Respect Martyrdom you Fools

In the wake of the government promising a huge sum of money to the slain martyr – NSG Major Sandeep Unnikrisnan, I’m proud(!) of the people who worked behind the scenes to make the donation a reality. The 5 lac rupees promised by the government is a huge relief to the family. The Major would do a billion dollar smile from the heaven above, upon the responsible kind hearted people!

What will a martyr’s family do with the money? Should it be considered a reimbursement worthy enough of a brave soldier’s life, or as a price of the lives saved by him in the gory battle? Should the family really care about the money?

I would like to bring here an interesting comparison, even as I try not condemn any action of the Govt. It is not very long ago since money and awards were showered upon another son of our motherland, for being a brave soldier in China and bringing back to the country, a Gold Medal from the Olympics. It is a laudable effort on the sportsman’s part and he deserves every paisa showered upon him, because he relied upon his father’s fortune for his practice and gaining the expertise.

What Mr. Abhinav Bhindra did, added a golden feather to the barren hat of Indian Sport. But what befell Major Sandeep, decreased a brave feather in the daring hat of Indian Defense.

Can the soldier endorse any brand, smile from the television or the posters and make the heart of his parents beam with joy? Show me a father who would be sending his son, without a second thought, to the defense of our Country, if his son becomes a butt of joke and ridicule for foul-mouthed politicos. I would dare to use unparliamentary language if not for the concern that my blog may become A-rated.

The point I wish to make is not about the money offered. If this is the respect and support offered by the Country’s rulers to one of its mighty warrior, to what extent will a person exercise his Will to join the armed forces? I feel that proper respect from all quarters was all that was required to pay a good homage to Major Sandeep. I brought up issues like money to illustrate the method which the politicians are using to cover up their nasty faces and stinking asses, when adverse times affect the nation at large! Those who went on firing at innocent people may be retards. But the people who are plundering the wealth, respect and integrity of the people from within are the ones we should be aware of.

I am sure every Indian will be proud to be the son/daughter of India. It won’t be a long time before which, the shame will overwhelm the pride because of being ruled over by a polity with such a mindset. (It is a different matter that many of us have experienced it already!)

I am anxious about the families of many such soldiers who have lost their lives in similar, or more dangerous battles. I hereby take the opportunity to offer my heart-felt condolences to the families of all the people who have laid down their lives for our country’s sake. I hope their souls will not be agitated because of the dirty, corrupt, and fit-for-almost-nothing people behind the scenes.


Lead kindly light - Oh great Warrior!
Lead kindly light - Oh great Warrior!

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12 thoughts on “Respect Martyrdom you Fools”

  1. A truly heartfelt SALUTE to the BRAVE INDIAN HEROES!!!!!

    i wish i cud do something to put this page on the desks of every other politician, our country is not proud of 😦

  2. yeah very much true !!! my condolences to every soilder who lost their lives battling for this country which is in political mayhem .
    Now i’ve a thing to point out
    Does anyone of the other soilders fighting get the same compensation wic is given to maj. sandeep ( wic is btw shoe dust for the efforts he put in ) .. or is it just a cover up for the embrassment the govt had to face?????
    only the politicians can answer!!!!

  3. …Show me a father who would be sending his son, without a second thought, to the defense of our Country…

    My parents! I am still proud to say that my parents never had a second thought about sending my brother to the defense of the country. But due to a sick twist of fate, my brother had the accident that changed his whole life. It was on the day before he had to leave for the Republic Day parade at New Delhi. A proud product of the NCC, battered and bestowed with lots of bad luck. I am sorry if I got carried away with the description, but the pain in my heart made me emotional. Great post. 🙂

  4. I am told that any reward higher than 1 lakh needs so much of paperwork that it is difficult to claim and receive it.
    So government is quick to declare such high compensation packages as it distracts attention away from their flawed policies and the corruption which led to the loss. And most of the recipients are not going to get it any way.
    And it is cheaper to declare 1 crore worth of compensation than revamp the infrastructure.
    Besides, with the money that is alloted to development (of anything), they just buy new cars and security for themselves and ego-boosting things.
    I think a good amount of insurance should be a part of a soldier’s job contract, so that he knows his family will be taken care of in case of his untimely death. And rewards with honour is wonderful too, to thank the martyr for his sacrifice. It is because of these people who guard our country that we sleep in peace and safety.
    But to belittle their sacrifice with such cheap talk (as if boli laga rahe hain) and such comments like the Kerala CM made, is not only disrespectful, but also contemptible.

  5. Jai Hind to you too Su. I think security personnel salaries etc should also be raised, they need to be higher than other people in the government. Also awards, rewards all should be more, because their work is altruistic.

  6. Smallstar RaV and Chakoli
    Thnx for your views 🙂

    If the politicians were answering us, we’d ‘ve been a developed country by the year 2000 itself! but you know what the reality is!

    The info about paperwork, i didn’t know! no wonder gifts are announced lavishly and are given sluggishly…
    The increment of the insurance cover should be implemented asap to improve the morale of every fighting soldier!
    Condemn the politicos, or harass them to apologise, they’ll remain the same, coz its one of their trait inherited from other politicians…

    Yes. in that case, the sense of importance among the guards will be enhanced further. The surge of morale is a very good encouragement too.

  7. I fail to understand that when the whole nation understands the sacrifices made and acknowledge them, then why does the politicians fail to do so?
    It needs a lot of courage to wait at your home for your son to return from an operation in a burning hotel where terrorists are holding hostages.

  8. this is a nation which consist of politicians who are ready to do anything for fame.. they doesn’t know what is mean by sacrifice.. I really like to see our people giving respect to the soldiers as much they give to a olympic medal winner or a cricketer or a an actor.
    And I am very much tired of providing my views on our politicians because they are not worth for any of our comments

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