Condemning Terror

A tired day at work. An enjoyable time at school. A candle-light evening. Cozying in the arms of the loved one at bed-time. A busy schedule on field. A horrid workload to bear. Umpteen assignments. Competent deadlines. Family issues. Uncomfortable apprehensions. All these, or a few combos of these demand more than just rest. They demand sleep. A sound sleep. Sleep promises the bringing of a new day. A beautiful day which starts off with the smile of your little daughter, or by the sweet yell of your mother. With the dream of making it big in life or with a thirst of being the leader.

Life, work, fun, love, money, time are all with us. The one thing which brings eternal release from all these clutches, however, remains condemned. Death. The return ticket which follows us all along The Journey, faithfully. The demon which smiles wickedly at the people left behind. The custodian of a human, responsible to God. The trace of desertion, hidden in relationships.

Being such a valuable thing, it is treasured by a person, without his knowledge. It is ever so loyal it is to its master, that it follows him 24×7. Unfortunately, it is tempted by old-age, illness, poison, accident and off late, bombs. The first examples speak a good deal about themselves. But the last one; the god-damned last one, haunts. It is ‘Death’s wicked temptation and plays hide-n-seek. It may show itself on a street, in the gutter, under a bus, inside a train, below your chair, above your roof. Theoretically it can be anywhere and can strike you flat on your face, or on your butt.

What has a common man got to do with it? When death is certain, what is the use of craving for dear life? If its not a bomb, then it might be illness or anything else. What is the big difference? You’re gonna die anyway. But, one very important question is to be pondered over.

What about the survivors?

Can you imagine the face of a person who has witnessed the blast? In a mesh of feelings of gladness of survival, the shock of witnessing the incident, the grief of seeing Death, the anxiety about loved ones, the rage to condemn it, the inability to move, the longing to curb it and a host of unknown brainwaves, the common man is entangled and shattered.

The dead Rest In Peace. The living Roast In Pulverisation.

In this scenario, Death brings up its cousin ‘Fear’ into picture. A small survey on the aftermaths of bomb-blasts in history shows vast traces of this commodity. If its cousin was a sure-shot killer, Fear is more of a sadist. It loves to see people enjoying pain, anxiety, tension, and lastly, itself. As the whole World is contemplating measures to curb the widespread nuisance and havoc caused by Fear, the stupid common man is dreaming of seeing the same Fear dancing to his tunes on the faces of those lunatics, who’re responsible for brutal mass-murder.

Every damned person who calls himself a terror-striker must be hanged by his hair and rested on a bed of needles until every drop of blood drains out of his body, leaving him numb, yet alive. He must be denied the basic human rights.Β  It must showcased to the whole World, giving them a chance to witness the torture of the torturers. The trauma must be videotaped and a copy be sent to every potential terrorist. The blood boiling in their veins with rage must experience the Fear and calm down, lest, it may face the same fate.

Peace may be the safest weapon. The terrorists being trialled or court-marshaled doesn’t serve the purpose of punishment. When the person has the evil in him to think of killing people ruthlessly, he has lost his right to live. And by this, it is not the question of killing a terrorist, but the guarantee of life to a few vulnerable people. A chance for them to start off a beautiful day with the smile of their little daughters, or by the sweet yell of their mothers. With the dream of making it big in life or with a thirst of being the leader.

Post inspired by the grievances of a Stupid Common Man. Have a good day.

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22 thoughts on “Condemning Terror”

  1. Terrorism isn’t an act of heroism. Its in fact cowardice. Terrorists are not people they are puppets who dance to the tune of a big lunatic. Like you said, when a person decides to take away a life, he deserves his no more.

    The sadness of the situation pervades through every soul that cares. The inconsolable survivors and the ones who lose lost ones, live a life that can never be healed again.

    I’ll remember to watch the movie. Looks like a really good one.

    Really nice post, though it was written at 2AM! πŸ™‚

  2. Nice post. I agree that the terrorists are the scum of humanity and don’t deserve human treatment, but I also do not believe in always giving people what they deserve. Specially not the bad. I think if these people are simply locked away for good, for the rest of their life, it’s punishment enough.

  3. If you go back in time and try to find the root cause of Terrorism, the stupidity of it all will bowl you over. I sometimes feel that humans are born blonds. The brain is just for show-off and invent materialistic things like mobiles and cars, but when it comes to another human’s life, the brain ends up in a trash can.

  4. You beat me to it. I thought of writing a post on all these bomb blasts and rising terrorism. But I don’t think I could have bested you in any way. Very well put. The words you used were subtle, yet powerful. Very good post. One of your best posts as yet. πŸ™‚

    Now about the topic. Terrorists think they can achieve something( I don’t know what it is they want. Because none are interested in telling their needs without some hostages) just by killing people mindlessly. But all I say is they are in NO way different from those psychotic serial killers. Only when you value life will you know the value of your own. Nice post. πŸ™‚

  5. Amazing post!

    I really have no comments to make her, though. I feel ashamed that I’m not doing anything about it…other than just sit at home and rant over these bastards.
    It’s tough to fight them…but it’s not too tough to do something for the survivors.

    Am too depressed right now to put a sensible comment. 5 more killed in Delhi blaste even as i type this. F***!

