Who is GOD?

God : Who am I?
Christian : Jesus!
Muslim : Allah.
Hindu : Oh wait! I’m confused. I cant tell exactly who you are.

What do you think the Taj Mahal will appear to look like to a Muslim? A Christian? A Hindu?

What do you think the Moon will appear to look like to a Hindu? A Muslim? A Christian?

Just because one person’s perspective of the Taj (say, a symbol of love) is different from some other person’s (say, an architectural wonder,) it doesn’t show up itself to the both, differently on its own accord. It is just their individual hallucination playing tricks and showing each of them, two different facets of a unique concrete thing.

Not just these, almost all things and entities in this Universe are unique.

So is GOD!

If I believe that GOD stands for Generator, Operator, Destroyer, I’m accepting His superiority over me, because I do not have that power. People who believe in GOD, may do so because

  • They were taught to believe in Him.
  • Are not as powerful as Him.
  • Cant stand being powerless, and hence assume that a greater soul is watching over / controlling / ruling us mortal beings all.
  • Or, want to be at peace for as long as they live and face the Judgment Day as it presents itself to be.

The diversity in humans brought about diversity in GOD. Many believe that God made us, but its also true that we’ve made so many GODs. This has brought about a lot of disturbance in the world, and the war of “which GOD being supreme” has affected many wars for other things. This makes me feel that probably, one of the biggest mistakes made by man was to diversify GOD.

To worship Different aspects of GOD through different means by assuming different GODs thereby, can be acceptable as long as the whole thing has a secular idea attached with it along with a cut down of arrogance, pride and intolerance in the minds of people. This setup, even if it is against my belief of “Single GOD”, will help reduce tension between different groups of people, and possibly, will show a path for peace to prevail.

If the disasters of Vaishnava-Shaiva rivalry in Hinduism, Catholic-Protestant intolerance in Christianity, Sunnis against Shias in Islam provide any lessons to people, and if they’re rational enough to accept that these issues are not good for world peace, I’m sure the same tolerant mindset would extend and control the devil of Religion, and save us from the perils we’ve been seeing from past few years.

Hope all this drives us towards a Greater Good, and doesn’t make GOD feel guilty for creating us, who wreck havoc in His name.

Added later : The discussion has taken a turn towards the World’s most famous discussion. Does GOD exist? I personally enjoyed the exchange of quality intellectual content. However, I’m happier even, that Pavan has come out with his views as well in a post. Care about an ATHEIST‘s view?

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  1. awesome input!!

    God is someone who is in you when you are pure as a child…and devil is someone who is in you when you do something out of malice!

    Thats what i believe….thats y we call kids as images of God himself….He is someone who is in each one of us….we worship in various ways just to keep reminding ourselves to preserve that childhood purity and grow wise with it!

    Religion is a faith….certain forms of lifestyle and rules laid by our ancestors from lessons they learnt to help us lead a better life!

    The essence of all faiths is same…to lead a peaceful life….the differences in outlook of each faith is because of the difference in places, environment conditions of regions they emerged from…..

    Saddest part is……..as every other thing that is passed from person to person …..religion is also mis interpreted, misguided and i am afraid the essence might be lost soon!

    I wonder, why cant people understand this simple part ๐Ÿ˜ฆ !

  2. So I have a naive question: What makes you think that God is in you (in everything), and by what authority are you making this statement?

    Also, if God is distinctly good, then why can’t He be distinctly ONE God? Just look at the different religions, they all differ on many things, but this they have in common: They all agree that you are the one who must do some great thing, some act or acts to earn favor with God, or gain heaven. Also they all agree that it is you who approaches God.

    Which leads me to a second naive question: Seeing as both the Bible and conservative Christianity say that it is both God who comes to us and saves us by grace, why should Christianity not be that distinct name?

    Also, if I were to great things for you and in your name, are you automatically required to give your trust to me? Your confidence to tell all your secrets to me?
    If not, then how can you, who have insulted God who is the standard of righteousness, and spit on His grace and mercy by which you breadth the very air He made?

    Would you allow a judge to let free a convicted rapist who wants to hurt you? Then how can God allow sin to ultimately go unpunished?

    (P.S. ask me a question)

  3. God is an excuse for crusades and all other brutal things (in the name of God). What was once created for betterment went the worse way. Now it doesn’t bind us together but divide us more than ever.

  4. @cliftonofthepersia – was the question for me?

