I am… Here I am…

Waking up to the sunshine falling on my face
Feels like being washed off sleep, to the last trace.
How many busy days lay ahead, my heart doesn’t know
How tired I may ever be, my body does not show.
Life, as it is coming, is lighting up hope
Of finding my self worthy living on this globe.
Not money, not babes and not food now I care
But the attitude that challenges me to take up any dare!

After all, What’s your Life if you are not a big part of it?

19 thoughts on “I am… Here I am…”

  1. got it!!!
    i no wat makes u write these lines…
    may be the rave reviews abt the workshop, or even the new task tat u r upto!!!( u no wat!!! )
    good luck mate!!!

  2. @All : Thnx a lot for ur support… I’m not facing a writer’s block, but it was the schedule wch was bad…

    @Nik : yeah… one new crush to my 20+ long crush list… πŸ˜›

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