. I’m putting in a lot of effort to write pretty-okay now. The last few times I visited my blog, I really dint feel like its owner. Felt I was a guest. Imagine being a guest at your own home. Well, that awful feeling in the gut prompted me to pull my blog outta the slow-death it was seeing.

Coming to the blogging part now, I still do follow a few blogs at office via the Reader and the only qualm was  seeing only a (very small) part of  Sakhi‘s posts in my feed. The last post I read was Nikhil’s “The City Of No Goodbyes“. Frankly speaking, it sounded something like literotica, but much more meaningful and passionate. I felt like meeting him for the first time, ‘coz of this post. And btw, (belated) congratulations to Reema, for Mr. D :). Have a great time.

Boredom and writing. Hoping to kill the former and revive the latter.

Hello (again) World!


4 thoughts on “There and Back Again

  1. heyyy welcome back!! sad to hear about your break up..hope u r dealing with it well. thanks dear!! I hope u do return to blogging with renewed energy and lots of stuff to write about!

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