Forbiddden Fruit

Whoever devised this phrase, deserves an applause for thinking high. It was a very good foresight on his/her part to have valuable insights into the future generation. I’m grateful to the serpent in the story to have played a very important role and for helping start off a race, which otherwise would have ended up with just two dumb humans. And in today’s world, i believe there are more serpents than one πŸ˜› .

By the way, how many of you think that the the Forbidden fruit is actually being considered Forbidden nowadays? By the time a guy or a girl steps into adolescence (much earlier in a few miserable cases), there are close to infinite factors acting as baits for the fresh innocent preys. It is a noteworthy factor that people whom the young ones hold as idols, portray themselves as a bunch of perverts most of the times.

My experiments with myself have been enlightening not just to me, but a few of my close friends too πŸ˜‰ . Seriously speaking, I felt a distinct change in the way I viewed the world, during my late (sweet)16s and early (sexy)17s. The excitement of people telling that I’ve grown up, was dying down and i longed going back to the days when I could play or be with anyone, anytime to my hearts content. (This is reflected in My Blogosphere). Digesting the fact that i can never, ever grow younger, there was no other choice but to have fun, however it may fit in.

It was an illusion of open secret in the society that “fun” in today’s world meant “girls”, if it was not alcohol, smoking and, indecent in common. What made it even more tempting to lay hands upon the forbidden fruit was that everybody were curious – Adam, Eve, Snake and the fruit also, wondering if the old story repeats. As for the answer to this curiosity, the current affairs, movies, media, Internet, email-forwards and sheer imagination should provide interesting answers.

Now, why am I beating up this topic when i too have experienced it? The answer is simple. I strongly feel that people are exposed to the concept of copulation in an unreasonable manner, which makes the very process appear sinful and forbidden to the immature mind. Where as, rationally speaking, it should have been every dutiful parent’s job to make the younger, ignorant generation think logically and understand that everything in life has a proper timing to occur. This probably was the part to be played by the much-disputed ‘Sex Education’. Unfortunately, due to illogical fears of perverting the young minds, the idea met its grave.

Nevertheless, in blogosphere, I suppose we are free to discuss this sensitive matter without bothering about any social hurdle. I wrote this post not to condemn the way this society is, but to look for remedies from my blog-companions, which could solve the problem efficiently and avoid sexual frustration (at least) early in Life. I believe that the remedies-to-be-stated will help anyone who wishes to be a worthy parent.

33 thoughts on “Forbiddden Fruit”

  1. First of all, nice post dude. Now on to the actual comment.

    When I started reading this post, I thought it was going to talk about intelligence and its effect on human beings. But after I progressed to the later stages of the post, I realized that you are trying to convey the message – “sex education is necessary”.

    It is done in a very effective way. But you have failed to explain why it is needed at all. Of course, most bloggers will be knowing the effect and advantages of Sex Education. But what do YOU feel about it?

    Secondly, when you mentioned the “Forbidden fruit”, you have associated it with constructive knowledge. But many things in this world are best left untouched. We don’t always want to break the rules. That will lead to complete chaos. Anyway, good job. I didn’t want to criticize to this extent, but if not me then who else? πŸ™‚

    Good day dude. πŸ™‚

  2. Change starts with people. Its a wonder even with newed generation chnage in mindset about sex has not happened. So are we living with hypocrites. 😦

  3. Its a very nice topic and definitely an apt one!! The way we handle sex and sexuality make it lookas if it something vulgar and sinful where as it is suppose to be natural…

    Good post indeed!! Kudos to you!!

  4. Good post πŸ™‚

    I guess we need to come out in open and expect these things as normal. And talking about them is the only solution.

    And you are so right about the change in definition of fun. πŸ™‚

  5. Reading your post (the latter half) was like hearing all those mild echoes where everybody says there is need for sex-ed, and nobody does anything.

    Wondering why sex-ed is scarce if not non-existant (in India)? The answer is pretty simple how can a parent (or teacher) teach you something he/she wasn’t taught? πŸ™‚

    In India, unless we have a text-book on it, nobody cares. And for all the narrow minds governing our country, bringing a text-book on this subject is a taboo!

    Here are a few slogans I designed for a sex-ed campaign, if that ever happens (feel free to throw in some of yours):

    “Make condoms cheaper FREE!

    “Teach the youth directly, not through vulgar cinema!”

  6. @Anniyan : When u’ve stated that the primary need of sex-ed is known widely, do i need to add my view too? thats exactly why i refrained from stating the obvious again.

    Complete chaos can be avoided if u teach ppl abt the chaos and its effect rather than making them fear the chaos which may lead to unsafe curiosities. I feel tht its better to induce a positive and comfortable idea abt a few ambiguous things into the (young) minds so that they will be able to handle situations better.

    Criticism is invited as long it is constructive or will lead to flourishing of constructive ideas… πŸ™‚ thank you for a worthy view and perspective.

    @Suda : Thank you… I’m humbled at the comparison with Socrates… but i’m sure i cant match a thousandth of his greatness… atleast now… πŸ˜‰

    @Poonam : The idea needs a lot more nurturing and should be put into a form which can be contemplated by ppl as a requirement for proper living.Till then, it doesn’t matter if its the younger gen or the old.