  6. Excellent Post….

    Specially when a blast has rocked Delhi few hours back.

    “When the person has the evil in him to think of killing people ruthlessly, he has lost his right to live” correct but then I also feel that there is a difference between terrorists and a common man and fortunately or unfortunately I completely agree with the message which “The Wednesday” gave.

    I might come out as a violent person but the fact is some times tit for tat is necessary otherwise silence & peace is mistook as cowardice. Specially in wake of the inefficiencey of the govt machinery (after catching so many terrorists the blast are still happening).

    This doesn’t mean that am gonna come up with a plan to do something violent but yes the thought does cross my mind. And I would be clapping with glee if a common man kills a terrorist or for that matter acorrupt politician.

  7. Well written Harsha, seriously, just loved it.

    You have given the reference to A wednesday, but your post is almost similar to Madhavans situation in Mumbai Meri Jaan.

  8. This is an absolutely mind blowing post!!!
    my rating of 11/10 πŸ˜›
    dude,,, harsha…
    u really deserve a round of applause(or may be an award 4 d best blog post written)!!

    comin to the content.. such a delicate matter, so very well dealt with.

    this post, made me feel something for those martyrs(call them as martyrs, coz they got killed for representing the country);
    at the same time boiled my blood beyond it’s B.P(boiling point) while thinkin abt those M$#@*ing terrorists!!!

    Unfortunately, there’s no means to warn these psychos abt ur way of punishment…

  9. Manoj
    Terrorists working as puppets in the hands of someone else is a very good topic to pull out and probe. there might be religious/political/financial motives behind them. dunno what really drives them, but its not good at all. Do watch the movie. its not very lengthy. but u’ll remember it for a long time.

    Solitary confinement is a very good means to punish such maniacs. but given the memory of public, there is a slight possibility that human rights groups protest against it, say after 20-30 years. the terrorist inside the person may be hibernating all the while and may come back.

    The nature of human being since very old times has been that of possessiveness about his creations. materialistic things, as u call them, were invented. but a brain, or the other person was not invented. so the feeling of safeguarding our neighbours of fellow living beings is not very prominent. What say?

    Thnx a lot. πŸ™‚
    As Manoj said, these terrorists dont have a mind of their own and are made to believe and follow the motive of one individual or a group of them. So we can say that they don’t live their life the way it should be done and hence fail to know its value.

    I condemn the happening of Delhi blasts again in spite of increased alert and security. neither u, nor i can do anything about the blasts right away. If we think on the lines of dedication of our lives for the sake of removing terrorists, then possibly some ways will open up.

    Thanks. πŸ™‚
    Your lashing out at government is totally reasonable as they’ve taken the responsibility of the people of the country and are not living upto it. Violent means of punishment should be made the only ways for those who’ve been proved guilty of mass murder. else as u said, peace and silence will be mistook.
    Forget clapping, I’d dance for a week if the terrorists are stoned to death! I’m not violent, but i like revenge. πŸ˜‰

    Thank you. I haven’t watched that movie. But i’ll watch it ASAP.

    Thnx a lot. Plz dont mind to read my reply to Nita. πŸ™‚

    Thnx a lot dude. U rightly called them martyrs coz, they’ve died during the regular battle of life in a terrorist prone city. What is the fun if they’re warned abt my punishment? it shud be a surprise party! πŸ˜›

  10. @ SU: well dude..
    they need to be warned abt the aftermath of their tasks,,, not for any1 else’s sake!
    but only to save a few lives b4 they strike terror again n give us an opportunity to get hold of n surprise em!!

  11. Good Post πŸ™‚

    Seriously it was frightening atleast to me… jsut to think that the bomb exploded in hands of 10 yrs of boy 😦

    and the boy was jsut being a helping ahnd… someitmes god seems so cruel and heartless… 😦

  12. awesome post but somehow i don’t agree with Nita’s point of view. Atleast in India if you just lock those scums up, they are bound to come out with a little influence here, a little money there and are scot free once again…

  13. nice post dude..
    i think the law in india sucks really ..
    They cant even give a death penalty to a terrorist so lets forget about not giving them the basic human rights ..
    we should learn from USA .they executed the former ruler of a country -saddam hussain .
    so i would second nita’s way of giving punishment..
    i would be more than glad if india cna do something what u have described in ur post…
    i think mohammad afsal has not been hanged yet .. 😦

  14. Great post dude… I am blown over. Perfectly said.

    Terrorists doesn’t deserve the basic human rights. We can’t save him by saying he was another human. Becos he is not respecting the lives of others. Now-a-days Gandhian principles will not work. Only the fear of getting punished will stop all the wrong doings.

    A perfect 10 post. Hope to see some more posts like this from you. It has been a long time you have written a post.

  15. Chakoli
    God is not heartless. and he shouldn’t be blamed for whatever crap man does, just coz it was his creation.

    True. and locking them up will mean giving them another chance to live. so i’m with u too… πŸ™‚

    Hanging Saddam Hussein was a very good move by the US. And if all countries start similar ways of punishing those who deserve it, then we’ll have a clean world to live in.

    Yeah πŸ™‚
    Thnx a lot.

    Thnk u very much dude.
    Yeah… Fear : the only thing that can do the work for us now. hoping to see it on their faces too…

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