Being single

after seeing myself with me always for the last 19 years…., I’ve started feeling awkward of being alone. every person who was single while we were friends in the beginning is now committed. it doesn’t matter as long as they r just acquaintances, but if the r really close, u cant stop havin feelings like envy, boredom, loneliness, frustration, and all these get magnified if they are on a roaming spree…..

i cant help but wonder whether all those who fancy love in their late teens or early twenties, will be able to sustain it when the time for real responsibilities crop up. will they be able to make the choices clear between home and potential partner… can they foresee at least the near future so that their foundations of married love can transform into a fruitful life of endless love…..?

all these sound philosophy to me, myself…. but r u not living the present in such a way that it is a gift of the past to be passed on to the future…. if everyone were living for just today, i could kill or steal or do anything today and say that I’ll start a new life tomorrow…. thats just impossible…. and immoral.

and when all these things come into my mind its the clash of thought titans…!! the rigid part of my character planning out a nice future…. and my volatile self craving for that oomph factor…! and if i tell this is what is going on in my head to my friends at home(my parents) they are either too concerned abt my stability…. or they blast me for my irresponsibility and remind me of my duties with a bang on my head….!!

after all… this is life… a set of dreams in ur heart, another set of realities in ur mind, and a fierce battle between them all along….!

10 thoughts on “Being single”

  1. Those idiots who bring their loved ones into the close friends circle should at least know that their friends are human beings too… ignoring a friend is the worst thing that can happen to him/her…

    one last word… best friends are actually feeling happy for you… dont make them feel otherwise…

  2. I disagree, one of my best friend ‘had’ a relationship; and he always managed to balance things very well. I never felt left out or anything (well, thats probably because I don’t expect anything much from anyone). Still, its possible to be committed and also maintain good friendships.

    Now that you know that your friend is in a relationship, don’t you think you need to give him that extra space that he needs now and not expect the same amount of time and energy that he spent on you before? Well, just my thoughts..

    And moreover, if he’s seriously ignoring you, don’t you think its time to move on? Probably he wasn’t one of the best friends that you were supposed to have in life..

    Life pushes you through a lot of things, upto you to learn from them. πŸ™‚

  3. @Manoj

    i am worried abt me being single rather than others being committed…. its only the comparison between the two tht pisses me of ‘sometimes’.

  4. ‘Worried’? On the contrary, I’m ‘Happily Single!’ πŸ™‚

    Its like a public toilet man, people inside are trying to get out and the one’s outside can’t wait to go in. (But sometimes, the toilets are clean and flushed) πŸ˜›

  5. @Nova : Firstly, I am seriously surprised that my first ever attempt at blogging got a reply even after 6 months after publishing it, thanks to you!

    Secondly, I agree totally with you. (prolly i’ll feel singledom a pain until i get engaged. but i definitely wont be of the type i’ve criticised others to be!)

  6. Remember the long conversation you and I had about love? πŸ™‚ I will reiterate.. when there is a role for you to play, at a certain point of time in life, you will take it up, irrespective of how much you really want to do it.. at 21, it is alright that you’re single πŸ™‚ at 21, it would also be alright if you were head over heels in love with a girl.. all that matters is whether you play that role right.. for now, you’re a student, ardent blogger, smart guy – play those roles! All else will follow πŸ™‚

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