    @Sakhi : Thanks a lot… U’ve reflected my thoughts. Its a pity that teaching necessary things for proper upbringing of adolescents is considered vulgar, but portraying a “serial kisser” in movies is not… 😦

    @Smitha : thank you! Talking aptly solves many problems. If it happens in this case too, we can dream of future gens being more mature at a younger age itself… And since, in my daily life, i see “fun” being wt i described as (not in all cases), it fit into the topic well, i believe. πŸ™‚

    @Manoj : Dude, there is advancement in every field now,compared to our parent’s time. Dont you think it should extend into personal communication, at least slowly?
    And text books shouldn’t be brought. it should be a direct explanation, rather than a few pages of crap and an exam!
    The 1st slogan is 50 years ahead of Indianist mindset. 2nd one is pretty strong. lemme try them too… shortly. πŸ˜›

  7. @Su:
    There is certainly advancement in every field except the advancement at the level of the intellect and the understanding. People are still narrow-minded. They need a lightning bolt to awaken and once they are awake, I wonder if they’ll be alive.

    Anyways, why I mentioned the text-books was the reason that 90% of the students DO NOT READ anything else other than their text-books all through the year! (Some, not even the newspaper!) This is a sad state of affairs!

    I know the fears of people who oppose sex-ed. They are afraid that the kids might *try* out the things they are taught. I say, they will try it out anyway. This way they are better informed and safer!

  8. To be honest, I didnt read the post when I tagged you. but now that I have, ” Whaat a post sirjee !!”

    During my school days, girls and boys used to be in different shifts. Speaking to a girl those days was ‘forbidden’ and if anyone found doing so was punished and embarassed. Being a loud learner in my school days, I would skip chapters that relates to reproductive organs and sex. I donno if I was embarassed to study those in front of my folks or was it the fear that my school injected in me right from childhood. Even today, I feel the same at home when my parents are around, except that books have taken the form of remote controls nowadays πŸ˜€
    But that doesnt make me narrow minded for I wouldnt be commenting here now. I guess, its the situation, the surroundings, the ambience that makes it forbidden for me.

  9. You speak of girls like as if we are some ‘things’ to be ‘played’ with.
    (β€œfun” in today’s world meant β€œgirls”).
    Good topic. In my class too, people who are ‘going around’ have no clue what stuff means. I mean, they just want to be the center of attraction.

  10. @Nik : πŸ˜› as if u r a sincere disciple of Lord Anjaneya!

    @Manoj : i hope that the lightening bolt strikes the text books, causing flushing of ppl’s affinity towards them, and finally let the education be practicable

    @Vimal : Its sad to imagine the restricted surroundings u experienced. but thinking tht u’ve come out of it and supporting my cause makes me feel tht u’ve chosen ur cards quite bravely and clearly…! kudos to u… I’m humbled… πŸ™‚

    @Priya : Girls are “fun” to guys, as much as guys are “hunks”(or “clowns”) to gals. So, it was just a guy’s perspective…
    I just hope tht ppl in ur class (or elsewhr) who r ‘going around’ understand that there is more to love than holding hands and lockin lips…

  11. Yup society has advanced to a whole new version of crappiness.

    I mean where else can you see a really bad taste for music and media in public. More number of HIV +ves in our own country than any other.

    Nope its not that people don’t have a clue. But a little bit of patience and commonsense is needed, which is now too rare to have in common man. We are kinda sucked into more materialistic world than a spiritual enlightenment.

    What can one except after being heavily drunk after a party in bar or so. The youth is not where its supposed to be. While the old men are ruling the law and order, twisting them to fill their pockets and we lie happily with 3lac per annum or more without ever reasoning.

  12. I’m a first-timer tu yur blog…and well, amazing post indeed!

    Thankfully, I have parents who are very very very open about these things. We (my bro and i) could always discuss anything with them.
    Open talk is the best way, I feel, especially on things related to sex and sexuality.
    Kids should be made to realise that sex not a sin! It’s a biological truth and necessity πŸ˜€ But they should also be made to realise that they cannot keep doing whatever they want, whenever they want. A balance should be struck. And only parents can instill it the best way! — or so I feel.

  13. @T : u’ve struck two chords at once. at one time speaking about the people and then about politicians ruling them, in parallel. Both are equally responsible for the current situation and unfortunately, it’ll continue to be so for a long time to come. 😦

    @Scorpia : A hearty welcome to my li’l blog, Su. u’re one of the very few ppl to have such positive full-fledged relationship with ur family members, going by wt u’ve mentioned. Consider urself lucky coz, it may take 2-3 decades more b4 children can be happy abt broad-minded and educative parents.