    If so – I am sorry I should say you understood me quite differently!
    To me, religions are not GOD! They are faiths and thats all….
    I dont find anything distinctly good or bad….All this is relative! Thats why I never said being good is divine…coz good for u might b bad for someone….its the perspective and level of awareness that differentiates good and bad in our heads! Its nothing to do with GOD.

    What all I said is…be pure in whatever u do….being pure i mean – no malice…..And to me, I cannot really comprehend how one person could conspire against other! but ya sadly thats what is happening all over!

    God is not someone above us ruling us…He is not a faith to believe in!

    I dont wait for GOD to come and relieve me of my troubles…
    I do something and pray to him to make me do my best in whatever I do! He is a constant support I give to myself!

    And religions and faiths are made by us….they are said and presented in such a way that a common man can easily understand…so that a child can understand easily and follow it from young age!

    And authority to say all this? Well…I am just expressing my views…they can be wrong in someone else’s perspectives but i dont think it would falter my view! I accept that people think differently!

    And all thats happening in the name of GOD is we taking advantage of something and using the name just because one cannot prove the existence!

    And for your second question – About trust and secrets….There is no need for telling everyone about anyone’s life history! its just extra information and when one asks we can think abt it! And trust …hmm …i believe everyone and trust very few….to me developing trust depends on both the sides!

    LAstly, I am no one allow someone to be free or convicted…I am not taking any sides here….Even if I was judge, I would def convict him coz, he doesnt know how to control and use his senses! no offence meant…no hatred towards him…just that hes as dangerous as a tiger and the same way we put it in a cage, we convict this person! Its just protecting ourselves!

    To me, if u hurt someone, u would be hurt even more sooner than later!
    All I am trying to say is – be honest and true to yourself all the time!!

  5. GOD!!

    Being in a Medical Science, I have understood one thing for sure… India is because there is somebody (or thing) up there who/ what has all the conrols! Else we would have been dead a long time back!!

  6. Sahaja
    Welcome to my blog and thnx a lot for the honest view ๐Ÿ™‚
    Now coming to wt u’ve written… I tk a bow for the clarity u’ve expressed, even as views vary; with u, me and others. I agree with you on most parts. and ‘l agree the most with the last statement!
    As for the reply to Cliftonofhesperia plz see my reply to him below.

  7. Cliftonofhesperia
    by the looks of it, u’ve taken as much pain to comment as I’ve taken to post, i suppose, and i appreciate it! welcome to my blog ๐Ÿ™‚

    What makes you think that God is in you (in everything), and by what authority are you making this statement?

    I take no authority to make the statement, coz, i haven’t made it. I believe GOD is supreme and there should not be more than one supreme for the existence of sustained peace.

    GOD being distinctly one? well, I was talking about the same thing! Good or bad is being done by ppl in His name.

    Seeing as both the Bible and conservative Christianity say that it is both God who comes to us and saves us by grace, why should Christianity not be that distinct name?

    If you are a sinner and one GOD definitely punished the sinners, would you switch your faith upon another GOD who is more benevolent? I say that is what is happening with diversifying GOD and creating Religions with this reason.

    If i have two dozen billion ppl and infinite issues to care about or look into, I wouldn’t brag abt it if u did good or bad in my name. It would be too insignificant, unless it disturbs the cause for which I’m present.
    My claim or view is in no way a matter of such gravity.

    As for the last part of your comment, I dint get the relevance of it. elaborate on it plz.

  8. Nikhil
    The living example of which is u alva macha! ๐Ÿ˜€ :mrgreen:

    Hope tht the original reason be restored!

    So, that is the secret of Unity in Diversity! So sad that only Divine intervention should cause it ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  9. Alright! This post needs at least ONE atheist comment and here I am with it. More than commenting here, I would like to let you know that I am writing a post on GOD myself. Please take a look at it and include the link in your post too.

    If i have two dozen billion ppl and infinite issues to care about or look into, I wouldnโ€™t brag abt it if u did good or bad in my name. It would be too insignificant, unless it disturbs the cause for which Iโ€™m present.
    My claim or view is in no way a matter of such gravity.

    So terrorism is NOT something which disturbs “The great one”? I guess not. This is another phrase you GOD believers are very fond of… “Everything happens for a reason.” I have only one answer to it. BULLSHIT!!! Watch out for my post in the coming week.

