Trip – The Train Journey!

Read the summary of my class trip here!

The class trip started off on an almost peaceful note. Everyone were ready with their bags and enthusiasm to board the train. The peaceful atmosphere was spoiled when one of the guys didn’t turn up even at 5.10 pm for a train scheduled to leave at 5.15 pm! the last 5 minutes were hair-raising because almost all of them were worried that this guy would miss the train. At the moment when the train chugged off, he entered as if performing a feat for a bond movie! Thank God for that, we could continue with our small celebration. A cake was ordered from Sweet Chariot to mark the beginning of a glorius journey! Of course we shook the bogie with the celebration and 3 cheers. 😀 Here it goes once again – Hip-Hip Hurray!!

Cheers to the EC 'B' section trip!
Cheers to the EC 'B' Trip

The EC ‘B’ part was deliberately included because, the ‘A’ section guys acted crazy when we planned for this trip! Now people, we are not responsible for the fumes from your stinky areas. 😛

The train journey was too good because of the good size of the group. This being the first time for most of us to be out of any other adult/authoritative supervision, it added to the fun! We had a small concert where in we got to showcase our individual and collective singing skills!

Dinner time approached and food, which a few of us had packed up for the whole party, was served at around 8.30 pm. After this, most people preferred sleeping. Me being used to be a night owl, stayed up along with a few others till 1 am.

The second adventure starts! Everyone knew that the train was scheduled to reach Cochin by 4.30 am. To my amazement, when i woke up at 4am, more than half of the crowd had already brushed their teeth and waiting with luggages. There are two stations in Cochin – Ernakulam Town and Ernakulam Junction, and we were supposed to get down at the latter, which was the last stop. A small confusion arised and we mistook the Junction for Town, and stayed back in the train. The train started moving and only after 5 minutes did we realise that it was moving in the opposite direction! Everyone said the same thing on realising it – WTF!!

Many people spoke. One said that the platform on which th train halts will be changed, and the other was afraid that we will go back to Bangalore even before the trip started! After around 5-6 Kms of return journey, the train stopped, to our annoyance, at the garage (or whatever it is called for trains!). Not a single soul was there to see. Everyone got down and walked with the luggage for nearly half a km when we found the garage supervisor 🙂 .

He listened to our plight through the only person of our group who spoke Malayalam. We found out that there was no road for atleast a Km from there and even if we made it till there, no means of transport was available. Thankfully, he understood the situation and arranged something. An engine to drag a local train was called earlier by half an hour to take us back to the Junction where the next part of our travel started – in a bus!

Not much pictures were available to share about this part of the journey. But this picture where everyone were waiting in a local train is sure to explain our plight! The movement of our journey back to Ernakulam Junction and eventually laying step on solid definite ground eased our breaths!

The last respite! in a local waiting to go back to Ernakulam Junction!
The last respite! In a local train, waiting to go back to Ernakulam Junction!

People, This is just the beginning! 😀

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22 thoughts on “Trip – The Train Journey!”

  1. LOL 😀 Didnt u guys see your tickets? It must be mentioned there whether ist Ernakulam Town and Ernakulam Junction. Also U can see signs on platform or ask any official or porter!

  2. @Reems
    All logical reasoning was washed out coz of the excitement of the trip. The ticket didn’t say about wch station came first. as for asking porters and officials and looking for signboards, dunno y!, but it just didn’t happen… 😛

  3. LOL, whaaaat a way to start a trip??What was the only-guy-who-knew-malayalam doing ?

    I am sure you must have sang in the train. any collections 😀 , jus kidding. Btw, That cake looks yummy!!

    Waiting for the next part 😉

  4. LOL 😀 this is the same thing happend for us when we toured but we don’t have the luxury of seeing the garage as we got down at the right station at the last moment 😛

  5. Vimal
    the only-guy-who-knew-malayalam was unofficial guide to the whole journey 😀 he sure had a hectic time in between the rejoicing!
    I thought of uploading the song clip which we recorded in the train, but unfortunately, WP didn’t support that format and i was too lazy to convert it 😛
    The cake was yummy, really 😉 !


    I bet it was a great start! 😀 There were not many adventures after this. it was jus enjoyment and feasting on natural beauty!

    O-OH! i missed out on that 😦 . prolly it din’t occur to anyone coz almost everyone were tired of carrying the luggage and more than happy to have got a means to get back to the station. 😛

    Morning walk!! i would have preferred a 5km trek minus the luggage for a morning walk!

    Good for you! else u’d ‘ve got to see a railway desert! 😀

  6. Ahhhh… after almost a week since you posted this, I am here. 🙂 I would actually prefer something like this happen. 🙂 😛 I know, WTF! right? But the anxiety would not have engulfed me because I would have been there with my friends to crack jokes on the current situation. 😀 After all, laughter is the best medicine. 😀 😛

  7. You got a cake in a train!!! Great! This is something I have never done. 🙂
    And the last leg of the journey was scary. You might have lost a lot of time.

  8. Anniyan
    I wont complain abt ur early reply 😛
    Cracking jokes at that situation was something most of them were looking forward to. it was done once we settled in the local train, wondering at the massive stupidity attack! 😀

    It is funny now, for sure. Remembering them again makes me feel like living thru them again… 😛

    Thnx a lot 🙂 i wish i get a better cam to try out a few different things more…

    Tht was actually unplanned and one guy just bought it to surprise others. 🙂
    Scary it was. so much so, tht thr were tremors on our chests 😛

  9. @Su: -Remembering them again makes me feel like living thru them again…-

    …and this is a great thing, buddy!!! I am happy you enjoyed, and let’s consider the fact that THIS is just the beginning of ur trip that I have read and enjoyed too… 😀

  10. Priya
    I love them a lot too… didnt knew such things existed till an year back tho 😛

    Was it u who typed the last comment? coz, i see a distinct change in the style of commenting… dont take me in a wrong sense!
    newaz, i hope u’ll enjoy the parts to come as much as this one 🙂

  11. @Su: eheh yeah… The last comment is mine, and sometimes I like change style of comments…

    I’ll see if I’ll enjoy parts to come as much as this one… 😛


  12. lol your EC ‘A’ n ‘B’ chat reminds me of old days, what rivalry we used to have he he he 🙂

    But how could you get confused between a station and that too one whole bunch of guys??? I am sure the trip back from shed must have been a harrowing experience but then you;ll remember it forever 😉

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