the GATEway to future….

i was wondering abt my ability to remember stuff…… especially when it comes to remembering things like lessons, concepts, formulae, etc.,  my memory  goes down furthur…. my mind and body just refuse to take anymore pains than the ‘rest’ state… i always feel this… ‘being lazy is so very nice’ 😉 … but now it is taking a toll on me….. firstly i have gained weight and to top it ma mom started blasting me off….. 😦 and secondly when xams r ’round the corner, then life is hell to study the 6 months’ portion.

considering what i said above, i feel it a great achievement to have appeared for GATE (graduate aptitude test in engineering) and i must say that it was not so bitter experience….. one thing because i didnt have time to count the stars on the classroom ceiling…. other being that i attended with zero preparation to know my actual aptitude in engineering….! 🙂

coming to the structure… first 20 qns r 1 mark each and the rest 65 qns are two marks each…. adding to this questions (71 72 73) and (74 75) had common data as reference and  qns 76 to 85 were sets of 2 qns with first’s answer required to solve the second one… negative markin of 25% per wrong one…..

but the breather is that this is not my serious attempt… next year shud be the one.. and hopefully i’ll be doin ma M.Tech in some IIT…!

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