  10. Anniyan
    I’ve already said that Man has created so many GODs. By that I mean, whatever is happening is just to please the GOD in our Minds.
    If all the GOD believers think on the lines u’ve said that “Everything happens for a reason”, then where does the need to curb terrorism arise? Everyone could stay put in their places and believe in “The great one!” to carry out anti-terror stings!
    There is GOD. In our Minds. There has been no concrete evidence of existence of GOD in the form of science, philosophy, RELIGION, literature, history, archeology or anything. The stories are Myths. The beliefs are Truth.

    How could anyone expect plain beliefs to come out and fight terrorism or any other social catastrophe?

    Yet, it is this belief which fuels life and various processes attached to it. The early man was intelligent enough and feared his own recklessness, if left uncontrolled. So, he created (in his Mind) an indisputable, unknown, apparently rational, believable source of control, to restrict himself. This is GOD.

    I remember a poem where each organism sees GOD as its own form. GOD is, dog for a dog, buffalo for a buffalo, spider for a spider, etc. Similarly God is a Man for a Man. I’m not advocating this by any means. I’m just giving u a vague justification as to why GOD is believed to be what He is.

    Different Men created different GODs similarly, and are foolishly fighting for the supremacy of their beliefs! So sad the state of Mankind! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  11. All I can make out from your comment is… you are confused about god yourself. You yourself say god is only something man created to limit himself. And you yourself say that GOD pulls the strings for everything???

  12. Anniyan
    Man created GOD. His belief in God is pulling the strings! first differentiate GOD as an idea and belief, that I’m stressing about from the predominant notion that GOD exists in form and face as perceived by the world. that should help u understand my stand better! Be rest assured that neither am I confused myself, nor trying to spread any confusion. I’l wait for ur post and see if it provides further enlightenment.

  13. So then who is the ultimate authority to declare what is and what isn’t? If it is not the Bible, that blessed Book which is from God, then is it not yourself?

    You’ll find that the reason you wish to either believe in a “loving God who wouldn’t put anyone in hell” or not at all is because you have decided you’ll be the one in charge of what’s true.

    I speak as someone who is convinced of truth which is not of this world, while you are stuck trying to do away with the reality that you will see who is your Creator in the end.

    For all have sinned and fallen short of perfection, have they not? Is there anyone who is good, someone who sought after God from the beginning? No, as He says in His word. There are many reasons to trust in Christ, but you will find your pride has been insulted and that you cannot bear the thought that your deeds will be judged by such a Holy and Jealous God.

  14. Cliftonofhesperia
    Did i say I was an atheist? The only thing I’m talking about is – there is ONE GOD. No form. no face. no shape. u can see his creation through Nature and appreciate his creation.

    Acc to me, teachings or advocacies of GODs and other people are to rid humanity of unrest and give them a new lease of life in the form of something to stick to, and be afraid of, so that u’ll be bound to reality and do not go on mindless rampage or proclaim individual greatness.

    You have a good reason to believe in Christ and I do not wish to defeat it. I was brought in probably the most intricate religion – Hinduism. There are probably more teachings, stories, GODs, values, practices; many logical, and many superstition, followed nevertheless.

    The reason I chose to believe in what I’m believing is simple. I strongly feel that all religions advocate the same. To be good at heart and not abuse the Creation. Do you think it was to try and manipulate individual Free Will? Nope. It is because of this individual Free Will that u continue to believe in Christ, and I in GOD – Generator, Operator, Destroyer.

  15. lol…its a lot more controversial now. Am sure there are higher intelligence form in this universe but nothing as such called God. I would rather call them Aliens. And the proof is that they never tried to contact us :p We are a bunch of destructive kind of species.

    God is not within children(don’t you see them killing frogs for fun play :/) or any other creature, its just another orthodox belief. In the name of God I sacrifice my first born child…lol (its not me but another orthodox belief to set peace in world by some religious cults).

    I remember this line:
    “If there’s a God then why has he let me die?”

  16. God is a matter of perspective, for sure. Certainly all religions lead their flock to the same Divinity. What I like about Hinduism is that it is particularly open-minded about the definition of God. It is a fluid definition, allowing each man or woman–each with their own understanding of spirituality–to find a mode of worship that is most compatible with their current spiritual state, one that allows the greatest progress.

  17. @ Su – Thanks Su…I have been to ur blog once before also ๐Ÿ™‚
    And this particular post attracted me very much not coz its a controversial topic but coz I liked the essence of what U wanted to say!
    Added to my reader so would be back regularly ๐Ÿ™‚

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  18. I still can’t get over my mspaint experiment with God. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I think its just a force. Destiny as we call it. Something which cannot be conquered.