    Thanks a lot for the header compliment and blogrolling… πŸ™‚

  14. Good post,
    A little long winded than what i expected you to be on this topic.
    First up, sex education is needed, as you pointed, teachers are to teach us. here’s the reality mate, the red-pill reality, they’re too tabooed to teach us, and if u put it in our curriculum, we’re bound to embarrass ourselves more than anything. ‘Coz they don’t wanna speak, and possibly we would know more than them ;-).
    Secondly, what exactly was it that makes u talk of “sexual embarrassment” ? i mean, even i was not given any sex ed , but i was not faced by any such situations. i don’t remember who banished my notions of birds bringing babies, but i don’t recall of any time when i thought of anything else as to how we came her.
    anecdote would be: we somehow learn it, and not always the wrong way. is there really a reason to start sex ed?
    PS: think of that i-pill ad that is pasted on all auto rickshaws, do we need ppl to know so much about a post-coital contraceptive pill, and thus simply make illicit sex all the more easy?

  15. @Ishwar : Cant agree better on the first one. πŸ˜› secondly, just because most ppl around us have a good amount of sexual morality, the cause of sex-ed in general is not covered. Can u believe tht i thought babies grew out of a special soil in woman’s womb and the seed was to be dropped there by men? i mean to say tht i literally had this imagination as the notion of child-birth. Thankfully, i didn’t delve deep into it, lest, i might’ve been grounded. Sex-ed is not for all… it just clarifies that sex is not for all, or so i think of it.

    @Prarthana : Welcome to my blog! According to me, girls, more clearly – women, can be just another set of human beings, or an inspiration to a man’s victory. can be a bunch of gossip-mongers, or the ones who can speak perfect sense when need be. can be stuffed toys, as u challenge, or ppl with hearts softer than stuffed toys. can be crazier than imaginable, yet stable as a rock. can make us lost with a sweet smile AND can bring us back to the reality with a tight slap. πŸ˜›
    now, tell me something… being a girl, what do U think girls really are?

  16. Believe me. Nothing has changed! If you are considering cities as the face of India, then >80% of the population live in small towns and villages which are as narrow minded as ever. I have friends from small towns I have seen the compromises they have made.
    We should be glad that we have the freedom but the irony is that it comes at an age when we are in awe of ourself.
    Sorry, I took the comment in an entirely different direction. πŸ™‚

  17. very nice post dude πŸ™‚ . Sex education is surely need for the younger generation. But to ensure this we have to overcome many hurdles. And the first and foremost will be mindset of the people

  18. Think of it like this: “Something” which seems enticing and exiting at one point of time would not seem so enticing and exiting an another point of time, for the same person. That is why we have elders at home and school who are glad to give their advice freely. Freedom does not mean the right to do whatever we want. If you are doing something that you wouldn’t want your son/daughter to do (for eg.) when they are of your age, better be a role model and refrain from doing it yourself. Or, do it and expect the same (or worse) from your children. But the logic of why to do something or not to do some thing has to be understood by yourself. Others can only suggest. Life mein choice to upun ke haat mein hi hai bhaiyya. If you are making a choice, take full responsibility for the actions as well as the consequences.

    Destination Infinity
    PS: How do people make certain words “bold” in comments? Any help on the same would be good.

  19. Lucidly stated.
    Directly coming to point of ‘How-to’ for the change as you mentioned, I think we need here innovative solutions to ‘educate’ the seedling generation and affect the tight-lipped hesitant old-generation mindset in talking openly to the young guns…Hmm like the one shown in the movie “Girl Next Door“…of course stripping out the glossy drama within it πŸ™‚

    Me first-timer here by the way.

  20. Good post. Before media of any sort misleads children and teenagers, its better to teach them before hand making them careful of committing mistakes.

  21. All
    Sorry for being so late to respond.

    It may be true that people who dont have an urban outlook will have complications dealing with the issue, but that situation is changing fast too. the topic is discussed at homes neither in cities nor in villages. it occurs at the age when we are in awe of ourselves, as u said.

    Welcom to my blog and thnx for your view. very truly said.

    Destination Infinity
    there is a difference between being broad minded while discussing few issues and dealing with them. i was focusing on the former and u, on the latter. nevertheless, your comment serves a purpose of reminding those people that the forbidden fruit should indeed, remain forbidden until time dictates terms.

    Being bold while commenting is a reflection of your natural trait of being at ease with the topic. simple. πŸ™‚

    Welcome to my blog πŸ™‚
    Girl Next Door minus the glossy drama rightfully deserves a consideration by the people who are against Sex-ed. but what if they enjoy only the glossy drama and forget the lesson!! πŸ˜›

    Thank you. Thank you. πŸ™‚

    thats exactly what i intended and what i feel is the best way to prevent adolescent-frustration.

  22. couldnt agree more with you on the topic, but you know Its such a twisted topic, that here I am, who blogs anonymously, without having courage to show the real me to the world, opening up a seperate blog to have a space where I can discuss these things freely, what is it that makes us turn around once even such a topic comes up in our mind and not even an open discussion

  23. Rambler
    all ppl are masked in one way or the other. so it doesn’t matter if you are anon, unless u interact freely.
    the topic may appear twisted, but in the defense of my post, and rationally speaking too, it is the minds of the ppl that is twisted. prolly that fear of oppression due to open social expression keeps many ppl back from commenting about tabooed things.

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