Seagate and I!

What can Seagate do For You? [Image Courtesy :]
What can Seagate do For You? Image Courtesy :
How many times have you wished that you had as much space as you desired on your comp? Did I hear you say ‘quite often’? Well, storage is not the only thing you should be be bothered about in those situations. Have you heard the famous dialog “With great Power comes Great Responsibility?” It is very difficult to live upto it.

But now, I can have the power, and Seagate will be glad to take the responsibility. 😉 Ask me how!

What are the important aspects that are associated with storage devices? Capacity, Speed, Reliability, Stability, Power consumption, Size, Portability. Portable hard drives (PHD – thats what I call it 😛 ) are more about storage in common knowledge. But the safety and security of your data is more important. So, a reliable PHD is the need of every minute.

Being a student of Electronics Engineering, the work I usually undertake w.r.t to my projects takes up more space than I imagine. It was very easy in the beginning to estimate that I’d require space just enough for my code files and circuit design files along with the softwares I need to run them with. But then I was wrong. Testing the hardware would require continuous changes in the software, and the most important part of testing is to keep track of what you’ve done. So, your old data is as important as your new one too.

What will you do once the project is complete? Pack it up in DVDs and re use your small portable device after recycling it? Well, we are left no other option apparently. And then, searching for the required project would make you mad. Add to it, the scare of misplacing the DVDs. Uff!

Furthermore, as a source of inspiration for future ventures, videos of working models, or theories of practical importance would be required and storage media plays a very important role. What I thought to be a matter of 1 or 2 GB turned out to be a bulky affair. Often I’d have to carry more than 5 to 8 GB of data, and investing on a Flash/Thumb/Pen drive would not be a worthy deal.

I cannot dare to imagine a situation of losing the data. Be it code, designs, e-books, tutorials or videos. Just having a faint thought about it is giving me sweats! What a better companion than a PHD to rely upon. For perfect usage, I would want it to be sleek, trendy, reasonably fast, super stable and most importantly, less power hungry (for use with laptops, if it comes as a power-source dependent device.)

For a while, I’ve been using my friend’s PHD which fortunately, comes with a power adapter, but is unreasonably bulky 😦 .What better reason to buy a new one than to know about the Seagate FreeAgent series of PHDs!?! Isn’t it sleek and sexy. 😉 Probably just a little bigger in size than your wallet.

Guys, It’d be a dream come true when I’m gonna use it and show off my power. And the responsibility part, I think I’ve told you about it already! 😉

PS : This post was written for the sake of my comp-freak-passion and to enter a contest as well and is not just an advertisement by any means. Please let me know anything you feel. 🙂

WoW!! Image Courtesy :
WoW!! Image Courtesy :
Dare to Simplify Further. Image Courtesy :
Dare to Simplify Further. Image Courtesy :

20 thoughts on “Seagate and I!”

    1. That was the price in $$$. I think u’ll have to pay a bit more as taxes and duties i guess. However, it IS a very good deal! 😉

    1. The world is limited. My mind is unlimited. and so should my PC be 😉 At least, I’m pushing it nearer. 😀

  1. Reminded me of my first that computer had some 4Gig of total disk space.

    I recently bought my first 1TB disk. This to backup my other 250GB disk. Which was intended to backup my 250GB laptop hard disk!

    These super capacity disks certainly make life much easier. But then, like they say, we humans find data to fill up the biggest of disks!

    1. Neva mind the typo! now, I too am dreaming of having a 1TB PHD. what you’ve said is right by all means. 😉 initially, I had 80GB one and it was almost full. I upgraded to a 160GB one and it was full too, within 2 days 😛

  2. I will suggest you go for NAS storage, where you can using wirelessly send your all data.
    NAS can be used by all family memebrs, using desktop as well as your laptop.

    1. Thr is only one PC in my home now and It cannot go beyond that. Will it be helpful in such a case too? moreover, the Seagate PHD offers a very attractive portability. can NAS beat that? kindly educate me further.

  3. I have been thinking of late of bringing home a PHD ….. desperately need one as there is a lot of data which I need to keep just to myself …. which ain’t possible without an external hard drive of considerable stotage …

  4. 5 yrs back i had a celeron PC with just 10 GB space. It fulfilled all my needs then for 2 yrs.
    Now i’ve core 2 duo PC with 250 GB space purchased 6 months back. I’ve already filled it till its neck, infact i had to move my movies folder to DVDs to create some space for my ever increasing academic data.
    I believe this change has occured due to the arrival of broadband –
    “With powerful connections, comes huge data”.

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