  19. hmmmm… was an interesting read at 1:42 AM, GOD has definitely kept me awake..not sure which one ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜›

    I always felt that God is an excuse, if something bad happens to us we blame him why god?? if something good happens..many may say Thank God!!

    I also felt that God is confusing..

    I also feel that God is beleif,

    ahh oh GOD ๐Ÿ˜› what has happened to me.. what all am I writing ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜›

  20. I dont believe in GOD either, but I believe there is some power that binds everything in the universe. People might refer it by different names, but still I dont believe in an image or a story behind all that. According to me, the concept of god would have been created so that we humans think twice before getting into anything.

    If there is a person called God, there wouldnt be innocent deaths, im sure. Like Pavan remarked, all those pacifying dialogues are good only for pacifying. Only the sufferers would know what they are going through.

    God according to me is a person who is selfless, who does good deeds, who doesnt propogate negative energy, etc.It could be either you, your neighbour, your friend or even the shop owner down the lane.

    God is hardwork, commitment, love, faith, trust, understanding and definitely not the current religional differentiations.

  21. God is everything (good), is what, vimal, your telling me. Yet this falls short of both how and why the Earth is here.

    Amit, you had a bad experience with God. Did you expect nothing but happiness from your Life, or that He would bless you as if you were basically good? He cannot, for you are neither righteous nor good.
    Why is it that if God doesn’t meet up with your standards He isn’t so? Why can’t you let Him define the relationship and its terms? Is not God Holy and your Creator?

    sospokesaroj, I have but the same to say: Why is it that you have made the standard? I don’t judge, but as a friend..)

    And lastly, ‘T’, since when do you have the omniscience to declare what is fair or not (I’m not offended)? I take my stand from His word and the absolutes which He has made known to us. Why is it that you are the center of all wisdom? Does it not belong to the Creator of this world?

    P.S., yes the Higher Being did, just read the Bible!

  22. @cliftonofhesperia
    I think you misunderstood me. Apologies for anything that offended anyone.

    Live your life as you think is best for you. I’m not dictating anything, neither I want to.

    Though initially I wrote something else in reply, but that will be futile.

  23. Ah, but T! You cannot move a mountain with your bare hands, neither can you ignore your Creator. One day you will die, and what will happen after that? When your error is discovered, who will be able to save you then?
    Also T, you are dictating two things: whether or not God is important in your life, and who you will give praise and honor to: namely not your Creator who made you to give Him glory (Hence why this life is a gift!)

    Chakoli, if you would stop and think for a moment, who has declared whether God has no shape? Only you (I’m not offended, I was once there).
    God is a Righteous and Jealous God, judging the hearts and intentions of man, giving mercy to those who ask His Son for it.
    Study the Bible (Try the NASB), and see God for yourself! Look before you leap! Why should God find you lacking and not suffer you into His Kingdom for your cowardliness of unbelief (don’t be offended)?

  24. Sorry to disagree but …
    God does not exist. Period. It is a figment of our imagination. Life was an accident. Mankind evolved. We found ourselves inadequate. So we invented the concept of God. We just use our imagination to justify its existence, at best. At worse we just use it as a weapon to hide our inadequacies.

    I hope I have not offended anyone with my strong views.

    Those who believe may continue to do so. In my case, I take the responsibility of whatever good (or bad, I hope not) I do. Similarly, whatever happens to me is not anyone’s fault or I do not depend on god’s will for that. I know that this is all because social systems are chaotic (chaos as defined by science not arts) by nature.

    And no. I have not come to the conclusion that god is a figment of human’s imagination because of some personal tragedy. I am as normal as many of you here – I hope.

  25. T
    โ€œIf thereโ€™s a God then why has he let me die?โ€
    Just because you are let to die, U don’t believe in Him? I’m not talking about His existence. That matter has been the biggest debate between Science and Religion. So, keeping tht apart, plz lemme know what made u say it?
    As for other forms of intelligence, higher or lower, the matter is as controversial as GOD i suppose!

    Yes, it does. But the freedom is being misused.

    Thnx a ton. Wish you the same too ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m greatly amused at your experiment with MS Paint ๐Ÿ˜›
    Coming to the topic, Are you sure about your views and do you believe in them definitely?

