VDay Spl

love…. quite a small word which has as many explanations as there are people on this planet. any attribute of it comes w.r.t its form which we experience. a small child feels the strongest love – a mother’s love, because he is first invited into this world by her. she teaches about the basic subtle footsteps to be taken in life along with the father, who teaches to handle the rougher part of life by being harsh at times. but is life not one which teaches lessons after tests…?

as you grow up, the company you have around you, will develop a form of love which is a bit weak, and u face the realities of life. if they are harsh, you’d like to fall back upon the strong love, and if pleasant you’d want to share your heart out. but all love has saturation, and unfortunately that happens with parental love, as it takes the guise of responsibility. the friends share your experiences to some extent and react accordingly. and if the requirement of the individual is more, here comes the issue of a potential partner. this is such sort of a force which can rekindle the likes of the first stages of love and can sustain over a very long time. it may be instinctual, observational or calculative, all forms being morally strong, and sending out a strong message, that it did not happen by chance.

but the fashion statement people make by selecting partner on a testing basis is like selecting a dress from a pile. u can love the dress you select, but it thrives on comparison. if something more attractive/comfortable/trendy comes by, you switch to it. similar is the condition of a few couples (i wouldn’t dare to mention it as ‘all couples’ for obvious reasons). “i got a new bf/gf” has become like saying “i got a new pair of shoes!”

i won’t say love doesn’t exist in these cases. i would rather say it is a short lived version of love – lust. the sheen, color, looks, popularity, etc., are all short lived and result in temporary infatuation.

what true love is cannot be defined because it will confine us to the definition. whereas we are talking about something almost infinite. if u meet someone who makes you feel infinite, serene, relaxed, secure, confident and lovable, then be sure that you have a very good person made for you. Ek Dhuje Ke Liye!!!

6 thoughts on “VDay Spl”

  1. but all love has saturation, and unfortunately that happens with parental love, as it takes the guise of responsibility.

    I strongly disagree.

    Please edit it to say “except a few cases” or give me an explanation.

  2. responsibility comes out of love and it is not a seizure of the existence of affection towards family members. it will be as strong as it was always. but due to lack of any particular way of expression or the mindset that it is an implied form of love and the guarantee that it never fails to support you, makes u sort of lightheaded about it.

    and coming to the saturation point, this is not a restriction to love itself, but a limit to a person’s ability to love him(her)self and thus anything other than him(her).

  3. Correction: Ability to love should not be evaluated by terms of its expression. Just because you cannot express your love, doesn’t mean you don’t love at all. In fact, in such cases, the love is stronger.

    This reminds me of the article on love that I had to write. Lol! I’ll do it sometime soon.

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