Refuel Yourself

you come home everyday tired, reloading your mind about the things that happened to you during the day’s course. when the weekend comes, so goes a thought in your brain… “oh god, thank u. u proved that i can relax for sometime in spite of my boss.” ever thought how u could get rid of that weekend-sickness?

i would love to do many things….
sleep nicely.
sleep nicely again.
sleep again thereafter.
if there is still some time left, then why waste it…? sleep it off too…!
but then, you have lot more things which can be done, and i feel a strong urge within me to explore them all.

why not have a peek at nature. it offers a lot of room for imagination, food for thought and space to re-discover yourself, refreshing you in the process.

the dew that dances on a flower petal as the mist settles.
the orangish-blue color the sun paints on the sky at dusk.
the crickets that perform a concert.
the frogs which add to the melody.
the birds that twitter for a song.

all these conjure up a special image which makes you feel so lively, that you’ll start having a new outlook to life when you restart your work. so giving oneself time for a break from the daily chores is very essential to refuel the brain. if this happens regularly, then there will be little cases of burnout and life may offer interesting forebodings.

2 thoughts on “Refuel Yourself”

  1. Great and interesting post. ^.^ everyone need a moment of relax. And also a moment wich makes us very enjoyed. So, we must take these moments everytime that’s possible. To live we need RELAX, DOING UNUSUAL THINGS ANTI-MONOTONY and BE ALWAYS AMAZED BY LIFE.

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