    Sharad Bapat
    GOD. If we stop looking at GOD as just another person, albeit powerful, the confusion may start to recede.

    I agree with you on the 1st and last parts. But not the middle two. If just Good were GOD, every person believing in any GOD wouldn’t do as much as uttering a foul figure of speech. trying to refrain yourself from attributing too many things to GOD will save Humanity from self annihilation.

    I wont interfere with your discussion yet. I’m following it intently.

    I will leave you with your belief as of now. I wont discuss about He being shapeless or religion-less. But, the fight is what is prevailing ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    Well, I don’t know what drove you to the opinion you’ve made about GOD, but its quite strong.
    GOD is not responsible for what is happening in the world. It is we, humans, who believe in Him. This belief could drive us to do atrocities in His name. Throughout my discussion here, I’ve stressed about the Belief in GOD, and not His existence, which, by its ambiguous nature has sparked a rift between many groups, many times.
    You could ask me this – If you are not sure of His existence, how can you have belief in Him? I say its as good as an argument as your belief that GOD doesn’t exist.

  26. @Su
    Well…that line is from Iron Maiden’s song :p Nothing so personal.

    Aliens are there for sure. We are not the only one gifted. There are many galaxies in Universe and there is always a probability for other planets with life like conditions. It’s just that we wont be able to reach them but our descendants surely will. Earth is already dying so the first step will be interplanetary travel for our survival, for minerals and other resources. But alas we will never be able to see it :/

    If you have read about worm holes then you must be getting an idea of traveling to other part of universe even faster than light (not in a literal sense though).

    May be some Alien species are advanced enough to apply the similar concept into a reality.

    But one thing is sure that belief in God will not save us. It will be science, either it will destroy us or make us more technologically advanced.

    I was created by some biological process. Not by some magical wand.

    My creator is not someone who is defined by others. My creator should confront me, I believe in things which I can perceive. I don’t believe in books which have gone through numerous iterations of editing.

    Tell me one single reason that the Bible you have in your hand is the same Bible written the very first time. Loss of information and modification of facts is what we get from generation to generations.

    Even if I bat an eyelid then its me who dictate whether I should or not. If I skip a heartbeat then its me who dictate whether I skip it or not. NO…its all involuntary.

  27. Reading this post and all the comments…
    made me dizzy…

    hristian : Jesus!
    Muslim : Allah.
    Hindu : Oh wait! Iโ€™m confused. I cant tell exactly who you are.

    I still am confused, being a Hindu. We have like 100 different gods…*I think*…I dono….sigh…


    But yeah, I always visit the temple before exams! So I’m not completely an agnostic!!

  28. Su,

    Refer your above comments …

    Well, I donโ€™t know what drove you to the opinion youโ€™ve made about GOD, but its quite strong.

    >>> pure logic ๐Ÿ˜‰

    You could ask me this – If you are not sure of His existence, how can you have belief in Him? I say its as good as an argument as your belief that GOD doesnโ€™t exist.

    >>> Not really. There is an essential difference. Belief cannot be falsified. Reasoning and logic can be. This is because logic is based on premises. Destroy the premises and the logic is destroyed. That is precisely why logic is superior to belief. And what happens when logic is destroyed, click on my name and see on my blog ๐Ÿ˜‰

  29. @Priya – hey guess what? there is a bbc documentary called “Story of India” in that the narrator starts off showing various temples and says ” Ofcourse, why worship only ONE when u can have millions!”

    GOD is one but we see in various forms! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Incidentally, I was reading a book of Chanukya and one of the sanskrit line says
    ” God’s abode is not the idols of wood stone or earth. He dwells in feeling! ”

    The answer to existance of GOD is as simple as that….just like a feeling, u cant prove it exists to anyone else….neither can u deny its existance once u believe! As einstein says “U believe it exists, it exists and if u dont believe it doesnt!”

    All the idols and various gods we worship in Hinduism are developed by our ancestors depending on places and social conditions in those areas! and the epics and stories are morals of life…..to preserve and use something called humanity

    thats just my view!

  30. Wow …cool post ..
    I agree .. I dnt mind any number of gods until the secularism is maintained ..

    I feel every one is God ..he is the God for his own destiny …
    The concept of God has Gone haywire …and is the cause of most problems in the world main being terrorism ..

    God is the answer for humans for all the inexplicable things .
    God was used as a medium to create a fear that there is someone who is watching u from heaven ..

    I Think what i want to say has already been said by amithab

    all i can say is Have faith !! But open ur eyes Because blind faith is going to lead us no where …

  31. T
    U’ve appreciated The Creation pretty well. There is no harm or foolishness to assume other intelligent life forms. I agree to the wormholes point as well and ‘m well aware of it. plz scroll down a bit and read my reply to Amitabh.

    Plz see the next comment. It is my reply to my closest friend’s post about the same topic, albeit with a pinch of salt! ๐Ÿ™‚

    GOD is a pretty tough topic even for firm believers of either Theism or Atheism. Thoughts about such a sensitive topic go under a lot of scrutiny before being exposed. However, all the best for your exams.

    Thnx a lot for your view, and i felt that the BBC narrator was making fun of us than trying to say something important!

    Plz read Amitabh’s comment again, coz, I think u’ve misunderstood him.

  32. The war between GOD and Science has acquired a new support – Logic vs Belief and/or Proof vs Intuition.

    Few can deny the proofs, coz they arenโ€™t mere beliefs. But, a belief is your choice. A Theist and an Atheist both make their choices, based on beliefs only. The former believes intuition. The latter, the proof. By this it is easy to conclude Theists are a bigger bunch and a fools bunch at that. Isnโ€™t it?

    If belief was an ocean plagued by storms, based on which life is led, GOD is assumed/perceived/believed/thought to be a light house.

    It is human nature to explore the unknowns caring a damn for a possibility of mishap. It is the spirit of adventure, and Iโ€™m well into it. When the adventure in the ocean goes hay-wire, and beliefs seem to over-whelm you by the virtue of their truthful nature, and confusion arises from the complexity of Truth/Proof/Logic, The Light House is a promise of simplicity, leading one to a peaceful state of mind.

    Now, uโ€™ve choices. Find solace in the ocean, or in the light house. I dunno what uโ€™d do. But, Iโ€™ll go into the ocean for further adventure, with the strength of Hope, the light house offers. After all, anything in the ocean which tells you that youโ€™re somewhere and are not lost, is as good as a light house. and Hope fuels you again.

    GOD is not materialistic. He doesnโ€™t exist physically. Only the concept is playing with mankind. It is only a belief, but one which leads to a state of mind with a promise of inner peace and hence drives a Man with Hope in life.

    Now, how does it matter if uโ€™ve Hope or not? Everything you do is your responsibility right? Yes, it is. But an optimist thinks differently from a pessimist. Hope triggers flow of strength and positive thoughts and therefore, is boundless. Pessimism restricts positive thought flow. To know the importance of this, just try to think about a few important things in each of the state of minds, and see if u find a difference.

    (simulate your brain once as an optimistic piece and once as a pessimistic one and execute the scenario. Note down the observation, and keep the result with yourself. Youโ€™re asked to do this just as an exercise, and not to prove anything to anybody.)

    PS : Having Hope beyond realistic bounds is insanity and do not consider that for logical reasons. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  33. Good post!! I had written about a similar topic – the point of religion …I will quote a quotation I had mentioned in my post

    โ€œMan is a Religious Animal. He is the only Religious Animal. He is the only animal that has the True Religion – several of them. He is the only animal that loves his neighbor as himself and cuts his throat if his theology isnโ€™t straight. He has made a graveyard of the globe in trying his honest best to smooth his brotherโ€™s path to happiness and heaven.โ€ ~Mark Twain

    I think u have missed my post as I dont see ur comment. I will paste the link.

  34. I think I neither believe in God nor in Science.

    One wants us to believe without a proof and the other creates proof after proof of what already exists and how its properties could be used but is hopeless in explaining why it exists and how it was put into existence in the first place (Big Bang theory, theory of evolution, theory of propagation of light particles, and countless other such things).

    I rather think that we are in a matrix and this matrix has been put here deliberately to divert and hide from us some higher realization – like the seventh dimension, perhaps about which we have no way to understand unless our brain has the senses to visualize and understand it. Those senses, I feel have been deliberately kept away from us. Some one is playing with us, and I hope it is not God.

    I just loved that movie – matrix ๐Ÿ™‚

    Destination Infinity

  35. Destination Infinity
    Your imagination is something I’ve not come across before! Its interesting to note your points because, we are familiar with science explaining how things came to be what they’re but not why!

    Probably more interesting it the race between GOD and Science. Whoever wins will annihilate the other. And you seem to be oblivious to the race! ๐Ÿ˜‰ speaking diplomatically, you’re in a very comfortable condition! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Its better we’re in the matrix for our own good. Knowledge is power, true. But, more knowledge gives uncontrollable power, which cud spell doom for our own kind!

  36. As long as God is viewed/perceived as something separate, outside of ourselves, I see no solution. When one experiences the divine, there is no question that we are all the same. There are simply many paths to the top of the mountain. Great post. Very though provoking (however it is the thinking mind which gets us in trouble, the mind full of right, wrong, judgement, good, bad….full of distinction and separateness)

  37. Molly
    Hello and welcome to my blog ๐Ÿ™‚
    As u’ve said in the parenthesis, life is but a blend of endless mind games. and one such popular mind game is GOD. As long as you see the mountain, you can make your own path. What lies on the mountain is a greater mystery because, the people below cannot fathom what it is, and those who reached the summit wouldn’t come down to enlighten others.

    Bas tere liye intezaar karne mein likhne ka baat bhul gaya! ๐Ÿ˜›

    Wow! thats too good jaaneman! Keep visiting whenever you can. ๐Ÿ™‚


  39. Great topic.

    I had been an atheist till about a year ago. Then something happened in my life making me believe that in fact, there is a higher force – inexplicable though – which governs the creation and the destruction of this world.

    I believe in God – It is a super force. I don’t exactly believe in idol worship but I don’t scoff at them either. Idols help us to concentrate better.

    My brother – who is still an atheist – told me these golden days once.

    “Blessed are the believers. In a moment of crisis, they can vent out their frustration/trauma in a place of worship. Non believers have no such avenue.”

    Just my two cents.


  40. The one who made you raise the question, the one who made all of you to look at it, the one who made everyone of you to respond is GOD. follow your faith, don’t intervene in others, live in mutual bliss.

  41. Whoa.


    I will say that again.


    Isn’t it odd that when a post on [How To:] Fix the problem when XP doesnโ€™t boot from GRUB is made, it attracts just 19 comments… whereas the one on God makes everybody an expert in the subject?

    I wonder if posts on C# .NET, Project Management, Fluid Dynamics etc. would elicit such comments.

    Now, don’t jump on me and bite me for my opinion!! But just read some of the comments again!


  42. Ashwin
    its all about the readers one has my frnd! if u look into the previous posts of mine, tech related topics have been less.

    coming to individual’s expertise abt GOD, it is prolly the single biggest thing that drives the whole of mankind, albeit, in different ways. that should explain it ๐Ÿ˜‰

  43. What you say sounds a tad like what our pseudo-gurus propagate nowadays. “God is whatever you want it to be, he/she becomes what you feel about him/her”.

    Which I honestly believe is the only things that lets those fakes survive.

  44. Contd from comment 54:
    BTW, no… your statement it doesn’t explain why so many people think that this topic of God is something so personal and based ONLY on personal belief and there is NO way to explain the belief! It means they themselves are not sure and use belief just as a shield.

    And the other side! Oh yeah, the profoundly intellectual atheists. I kid you not… some are so brainy, I feel very sad sometimes that they waste it on trying to prove “why I don’t believe in God!”. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ When I see some popular atheist folks (for eg. Karunanidhi, who said his heart feels heavy when people don’t follow Periyar… I don’t like Periyar, anyway, and its not because of his atheistic beliefs.) shedding crocodile tears for the ‘misled’ masses, I feel like slapping them hard. If you don’t believe in God or anything for that matter… move on! Why waste your energy on convincing anyone else? How different are you guys from any of the ‘theist’ preachers?

    Atheism is no different from any religion around here. It just says the opposite thing.

  45. What a post and the follow up comments. I am a Hindu by birth but I think we should respect all religions and more above humans. For me my GODS are my parents. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Nice post.

  46. […] Suddenly I started thinking about the same questions. Lots of questions popped in my mind at that time. Wondered whether Mind is really in Brain. If not in Brain then where else? Why is that analogy- If ย Mind is to Brain then Soul is to Heart? Inspite of no proof, people still believe it. ย But when it comes to God, many don’t believe in God because we can’t see him/her. I am not forcing such people to believe. Its their views. I myself don’t believe in God completely.I just think that there is some supernatural power. Well enough of it now. I don’t want to talk about God here. If you want to see some of good posts on god, you can check the following links: Pavan and Su. […]

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